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An Open Letter to Barbara Hand-Clow

by Milky Way Maid

The following is a letter I am sending to Ms. Clow care of her publisher. But it might get to her sooner by posting it here, maybe.


Dear Ms. Barbara Hand-Clow,

I have been a reader of your books, though not for as many years as I would have liked. With regard to the theories posited in Catastrophobia and in The Mayan Code, I believe I have found some interesting material that intermeshes with yours.


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Mars’ spiral ice caps finally explained

NASA has finally explained the puzzling fact of spiral formations in the polar ice caps of the planet Mars. These swirls were first discovered when Mariner 9 relayed images of the Martian poles almost 40 years ago. Now data from the Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter has been analyzed to reveal that it was most likely the wind that powered these designs.

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Yikes, Comets Strike Our Sun

The Space Weather dot com website reports that FOUR comets struck the sun over the span of three days. On March 11, 12 and 13 these fragments of a giant comet that broke apart more than 200 years ago finally disappeared into the sun; the last event was a double hit. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory offers a movie of these events; unfortunately no popcorn comes with it but you can always make your own. The link for the movie is:
You might also check out this informative article from NASA for background info on other sungrazing comets at:

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NASA crashes satellites on Moon; Moon files lawsuit

The Moon, our quiet unassuming little Earth satellite, filed a lawsuit today for damages as a result of what the Moon’s lawyer termed “a shabby lack of consideration by NASA for my client’s health and safety.”
While NASA declared that “Everything worked out beautifully” in the controlled crash of two scientific probes into the Moon’s South Pole, the Moon was of the opposite opinion. “Couldn’t you hear me screaming in pain?” the Moon asked. “Even if I had any ice, it wouldn’t be enough to pack my crater against the swelling.”

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What’s a ‘Voorwerp’? & Other Odd Star Notes

Druids fear shadow will be cast over view of ‘birth of the Moon’
According to local belief, the Callanish Stones were erected so they would have a special relationship with a range of hills opposite, known as the Old Woman of the Moors.
Also called Sleeping Beauty, it is thought to resemble a pregnant woman on her back, and every 18.6 years the Moon appears to rise through her legs, as if she is giving birth.
It then sets between the Callanish Stones, as visitors beat drums and celebrate the lunar cycle.
Hundreds of new age celebrants gathered at the stones for the spectacle in 2006, but in 2024 when it is next due, they are worried it could be ruined by a wind farm. Alice Starmore, a tour guide who has lived on Lewis all her life, said: “Every 18.6 years when the Moon in its cycle around the Earth is at its lowest, it appears between her knees, as though she gives birth. It’s a lovely, life-affirming event.”

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Astronomy Notes – End of May

Moon Takes 100 Hits from Meteoroids
MIT Working on 3-D “Super RoadMap” to the Solar System

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Astronomy News in the Headlines

A Sumerian tablet recorded an ancient asteroid, dated to June 29th, 3123 BC. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected that Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, is very geologically active and teeming with rich nutrients like water vapor and organic chemicals. We may be witnessing the birth of another planet near the Tauran star HL Tau, 500 light years away from Earth.

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