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Your Milky Way Horoscope JULY 20-26, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

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A busy week this last full week of July! Planets making stations, planets changing signs, plus a New Moon! Read on for more.

Saturn is Stationary Direct at 4:36 pm Sunday. It is at 16 degrees 39′ Scorpio. During the retrograde phase we restructured some parts of our lives (or should have). We should have decided to take responsibility for our actions, and for the results of those actions. Setting boundaries is another side of Saturn, a necessary task if we are to avoid being used by others. We might set up a more demanding schedule for ourselves, something that requires more of us than just keeping up with mundane chores. Fixed signs like Scorpio are usually pretty stubborn, and Saturn going direct in such a sign helps you to stick to your guns, aim at a goal, and follow through on promises.
Uranus is Stationary Retrograde at 10:53 pm Monday. It is at 16 degrees 30′ Aries, which is coincidentally inconjunct the Saturn station the day before; inconjuncts sometimes mean things come out of nowhere – life pulls the rug out from under us. Uranus stations tend to make things pretty chaotic for a few days. The Uranus retrograde makes us think twice about doing something outrageous, which may be a good thing. And yet we might plow ahead and go out of our way to upset an apple cart or two. If it contacts a natal planet, we may have trouble finding our niche in life; the energies of that planet contacted may be frustrated. We feel that we are different; well of course we are unique in some way, but we feel we are so different that the society has no place for us. At the very least, we feel uncomfortable about the status quo and start wishing things were different. Dane Rudhyar says the Uranus retrograde involves some kind of Visitation from the Spirit, as the individuality unfolds to a truer expression of the light within.
Mercury at 11 degrees Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn at 2:47 am Tuesday. This sounds like a great transit for research, or for grilling someone for information. You can drill down through layers of data to find the telling details that solve a puzzle.
The Sun enters its home in Leo at 5:41 pm Tuesday. It promptly conjoins Jupiter at 4:44 pm Thursday. Sun in Leo is spontaneous, outgoing, vain, attention-getting, a glutton for approval, and loves to be made a fuss over. But when they turn the spotlight on others, their warmth brings out the Leo in them, too. Likes to be in a position of authority, and makes a good manager in spite of being bored with details and repetition. Leos are magnetic as they draw others to them, especially pulling guests into their home for very entertaining parties. Famous people with the Sun in Leo include: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, poet Percy Shelley, playwright George Bernard Shaw, Napoleon, comedienne Lucille Ball, chef Julia Child, Fidel Castro, James Baldwin, baseball manager Casey Stengel, Paul Tillich, Eero Saarinen, Mussolini, aviator Amelia Earhart, rocker Mick Jagger, David Baldacci, Annie Oakley, director Cecil B DeMille, sprinter Usain Bolt, and Fritz Freleng.
Sun conjunct Jupiter: Natives with this transit expand their horizons in some way, whether by travel, a new job, gaining a more optimistic outlook, studying philosophy or law, or widening their network of contacts. Sometimes they become the star of the show, maybe it’s on a very private, off-off-off-the-beaten-path stage but it’s theirs.
Venus at 7 degrees Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces at 7:10 am Thursday. This is the classic in-love-with-love aspect. Try to keep your feet on the ground when being charmed by the new beau. You can also tune in to others in a very empathetic way, making them feel that someone really understands them. This is a great transit for expressing yourself in painting, music, poetry, photography, and any other art or craft. Visit a gallery for inspiration!
Mercury at 16 degrees Cancer squares retrograde Uranus in Aries at 8:07 pm Thursday; it immediately trines Saturn in Scorpio at 10:11 pm the same night. Mercury in a water sign is very fast, so when it squares Uranus you can sure expect things to happen in a hurry. Caution: this is an accident-prone transit so be careful driving and watch your head! Your mind may work very fast today, which means you need to check your work the next day. Make notes of your thoughts to think thru later, make a to-do list to stay on track. Nerves can be jittery, so it might be wise to stay off the caffeine; you will definitely NOT need the extra stimulation today. Try to watch yourself for impulsiveness, even rashness; signal before changing lanes, for example.
Mars enters Scorpio, where it is co-ruler, at 10:25 pm Friday. Mars in Scorpio wants control of his environment. Often Scorpios wind up in some type of managerial position, maybe just so they can order their own chair and organize things the way they prefer in their office. Can learn to coax others into talking about their goals by revealing (at least partially) one of their own motives or intentions. Scorpio natives will find this transit lends steel to their goals, turning you into that irresistible force that overturns immovable objects. Could also be vengeful, unless you have transformed into the eagle rather than the scorpion. Your taste may turn towards horror movies and the like. Mars in Scorpio is apt at using sharp tools, whether as a butcher or as a surgeon. Famous people with Mars in Scorpio include: Jean-Paul Sartre, Robert Louis Stevenson, George Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alan Jay Lerner, Jonas Salk, Mohandas Gandhi, and Robert F. Kennedy.
We have a New Moon at 3 degrees 52′ Leo at 6:42 pm Saturday. The Moon conjoined Jupiter three hours earlier, and the Moon’s next aspect is a trine to Uranus at 8:14 pm the following Sunday, July 27. Moon-Jupiter expands the self to embrace the whole world of experience, law, scholarship, travel, and the arts, and the trine to Uranus eases expression of our insights into whatever forms is available to us. We will probably have our eyes opened to other ways of living, and implement new ways of doing things. We may plan a trip to foreign shores, or even get on the boat or plane. We run into people who are very different from ourselves, and we like them a lot!

