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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 13-19, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Sorry am late. Have been recuperating from killer flu and dealing with assorted other obstacles. 2011 is a tough but promising year.
Mercury at 17 degrees Aquarius trines Saturn (retrograde) in Libra at 3:48 am Monday. The trine is helpful for detail work; you focus on the task at hand and don’t feel much like small talk. However, you are so near to the trees that you cannot see the forest, comprende? This aspect also favors getting some long-range practical advice from a sage expert or an older person.
Oh, yeah, almost forgot. Valentine’s Day is Monday (a Monday, bleah) so you are probably interested in the transits. The Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto and Venus at midday and night, respectively. Venus seems a lot better. If Venus at 11 degrees happens to be in the seventh house at the time of your dinner, the Venus person will sure seem irresistible. With the Moon in Cancer, the food is sure to be delicious, too. Possibly seafood (Cancer) will be on the menu, topped off with a scrumptious dessert (Venus, who rules sugar and butter). Avoid luncheon dates, when a T-square involving Pluto at 6 degrees, Moon and Jupiter is in effect and might not be too pleasant.
The Sun is conjunct Neptune at 28 degrees Aquarius at 4:56 am Thursday. Neptune conjunctions tend to confuse one’s self-image; on the other hand it helps in changing one’s image or appearance. Ex: coloring one’s hair, or the way Madonna keeps reinventing herself. The cautions are to avoid drugs (and double-check your Rx refill label), alcohol, or other chemicals. Allergies can flare up. And beware of diving into emotional swamps, thinking you can ‘save’ someone. It’s OK to escape with daydreams, meditation, artwork, music,
Venus at 16 degrees Capricorn squares Saturn in Libra at 2:21 pm Friday. Time to withdraw for a bit and introspect about your relationships. A bit of self-analysis can produce insights that improve a discouraging situation. This square will be tougher than usual because Libra always gets frustrated if not in a happy partnership; maybe Libra is not happy because Capricorn is more interested in status than in the actual bond between the two parties. For example, sometimes Cappy thinks he wants a trophy wife, when a solid and honest relationship is more conducive to long-term happiness. The square and opposition are the most difficult aspects between these two, while the conjunction and trine can be very positive.
And the Sun enters Pisces at 7:25 pm Friday. Happy birthday to all our fishy-signed friends!Pisces can be indecisive, hesitant, lack self-confidence, and get in their own way. They can enjoy crying on others’ shoulders a bit too much. But the flip side is that Pisces can uplift others with their talents as artist, poet, musician, and social reformer/crusader.
This year’s ingress is accompanied by Mercury, Mars and Neptune. They are in the sixth house of health in a chart set for Washington D.C. Other health indicators: Moon is in Virgo (in the twelfth house of hospitals), and trine Pluto in the fourth. Saturn is applying to the ascendant, indicating possible weight loss or ill health. And Neptune conjunct both the Sun and Mars saps the vitality of both. All this puts the burden on Pisces to watch their health carefully to get through a challenging year.
Also on Friday is a Full Moon at 29 degrees Leo. See last week’s column about the series of FMs at 29 degrees. The Full Moon at 3:36 am Friday, at 29 degrees Leo, is conjunct the great star Regulus according to some books. Leos may be called on for their legendary courage this month.
An interesting thing happened with the Sun-Mars conjunction (exact Feb. 4 at 14 degrees Aquarius). I was sick most of the day and night before, with shall we say flu symptoms, and had to go to the ER Friday. Got re-hydrated with 2.5 units of fluid. Trying to figure out what was the contact to my chart and all I can come up with is that old Chiron was the culprit. He’s >>at 17 degrees in my natal chart; I’ve written about him before. (give link) But why any of these bodies should cause this sudden and severe dehydration is a mystery to me. No fever, which would have been explained by Mars’ presence — chills, instead.
YAY! The Packers won the Super Bowl! What did I tell ya? And didn’t I tell ya that Rodgers would have a great day? I did so. Too bad I was still too wiped out to go to a S.B. party or something. Hey, anybody have a tape of the game I could borrow?


