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A few notes on Sports Astrology, Nov. 2009

I have mentioned I have been working more intensively on my sports astrology skills. It is not the first time I have made charts for individual games, but it is the first time I tried making charts for ALL the football games on a given weekend. It has been a challenge and a real learning experience (in a good way).
One of the interesting things that I noticed is that when Mars entered Leo about mid-October, it affected the play of the teams with Leo birth dates. In general, they started playing much more competitively. In some cases, a team settled on its starting quarterback and began winning more games than they lost. Some of the Leo teams started to perk up earlier than others, and that generally correlates with how early or late their Sun is actually placed in the sign Leo. Don’t assume that these teams will win everything from here on out. For one thing, the chart of the game will have many other clues about the outcome of the game. For another thing, Mars will go retrograde in mid-december and could take back any gains in the league standings.
The teams with Leo suns —


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Quite interesting developments in Sports Astrology

I have been trying to cast charts for all the NFL games this season and it has been a real learning experience trying to assimilate all the general rules of sports astrology to football. One can cast a chart for just one game, now and then, and think that you have it figured out. BUT when you look at ALL the games, many of which start at exactly the same time in a given time zone, it gets tricky. You have to know not only which team is the host team in the chart, but also which team is favored. IF the teams were equal, it would be much easier to read the chart. You just look at the indicators for the basic parts of the team’s fortunes (which house represents the home and away team, which houses are the quarterbacks, which houses are the game plans, etc.).
But if the teams vary widely in their overall league rankings, then even a good chart cannot help a team win. It can have a superior quarterback performance and great yardage stats, and still lose. BUT now I have found a couple indicators that help tell me more definitely if the home team will win, or if an upset is in the works. This is quite exciting. At least now there are certain games each week that I know for sure what the result will be. Last time, this was in the chart of the Arizona upset of the Giants in Week 7. Alas, this week two of those games involved heavy favorites, anyway. (the Giants and the Saints) However, one upset is in the works, at Mile High Stadium. Capice?
If you want lessons in Sports Astrology please send an email to milkywaymaid at Thanks.

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WHOA! Detroit Wins??? Sports Astrology of The Detroit Lions Win

The world of NFL football was rocked by a Detroit Lions win last Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009. the Lions, who did not win a game all last season, disposed of the Washington Redskins in Detroit. What does sports astrology have to say about that game?
I am proud to say that I fingered the improbable winner of that matchup. Why would I pick the hapless Lions, you ask? Have you been smoking the funny cigarettes, you ask? Why would anyone in their right minds pick the Lions to win any game this year, you ask?
Very simple. Let me lay it out for you as simply and as briefly as possible.

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Sports Astrology for Week 1 NFL 2009 Season

The first Sunday-Monday of NFL action was fairly straightforward. Most games ended the way that the pundits said they would. The one thing that was not expected was the fairly large number of injuries that took players out of the lineup for practically every team. The injury report became a key indicator for how following games might end.
But let’s look at the sports astrology for this first weekend’s games. The most common scenario for the afternoon games was as follows: many of them featured Pluto in the first house with Sag rising. The opposing team was represented by Gemini, whose ruler Mercury was retrograde. Assuming that the home team was also the favorite, that made them just about a lock to win with powerful Pluto in their first house. Pluto just smashes its opponent, as evidenced by the lopsided scores in so many games.

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What Do the Stars Say About the 2009 Kentucky Derby??

Recently I posted an article predicting the first-round results for the March Madness college basketball tournament. I did pretty well considering I don’t even follow basketball! It looks like I hit about 60 percent, which is about what all the other sports handicappers can accomplish.
But now the first Saturday in May beckons, with the most exciting two minutes of sports. The most exciting two minutes of ANY sport!!
Aspects referred to in the notes are between the horse’s natal chart and the transits for the race, or vice versa. Interpretations are based on a finish-line race time of about 6:10 pm Eastern Time in Louisville, Kentucky. I have read that Churchill Downs is adding a race earlier in the day, so I do not know if that will affect the time that the Derby is actually run. If so, that can definitely affect my interpretations and choices.
So without too much further ado, here are my readings of the prospects for the 20 entrants of the Run for the Roses. They are more or less in alphabetical order. Actually, I have 21, because as of this writing, we do not know if Quality Road’s second quarter crack (an injury to the hoof) will cause his owners to scratch him from the race.

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Predicting 2009 March Madness Results with Astrology; 1st Round

Herewith are my predictions for the first round of matchups in the college basketball championships known as March Madness. Sports Astrology is a very specialized skill and craft, and wading into these waters is a real temptation for the astrology gods to laugh in your face. But anyway, here goes.
I will be using the scheduled tipoff time as the time for the chart. The favored team is the sign on the ascendant, and the opponent is the sign opposite, in the seventh house. Turn the chart if you need to do so, to visualize the chart of the opponent. There is a real difficulty with games that take a couple hours to play, like basketball and football, because the chart can change dramatically when the signs change over. Like I said, here goes.

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A gift to my lovely readers —

As a special gift to my readers I thought you might enjoy some background music. A terrific writer and geek found these archived radio recordings of the Beatles for a Swedish radio show way back when. He cleaned them up a bit and edited them, and here they are. Five songs in cool condition. So turn up the volume alright already.

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