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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 21-27, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mars is conjunct Jupiter at 5 degrees Cancer at 3:35 am Monday. This conjunction is marked by high physical energy plus confidence – so much so that you may be willing to accept risks that you might not otherwise accept. (Just make sure there is a net underneath you.) It is favorable for new beginnings. We feel more competitive in sports and try a lot harder to win it all. You can get on a roll!
Venus enters practical Virgo at 8:41 am Monday. Venus placed here is a little too judgmental of others, too quick to write off people who fall short of their high standards. However, if this Venus can put aside that judgmental tendency, she can help others by showing them how to accomplish practical skills – skills like how to parent, how to wash dishes, how to bake cookies, how to balance a check book, etc. You may notice that the Virgo Venus has more acquaintances than friends, because she tends to keep people at arm’s length at least until she knows them better.
Famous people with Venus in Virgo include: showman and columnist Ed Sullivan, author Ernest Hemingway, performers Julie Andrews, Anne Bancroft, Mike Douglas and Lucille Ball, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, revolutionaries Fidel Castro and Chiang Kai-Shek, and golfer Ben Hogan.
The Sun enters its home sign of Leo at 11:56 am Monday. Leo Suns are gregarious and warm individuals who open their homes and souls to the favored few – or to many, if their finances allow for it. Yet at the same time, Leo has certain traps, such as demanding attention whether it is deserved or not, and taking criticism too personally. They do shine when in the spotlight, but they shine even better when encouraging others to express their talents. Their enthusiasm can lift all boats. Please don’t assign Leos to menial tasks as a career. It isn’t that they wouldn’t chip in and help in a pinch, but a daily diet of meaningless tasks is just too deadening. They can work very hard in careers that challenge them. They are ambitious and can rise to executive positions.
Famous people with Sun in Leo include: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Percy B. Shelley, George Bernard Shaw, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julia Child, Dag Hammarskjold, Casey Stengel, Ben Hogan, Paul Tillich, Dr. Ralph Bunche, Vitas Gerulaitis, Raoul Wallenberg, Neil Armstrong, Michelle Yeoh, Stan Freberg, Whitney Houston, Hulk Hogan, Connie Chung and Princess Anne.
Venus at 4 degrees Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces at 8:08 am Friday. There is always the element of deception when Neptune is involved. Maybe someone builds himself up to be a better catch than he or she is – but you find that in the average personals ad, anyway. Neptune can also add a dash of glamor to the aura of that seemingly-perfect someone, which evaporates as soon as your eyes open a little wider. Romances can begin under this transit but do keep your wits about you. Get a friend to introduce you to someone.
Venus at 5 degrees Virgo sextiles Saturn at 2:36 pm Friday. Saturn calls your attention to the fact that healthy relationships require some mutual duties. Most of them are a pleasure to do for someone you love. You may feel drawn to an older person, whether for advice or for love. On a more mundane level, this transit can be very good for doing crafts that require attention to detail – since Virgo rules textiles, this may mean weaving or embroidery.
Saturday night looks very stressful with Mars at 9 degrees Cancer opposite Pluto at 6:47 pm, and the Sun at 5 degrees Leo square Saturn at 9:06 pm Saturday. Mars (with Jupiter nearby) is willing to apply great effort – only to run up against an immovable object like Pluto. The Sun is also being crossed by an immovable object, Saturn, which is like a stone wall. Pluto is more like a tsunami, earthquake, the Army, or merely the march of history. So this is not a good time to expect a wish to come true, at least, not if you have personal planets at around 5 or 9 degrees of the fixed and cardinal signs.