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Your Milky Way Horoscope AUG. 3-9, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

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Mars at 6 degrees Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces at 8:14 am Thursday. Mars-Neptune trines often are very idealistic, very other worldly. Other people laugh off ideas under this transit as totally impractical, but sometimes a brilliant innovation in implementing it makes it totally workable. Mars with Neptune also can be quite creative in artistic expression, such as dance and poetry.
The Sun at 16 degrees Leo joins Mercury at 12:21 pm Friday. This is a key economic turning point, so keep an eye on what the stock market does. Do prices go up or down or sideways? Mercury getting a trine from Uranus may mean that more foreign funds come into the market, propping up prices. Sun and Mercury soon square Saturn, which may mean some kind of obstacle puts a fly in that ointment. The trine especially favors solid intuitive insights. You might try a bit of remote viewing, picturing a place you have been meaning to go to, and then compare your actual visit to your remote visit to see you accurate your were.
Mercury in turn trines Uranus in Aries at 4:14 pm Friday. We succeed in spreading the word via electronic or computer-based media. So go ahead and post to your blog, leave comments on articles online, start that media-managing project you had in mind these last few weeks.
Then the Sun trines Uranus in Aries at 8:36 pm Friday. You get some positive feedback for expressing your individuality. Maybe you take the stage on open mic night, and a bit of applause stokes your ego.
Finally Mercury at 16 degrees Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio at 10:50 pm Friday. You may act like an authority on a pet subject, but let’s hope you have some actual cred regarding your chosen topic.
The Sun at 16 degrees Leo squares Saturn at 11:11 am Saturday. This aspect is usually associated with having to account for oneself or one’s actions. This sometimes occurs as a result of getting a ticket or arrest that requires you to appear in court and explain things to a judge. Sometimes it is merely being called in to chat with the boss about your performance. So the message is, watch your self and ask if you would likely be questioned about it if seen by someone in authority.
Vesta enters Scorpio this week. Emma Donath says that this can spur a total regeneration of the personality, possibly accompanied by psychic talents. Scorpio can become more exacting in demands they place on themselves, as well as of others. If Scorpio is your ascendant, they latch onto a higher goal in life, kind of like a Holy Grail, something that is more of a spiritual quest than a mere hunt for material gains.

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COOL WEBSITES – In no particular order of importance: Check out — free lessons online. Watch astronomic animations at Go to for a view of our solar system and nearby stars. This guy called the correct winner of the 2012 election, and he puts out a monthly column:
This guy writes a cool weekly astrology newsletter and sells astro books: Dave at NOTE: My deepest condolences on Dave’s passing this past week, to his wife Elizabeth. It is such a shock, and I do hope that his wife will at least sell out the stock of hard-to-find books that he carried.


