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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 16-22, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury retrograde at 26 degrees Aquarius trines Mars in Libra at 3:19 am Sunday. We feel extra self-confident, like we could take on the world; but with Mercury retrograde, that thought may lead us astray. We may tackle a mental challenge, and even though we might make a false start on it, it is still important to do that groundwork. We may also have quite a gift for turning a phrase, but then have to retract our statement. It may be a good time to get some things off our chest, if only to use someone as a sounding board.
The Sun enters Pisces at exactly 1 pm Tuesday. The phrase that come to my mind with Sun in Pisces is “tea and sympathy” because Pisceans value both giving and receiving a sympathetic ear. The problem with Pisces is that they are often too willing to just wallow in the self-pity or the pity party, whereas a sign like Cancer will feel the feelings and then do something about it. Pisces can appear to be indecisive and addicted to self-defeatism. But the mature Pisces can transmute all their feelings into inspiring art or poetry, or into a mystical if idealistic vision of the future.
Sun in Pisces natives can be very observant without even being aware of it, and as a result their comments may seem psychic. They have a vivid imagination, which is useful in the arts but negative when they scare themselves out of their own wits. Can be the pet of the family. Can be pliable, which scammers take advantage of. Can be prone to yielding to the impulse of the moment, driving 100 miles for no particular reason or blowing off appointments. Famous people with the Sun in Pisces include: John Steinbeck, Jackie Gleason, Liz Taylor, Albert Einstein, Victor Hugo, Frederic Chopin, Earl Warren, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sidney Poitier, Rex Harrison, Edward Albee, George Harrison, Rudolph Nureyev, Pierre Renoir, and Pope Pius XII.
Mercury retrograde at 23 degrees Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio at 2:11 am Wednesday. We may feel lonely simply from the unwillingness to pick up the phone and call someone. The aspect may favor doing very focused, very detailed work, but with Mercury retrograde you may have to do it over again. It doesn’t favor making a good impression so find another day for that interview.
Ceres enters Scorpio on or about Feb. 17, and promptly trines Sun entering Pisces. Ceres in Scorpio gives great reserves of physical and psychological strength. Scorpios will proceed toward their goals despite any number of obstacles or setbacks. They can also recover from physical ailments and regenerate themselves like the phoenix. Psychic talents may also surface, especially in regards to what loved ones are doing or what they need. With the trine to the Sun, Scorpios may gravitate toward art as an outlet, and luck onto a teacher because the student is ready.
CAUTION for next week: The Sun will be conjunct fuzzy Neptune midday Sunday, Feb. 23. Pisces natives are likely to suffer all kinds of mishaps, some of which may make for funny stories later. Let other people drive, lest you get hopelessly lost!


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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 17-23, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun enters Pisces at 7:02 am Monday. Pisces like the other mutable signs has no definite nature, so that the natives of this sign take their appearance and personality from stronger planets and signs in their natal chart. However, some things can be said of them as generally true. They often have a victim-savior complex (aka martyr-messiah), playing either or both roles to perfection. They may become determined to “save” someone who does not need saving, thank you very much. However, they often are able to soothe troubled souls and animals just by being there. Pisces can be very observant without even trying. They master the art of being everyone’s favorite. Famous people with Sun in Pisces include: Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Gleason, Frederic Chopin, the late senator Edward Kennedy, Tricia Nixon, Sidney Poitier, Rex Harrison, playwright Edward Albee, Beatle George Harrison, Rudolph Nureyev, both Princes Edward and Andrew of England, Pierre Renoir, and Pope Pius XII.
Saturn has its retrograde station at 12:03 pm Monday, at 11 degrees, 32′ of Scorpio. Saturn will be retrograde until after the Independence Day holiday. Dane Rudhyar felt that Saturn stations gave one the opportunity to exercise the will, establish boundaries, study moral teachings, and learn from old patterns or traditions. As Rudhyar states, “The king makes the new laws, but the old laws make the king.” So law tends to perpetuate itself even when new laws replace old commandments. Dane also went on about how one’s name is synonymous with the Will, but I differ with him on that. (I think that the name is the Sun, and the Will is Saturn.)
Another astrologer – and I apologize for not having notes on where this is from – says that during the Saturn retrograde, we may be forced to restructure payment schedules or any other schedules, organizations, programs, procedures, and so forth. Retrograde periods are good for completing something left undone. You may be forced to learn hard lessons either on taking responsibility or on not taking on duties that do not belong to you.
The Sun at 2 degrees Pisces is conjunct Neptune at 2:19 am Thursday. Here we go again, Pisces is spacey enough without a Neptune conjunction, y’know? I am trying to be light-hearted about this, but the fact is that some of us may be hard-pressed to keep ourselves in the moment and firmly connected to reality and our to-do list. If we need a break or a nap, fine, take your break or the nap. Take care of yourself, then make a list of what you need to do and when you need to do it – go from there.
Mercury at almost 20 degrees Pisces has a retrograde station at 4:41 am Saturday. Well! Mercury in Pisces is spacey anyway, and toss in a retrograde and you have trouble, my friends! Oh, I am trying to take these Mercury retrogrades lightly, since they happen so often and actually, you can get them to work for you in some ways. Like, clean out that drawer or closet and find buried treasure! Or “do over” some project and do it right this time. We have to check up on our assumptions, which may be totally off-base from reality, find the errors in our math or in the bank statement, use a different formula, find an old book that is truly amazing, find out new info (some of which we were not supposed to find out, tee hee).