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 22-28, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Gotta tell you about my Mercury retrograde experiences this past week. On Thursday night the 12th, the week that Merc went retro, I was all aflutter over a rather expensive item that I could not find. I cast a horary chart for my question over where it was, tho it did not really help right off. Only after the item turned up did the horary make sense. It had Pisces rising and its ruler in the twelfth. Didn’t look good for getting it back, did it? So anyway, it was a footwear item, some custom inserts, and they turned out to be in the winter boots which I had stored in the front closet. Pisces rules shoes, of course. Sometimes a chart is SO OBVIOUS and yet we still can’t get it.
Not to be outdone, computers have been giving me fits lately, too. The point where Mercury made its station, 12 degrees Leo, is near my natal Uranus, ruling computers, and also indicating my aggravation and upset. Plus Uranus also made a station on the 13th. So I was already frustrated over the lost item, and the computer assigned to me at work spent the last two weeks mostly out of commission. Now I am home on Saturday, needed to print something, and try to plug in the power cord for the printer. The plastic plug was broken, so then I had to ask myself if I had another cord or if I had to buy a new one.
The Sun enters its home of Leo at 6:01 am Sunday. Sun in Leo natives are wonderfully warm people. They have a great gift for encouraging and inspiring others. The flaws include demanding attention whether deserved or not, and taking criticism personally. Bored to tears with menial work, repetition, and detail. Affectionate, ambitious, magnetic. Famous people with Sun in Leo include: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, poet Percy Shelley, George Bernard Shaw, comedienne Lucille Ball, chef Julia Child, Casey Stengel, Paul Tillich, Dag Hammarskjold, and the dictators Fidel Castro, Benito Mussolini, and Napoleon.
Retrograde Mercury at 10 degrees Leo sextiles Mars in Libra at 6:55 am Sunday. The aspect is good for eye-hand coordination in sports or crafts (especially if they involve heat or sharp tools, like woodworking, stitchery, woodburning, cooking, etc). Ask someoen to show you how to do that craft skill you need to finish your project. Can set off minor arguments, or verbal “bullets”. You do well at debate.
Retrograde Mercury at 8 degrees Leo trines Uranus at 9:27 am Wednesday. We want to spread the word in a big way, probably via email or internet postings. But with the retrograde, we have to send out a correction 2 minutes later.
The Sun at 6 degrees Leo is conjunct retrograde Mercury at 3:57 pm Saturday. We may talk about ourselves nonstop – and accidentally blurt out something we wanted to keep secret! Also the Sun-Mercury conjunction is one of the key points in the economic cycle, so keep tabs on changes of direction in the stock market, etc.
Jupiter in Gemini squares Chiron in Pisces this week, at 8 to 9 degrees of the signs. If this contacts natal health houses, could send you to a doc for treatment. Let’s hope you get a good one, so check around for good references from friends and such.
Mars at 11 Libra opposes Pallas in Aries, and trines Ceres in Gemini. It’s too dry this summer for a lot of crops, and Pallas may decide she has to do something (Mars) about it PDQ. Couples who are chronically arguing (Mars) may decide they either have to divorce or seek counseling to salvage the good side of their relationship. I am all for getting to the root of the problems and learning new strategies for relating.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 17-23, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun enters Leo, its home, at 12:12 am Saturday. Happy Birthday to all the Sun-kitties. Sun in Leo is big-hearted, magnanimous, and courageous. They make wonderful bosses, administrators, kings, and hosts, but poor clerks and other menial workers because they are bored to tears with detail. They work very hard, sometimes to the point where they strain their hearts. Fortunately their recuperative powers are pretty good.
Sometimes their vanity leads them to want admiration or applause whether they deserve it or not. But their enthusiasm for life easily spills over to infect those around them, spreading encouragement for others’ efforts and the joy of life in general.