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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 9-15, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun at 23 degrees Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio at 2:57 pm Tuesday. This is a good day for respecting elders or those in authority – and at least one authority figure may stop you today to ask what the heck you were thinking of when you did such-and-such. That means you may be stopped by a cop for not signaling a turn or stuff like that. You may also have to follow The Plan (at work, for example) to the letter, so keep checking the company manual and style guide. You may also run into the word “NO!” when asking for favors or cooperation so do not act shocked or disappointed; you will have to just sit there and take it like a good trouper.
Mercury in retrograde motion re-enters Aquarius at 10:30 pm Wednesday. You will likely find yourself rehashing old ideas, old questions, going back to prior topics of discussion either at business meetings or in your personal life. Sometimes this retrograde also brings back people from your past – sometimes even from a past life.
The Sun at 26 degrees Aquarius trines Mars in Libra at 9:06 pm Friday. A Sun-Mars trine will surely recharge the batteries of many Aquarians. You’re a real ball of fire (oops, make that air) who starts things, who is full of great ideas, who gets people together to brainstorm for even more ideas on what the future could or should be like.
The Sun and retrograde Mercury are conjunct at 27 degrees Aquarius at 3:22 pm Saturday. Bargain-hunters will have a field day, as merchandise will likely be marked way down. As usual with a Mercury retrograde, examine the item carefully and check out details of features so that you do indeed get what you want. It is good for sellers because they can clear out old or used items from the shelves. Conjunctions generally mark a high volume of transactions, and in this case I feel that buyers will be happy with their purchases because the next Moon aspect is a sextile to Jupiter – buyers feel lucky to have gotten a steal. Mercury’s next aspect is a trine to Mars, where I suppose the sale income may be applied to taxes or other debts, and that’s a good thing.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Jan. 27-31- Feb. 2, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Jupiter goes Stationary Direct at 6:37 am on Wednesday. While Jupiter was retrograde, we had an opportunity to break away from the rigid kind of rote thinking that we grew up with as part of our local culture. We were exposed to other ways of thinking and philosophizing, other values that were possibly more evolved. And not when Jove goes direct we have an opportunity to consciously choose our way of living, working, thinking and moralizing. Consciousness is the key. Whereas before, we did something because that was how mom or dad or our third-grade teacher or our best friend did it – but now we choose another way, a way that we hope and believe is a better way because it is more evolved, and we want the whole human race to make it to the next century.
The Sun in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio at 5:49 pm Wednesday. Fixed signs, especially Aquarians, will be frustrated and blocked and generally feel like they are in a cage. Now it may be that they think the cage they are in is a bit larger than they thought; they could benefit from clarifying just what is expected of them. The self (Sun) will still have to follow directions and stick to the plan, and might have to explain itself if it strays even a teeny bit from the plan. If you live with or love any of the fixed signs, please be extra kind – let them out to play in the sun a bit, and make sure there’s dessert in the frig.
Mars enters watery Pisces at 8:54 pm Friday. Mars in Pisces is neither favored nor hobbled by being in Pisces, where it is neither the ruler nor exalted – altho it does tend to be passive, and these people would rather follow than lead. Some of those with Mars in Pisces really believe that they are the only ones who have received the only valid spiritual vision, and refuse the insights of others. A mature Pisces is able to share their experiences and get others to share their insights with all, too. As a performer or politician, may have a knack for inspiring empathy by the audience. May be better suited for artistic expression. Famous people with Mars in Pisces include: John Steinbeck, Elizabeth Taylor, Leslie Uggams, comedienne Carol Channing, Hubert Humphrey, painter Vincent Van Gogh, James Baldwin, songwriter Jule Styne, Henry Luce, Prince Edward, and Gertrude Stein.
Venus enters airy and impersonal Aquarius at 9:47 pm Friday. Venus in Aquarius is quite able to train itself into such a level of detachment that they forget how to relate to anyone on a personal level. On the positive side, this Venus is able to retain a sense of inner freedom even in the middle of the most intimate relationships. This Venus knows she has freely chosen to love this person and to stay with this person, and so feels no chains on her. Some of Venus’ usual passion is transmuted into a love of humanity, will seek out some kind of mission for herself to accomplish in the world, for the world. In the arts, Venus in Aquarius most likes music, especially forms with accented rhythms or which come from foreign cultures. Famous people with Venus in Aquarius include: writer John Steinbeck, poet Lord Byron, Arturo Toscanini, painter Henri Matisse, composer Frederic Chopin, Dick Van Dyke, Supreme Court justice Earl Warren, astronaut Walter Schirra, Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, playwright Edward Albee, and boxer Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali.
Saturday, Feb. 2 is Groundhog Day – an excellent day to view the movie of the same name, of course, but also to contemplate how we might break out of our various ruts.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 8-14, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Vesta enters Gemini on Monday, 5:25 pm. What does Vesta sacrifice FOR when in Gemini? She is willing to sacrifice for ideas and beliefs. Vesta here also can sacrifice for the sake of their children – occasionally is denotes denial of offspring. Anyway, I see people getting more involved in the presidential campaign this summer, with more discussion of the issues online and while canvassing local neighborhoods. It is also possible that the OWS movement will regain steam. Vesta will be in Gemini till late April of 2013.