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Astrology for a Loving Valentine’s Day in 2010

This year, Valentine’s Day features a very romantic Moon-Venus conjunction in dreamy Pisces, with Jupiter very close by. The Moon-Venus conjunction is exact at 2:56 pm central time, according to my software. Jupiter tempts all of you to spend a great deal more than you can really afford, so be cautious in planning this event. Really, cheese and a bottle of wine on a living-room picnic blanket is just as romantic as a very expensive splurge at a four-star restaurant. Find some romantic film on DVD and you are all set.
The Moon-Venus conjunction is inconjunct Mars in Leo on one side, and Saturn in Libra on the other side. This forms a Yod. Those who are unattached may walk out somewhere and meet someone who is just fated to meet them. Don’t fight it, love can happen in one glance, at first sight, and last till the day you die. It does happen like that sometimes. Mars is sexy, and Saturn is well, restrained. The inconjuncts mean that one has to control feelings of jealousy and anger, refrain from critical comments, deal with emotional insecurity and tight budgets, deal with the seesaw of love-hate emotions, and most of all balance their ambitions with their human need to connect with a genuine human being. Be very tender and gentle with each other this day if you are to navigate all the shoals in this emotional sea.
The Sun is conjunct wishful Neptune at 26 degrees Aquarius that day. This is one reason I suggest the movie night. Neptune is wishing and hoping that all the bad news would just go away, and I guess for one night you can just push the headlines out of sight. But PLEASE do not load up the credit card with charges just for this one occasion because you cannot count on the economy improving in the immediate future.
Most directly affected by the Yod are the signs Pisces, Leo and Libra. Those with Scorpio ascendants will have the point of the Yod in their romantic fifth house. Those with Virgo ascendants will have the point of the Yod in their seventh house of partners. But anyone with any of those signs on their ascendant, midheaven, or fifth or seventh houses will likely feel the fated effect of this Yod. And I am not saying that it will necessarily be a fun or be an obviously romantic first meeting, a’ la Hollywood films. You will have to overcome a lot of emotional obstacles in order to connect on the soul level, but it will be worth it.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Jan. 31-Feb. 6, 2010

Dear Readers: I am writing a separate column for Valentine’s Day which I am posting well ahead of this romantic date, so that all of you may try to make the most favorable plans for your day with your Significant Other.
Meanwhile, the first week of February features a Saturn square Pluto on Sunday, a Jupiter inconjunct Saturn on Friday, a Mercury sextile Uranus on Saturday morn and a Jupiter sextile Pluto on Saturday night. Capricorns are the focus of the week’s transits.
Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn at 4 degrees 21 minutes at 4:27 pm Sunday. This sounds rather grim, rather like the forest fire that consumes the stumps of the cut trees.
Jupiter at about 4 degrees 13 minutes of Pisces is 150 degrees from Saturn in Libra at 3:14 am Friday. Please note that Pluto is at 4 degrees of Capricorn also, square to Saturn. STAY OUT of dangerous parts of town! Take stock of whatever in your life is just not working, and either toss it out or seek counseling on how to get a new mindset. If affecting financial houses, you may have to tighten your belt another notch or two, sorry about that.
At 3 am Saturday morn, Mercury in Capricorn happily sextiles compatible Uranus in Pisces at 24 degrees. This aspect favors probing one’s own psychological depths, gaining insights or new info from your inner self or from study/research online or wherever, writing, speaking and other forms of communication (including ESP), listening to new ideas/concepts, and ALSO buying electronic or electrical products (up to and including cars). You may meet some very unusual people under this transit, too, so strike up chance conversations wherever you are because you could learn some very interesting stuff.
And on Saturday night, Jupiter sextiles Pluto at 12:51 pm. Jupiter excels at leadership and Pluto is heavily into power. So ambitious persons might make contact with those in the power structure of whatever (corporation, politics, media, a local club or Chamber of Commerce). Remember, use powers only for good. May express itself as a time of personal recharging, regeneration, or transformation in your life (note which house in your chart is affected). If you and your spouse are trying to conceive, this bit of luck can help you reach that happy event, if it is in relevant houses of your natal chart or synastry chart.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 8-14: Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Day falls in sexy Scorpio on Saturday. However, readers might want to schedule their special dates for Friday evening to take advantage of a harmonious trine from the Moon in relationship-oriented Libra to Sun-Neptune in Aquarius. The activation of air signs will also increase conversation, the exchange of ideas – and you know what they say about the brain being the sexiest part of the body.

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