The Sun is inconjunct Neptune at zero degrees Pisces at 7:54 am Saturday. Inconjuncts are very uncomfortable, and often people resort to creative outlets to try to get comfortable again. People rearrange furniture until it feels more comfortable, although that generally happens under a Moon inconjunct. Sun is the Self, and Neptune is — many things, but one is liquids like water or alcohol. If you have any inclination towards drinking to excess, this transit is one time to definitely avoid alcohol. It might be wise to check out the water before diving into a pool or lake. Neptune is oil and gases; be safety-conscious if dealing with propane, oil tanks, gas stoves, carbon monoxide, or other fumes.

MORE ABOUT INCONJUNCTS: People can have health challenges when they have double inconjuncts (Yods) in their natal chart; for example, when one of the lights is the point of a Yod, and in a vulnerable sign, the native might have vision problems. With Mercury at the point, someone may have long-term hearing problems or trouble with another of the sense organs.

The outer planet aspectarian is pretty skimpy again this week. Mercury is slowing down in the run-up to its retrograde period. It is said to enter its Storm period on Sunday, July 24. So let me give you the heads-up on the Mercury retrograde. Mercury has its retrograde station at 11:50 pm (ET) August 2, at 1 degree, 12 minutes of Virgo. Mercury has its direct station at 6:03 pm, August 26, at 18 degrees, 42 minutes of Leo. Mercury speeds up again and leaves its Storm period on August 31. You may also note when Mercury first crosses 18 degrees Leo (about July 15), and when it again reaches 1 degree Virgo when it has gone direct again (about Sept. 10). The whole period from July 15 to Sept. 10 is one where plans can go awry or you have to carefully shepherd them through each phase to get to your goal. On the bright side, some astrologers claim to always schedule vacations during the retrograde because they trust that they will always come back home again.

I am also posting a list of Arabic Parts and the formulas for them. Look for it on this same website.

PS – I listed a few used astrology books for sale on Amazon Books; Part Two was posted July 1! Look for reviews in my column with a link to the listing. Even more titles to come soon. Thanks for your support (and patience). Note that the Intuition book, listed in Part One, has sold.
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ALSO – check out — free lessons online

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Your Milky Way Horoscope for July 18-24, 2010

Hail, all hail, to Leo – The Sun enters the sign of the Lion at 6:21 pm on Thursday, July 22. A mature Leo avoids the pitfall of demanding attention whether or not they deserve it, and progresses to inspiring others to shine in a shared spotlight. The Sun’s first aspect is a sextile to Saturn which has now re-entered Libra. Leos will have renewed ambition, and be able to set an agenda for themselves. You will be able to handle a detail work, possibly in a leadership position with a hobby club or philanthropic organization. Have you ever directed a play? This may be the year that you do so.
Saturn re-enters Libra at 11:10 am Wednesday. Libra is the sign of its exaltation so let’s hope for a renewed sense of fair play and equality in the courts of the land. Enough of this garbage about favoring corporate interests (Capricorn) over that of the public.
Jupiter goes retrograde at 8:03 am Friday, at 3 degrees 24 minutes Aries. Retrogrades are not necessarily bad things, but one needs to pay attention to where they are in your natal chart and what is going on with you. Some things may need to be redone, or some issues come back to stir up your pot. Fire signs might try to set new projects in motion when the Moon is in Sag, to create a grand trine in fire signs, good for leadership and for inspiring others.

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A few notes on Sports Astrology, Nov. 2009

I have mentioned I have been working more intensively on my sports astrology skills. It is not the first time I have made charts for individual games, but it is the first time I tried making charts for ALL the football games on a given weekend. It has been a challenge and a real learning experience (in a good way).
One of the interesting things that I noticed is that when Mars entered Leo about mid-October, it affected the play of the teams with Leo birth dates. In general, they started playing much more competitively. In some cases, a team settled on its starting quarterback and began winning more games than they lost. Some of the Leo teams started to perk up earlier than others, and that generally correlates with how early or late their Sun is actually placed in the sign Leo. Don’t assume that these teams will win everything from here on out. For one thing, the chart of the game will have many other clues about the outcome of the game. For another thing, Mars will go retrograde in mid-december and could take back any gains in the league standings.
The teams with Leo suns —

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