Uranus goes retrograde at 5:49 am Friday. It will station at 8 degrees, 32′ of Aries. Let’s talk a bit about Uranus stations and retrograde. Stephanie Clement has some notes on all the planetary retrogrades; about Uranus retrograde she writes: “outward conformist behavior masks inner feelings of non-conformity, or goes out of their way to upset others apple carts.” ( This may be more true of the natal planet than of the transits, although I think many of us will long to break out of their routines and “feel the wind in their hair”. Under the transits we may ignore the prescribed methods of doing things, possibly just to see what the result it. Dane Rudhyar writes of the Uranus stations:
His consciousness is being transformed, his mind transfigured, by the focusing of the Uranian electric flow which shatters and burns away all inertia and fear, all reliance upon tribal, social, or religious security, all sense of satisfaction with self and achievements of self, even those which appear most ‘spiritual’.
Uranus, I have also been told, represents the Christ principle. The Christ does not recognize societal valuations such as one person or class or occupation being of more value than any other. On the soul level, everyone is equal and sacred and has a full right to be here. You find this thread in Buddhist thought also, when for example as an exercise one is asked to meet everyone on the soul level for just one day – as a start, anyway. May I suggest to my readers that they try out this exercise for at least one day, and preferably a week, while Uranus is retrograde or stationing?
More from Rudhyar:
Uranus needs no longer be regarded as a power of negative disruption, even though its Visitations may still shake the reoriented personality to the very core of its being, and may be annunciations of eventual liberation from the earth-born body. Uranus, at this stage of the Illumined Road, is a power of transfiguration. It releases light through the personality aglow with the mystery of spiritual gestation – the light of fulfillment.

Mercury at 12 degrees Leo sextiles Venus in Gemini at 6:41 pm Saturday. We just had this same aspect on May 3, before Venus went retrograde (they are both direct again now). Retrogrades indicate going back over the same ground, so check your diaries or appointment books to see what the issues were that week. Mercury and retrograde Venus were conjunct on June 1; see if that date is significant, too. Parents who have children with reading problems may see them benefit from reading programs or storytelling

Hold on to your hats again, Mercury goes retrograde at 10:16 pm Saturday – Mercury will station at 12 degrees, 33′ of Leo. It will turn direct on August 8. Mercury retrograde asks us to correct our way of thinking, to check our assumptions, to ask ourselves if we are plugging in the right data in the equation – or even using the right equation. One of the upsides is that often during the retrograde we FIND OUT information that contradicts what we had assumed without even thinking about it – sometimes we find out these things BY ACCIDENT which is also a good way of describing Merc retrograde, too. That gives us an opportunity to back out of an agreement or move before signing any papers (we hope). That this station occurs in Leo is almost funny, because Leo tends to boss others around, and here it may turn out that Leo does not have the facts at his fingertips like he thinks he does.
A heads-up for the cardinal signs – the Sun at 23 degrees Cancer will square Saturn in Libra just after midnight Sunday am, July 15. This may be a frustrating time for all the cardinal signs especially if they have either Cancer, Libra, Aries or Capricorn on the angles in their natal charts. Not a good time to beat your head against a brick wall, so take out your frustrations on a punching bag or pillow or mass of bread dough.

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ALSO – see new article on The Goddess Archetypes: The Pallas Athena Myth at — also as you read it you may also avail yourself of the excellent QUESTIONNAIRE on the Goddess-Power website at to determine your own goddess profile.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Jan. 15-21, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Reminder: Venus is in Pisces now.
The Sun in Capricorn squares Saturn at 29 degrees Libra at 4:19 pm Thursday. A likely time for mass frustration, although it can result in a more focused drive to achieve a particular goal. Not a good time to start a new venture, but it does present challenges if you like that kind of thing.
Venus in Pisces sextiles Pluto at 8 degrees Capricorn at 3:32 pm Friday. This Venus-Pluto sextile could indicate a good opportunity to obtain loan approval, or increases in cash payouts. On a personal level, you could get a lot better acquainted with a special someone.
The Sun enters humanity-loving Aquarius on January 20 at 11:10 am. People with the Sun in Aquarius express an appreciation of the special gifts of everyone they meet. Aquarians are awed by technology, and have a great faith that mankind will continue to progress.
The Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus at 1 degree Aries at 8:20 pm Saturday. You might see upsets in sports events or in the political scene. While Uranus often signifies falls or accidents, the kinds of falls with the Sun involved probably will not result in broken bones. Uranus specializes in knocking those with pretensions of grandeur flat on their fannies.
Looking ahead: Mars will have its Retrograde Station on Jan. 23 at 23 degrees Virgo. Not a misprint; 23 and 23 is the key number.

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Last Week of February, 2008

Sunday the 24th starts off with a Sun square Saturn — hearing the word ‘no’ wherever you go does nothing for one’s mood. Stick to routine activities instead, while digging up hard data to back up your presentation at work. Tuesday is favorable for hearing ‘yes’ especially if asking out a certain someone.

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