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 19-25, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun enters Pisces, the Fish at 1:18 am Sunday. Pisces natives tend to fit in anywhere, since they soak up the atmosphere around them and readily adapt. The negative Pisces tries to be all things to all people, losing their real identity and sapping their strength. The positive Pisces is able to uplift and inspire others, while addressing their practical concerns. Pisces can be so observant of subtle clues that others suspect them of being psychic. Famous Sun-Pisces include the late Elizabeth Taylor, John Steinbeck, Jackie Gleason, Victor Hugo, Copernicus, Chopin, George Washington, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Earl Warren, Sidney Poitier, Edward Albee, George Harrison, Rudolph Nureyev, Pierre Renoir, and Pope Pius XII.
The Sun is conjunct Neptune in Pisces at 3:41 pm Sunday. A Sun-Neptune conjunction is not favorable for most things. Don’t make any important decisions, be careful what you believe or read or hear, and don’t go on any binges. You may be in a self-pitying mood, or may totally mistake your role in life or in an organization. Depending on whether this is conjunct any natal planets, one may be much more sensitive to drugs, chemical fumes, or toxins of any kind. You may feel like cocooning for a time, and that is OK, but do contact friends just so they know you’re alive.
Tuesday’s New Moon is at 5:35 pm in Pisces, and marks Mardi Gras. The Sun is conjunct Neptune, Chiron and Pallas, squares Juno in Sag, and a sextile to Jupiter in Taurus. These conjunctions are not very favorable for Pisces natives, who should be extra prudent this month. Hire someone else to get up on the roof, etc.
Mercury in Pisces is opposite Mars in Virgo at 6:25 am Thursday. Mercury-Mars aspects tend to produce accidents due to suppressed anger, arguments, and haste. So everybody just take a breath and slow down during the morning commute, OK?
Vesta enters Aries at 2:05 pm Saturday, where it remains until May. Vesta in the sign of the Ram is a real leader of religious or humanitarian movements, with a strong desire to improve the lot of humanity.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 12-18, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

The asteroid Pallas Athena enters Pisces at 12:05 am Sunday, Feb. 12. Pallas is not really comfortable in such a feeling, spiritual sign like Pisces. Pisceans may be quite stressed and torn between the influence of Neptune in their sign (bringing out latent spiritual and humanitarian values) and the very practical, very self-controlled Pallas. Pallas might allow herself to respond to music, and that is about it for her. Pallas remains in Pisces until about mid-May, then the Neptune influence can begin to express itself more freely and openly.
The Sun enters Pisces at 1:18 am Sunday, Feb. 19. Happy birthday to all the Fishes! People with the Sun in Pisces tend to be impressionable and/or psychic. Pisceans are probably best at manifesting their inner world onto the outer world; if their inner life is a shambles, that is what they manifest, and the same hold true if their inner life is serene and creative. Its natural ruler Neptune enters this sign in February, a spiritual influence that many of us might resist to no avail.
Mercury trines Saturn at 29 degrees Libra at 1:44 pm Monday. Serious talk, serious mood and serious work. No one is in a mood for the idle chatter by the coffee machine after lunch. That’s OK, maybe we can all catch up on everything in the in-box today.
Mercury also enters Pisces, at 8:38 pm Monday. Mercury in Pisces accents the creative imagination. Pisceans are good at learning by osmosis, seeming to just pick it up from the air. They know some things intuitively without knowing how they know it. Yet these people can absorb too much tension from their surroundings and become ill, even mentally overtaxed to the point of physical breakdown from too much work or stress. Needs a creative outlet. Famous people with Mercury here include Adelina Patti, Leontyne Price, Victor Hugo, Abraham Lincoln, Sidney Poitier and Robert Frost.
Venus in Aries squares Pluto at 8 degrees Capricorn at 1:32 pm Wednesday. Venus-Pluto squares have a lot to do with romantic obsession. Persons affected by this aspect tend to try too hard to control a relationship and don’t give it room to grow. And you know that livings things that don’t grow tend to start dying on the vine. So think about it.
The Sun trines Saturn at 29 degrees Libra at 11:02 am Saturday. People affected by this aspect may be called on to manage the details, to organize and plan. Responsibility (Saturn) may be thrust upon you. You may even receive honors or awards, which is also Saturn. Saturn rules science, so you will tend to be more methodical and logical.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 15-21, 2009

The Sun enters Pisces on Wednesday. Mark the day with fish on the menu, hmm?
do think that Tuesday’s Mars conjunct Jupiter (and North Node) on Tuesday offers a huge opportunity to those who can stomach the risk. You may look down and the slope resembles a ski jump; maybe you shouldn’t look down. But those who know what they’re doing can sprout wings.

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