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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 2-8, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

Saturn at 23 degrees 19′ Scorpio makes a Retrograde Station at 11:19 am Sunday. Saturn is the “reality check” planet. Saturn retrograde can make you feel like you are never good enough; you may become so pessimistic that you get stampeded into rash actions out of desperation. Take your time during Saturn retrogrades when it comes to making a decision or arriving at a strategy for the future. More information is forthcoming yet, and you are really still in the data-gathering mode. The retrograde period is a time when you may be forced to build a solid foundation for your life, if that was not something that was properly done in childhood. You may have to finish something that was left undone, or be forced to take responsibility for something. Things seem to grind to a halt until that Unfinished Business is taken care of.
Venus at 27 degrees Capricorn squares Mars in Libra at 3:04 pm Sunday. The square between Venus and Mars often translates as physical attraction, or sometimes sexual tension if there is some obstacle that keeps two people apart. It is important to apply mutual consideration and possibly compromise so that both entities can get something out of an encounter. This transit occurs in the late degrees of the signs, so it may be that one of them is the offspring of the owner of a large business, and the other one has hopes of climbing up the ladder of success via a propitious marriage. We shall see.
The Sun at 13 degrees Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn at 2:13 pm Monday. This transit favors what they call “embarking on a journey of personal transformation” and for creating order out of chaos. You may get deep into reading about esoteric subjects like psychology, meditation, yoga, astrology, numerology, etc.
Venus enters Aquarius at 4:03 pm on Ash Wednesday. Venus in airy Aquarius likes to spread love around in the sense of agape, a non-romantic kind of brotherly love for all humanity. Aquarians can be very sentimental, though! And because this is a fixed sign, natives of the sign often remain married to their mates for a lifetime. This is NOT the sign of the swinger! Having said that, Venus in Aquarius represents being able to love and appreciate others in an impartial way. It can also express itself in immature personalities as eccentric behavior in an attempt to maintain his or her freedom. But if Venus is well-aspected, the native can be very idealistic about love.
Famous people with Venus in Aquarius include: John Steinbeck, Henri Matisse, Arturo Toscanini, Lady Bird Johnson, Dick Van Dyke, Earl Warren, Frederic Chopin, Sammy Davis Jr., Franklin Roosevelt, Edward Albee, Muhammad Ali.
Jupiter makes a Direct Station at 10 degrees 27′ Cancer at 5:42 am Thursday. During the retrograde period, we may rethink our role in the society or culture we were born into. We may start to take a broader view, even a global view. At least for a while, we are able to break from routine and consciously choose a new way of thinking and doing things. When Jupiter goes direct, we may carry these new insights along with us and incorporate them into our daily lives – or not. That’s the choice we all make.
As you can see, three planets change direction this month – Saturn and Mars go retrograde, and Jupiter goes direct. Saturn and Jupiter are in water signs, so natives of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces may get whiplash as events gyrate back and forth.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Jan. 27-31- Feb. 2, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Jupiter goes Stationary Direct at 6:37 am on Wednesday. While Jupiter was retrograde, we had an opportunity to break away from the rigid kind of rote thinking that we grew up with as part of our local culture. We were exposed to other ways of thinking and philosophizing, other values that were possibly more evolved. And not when Jove goes direct we have an opportunity to consciously choose our way of living, working, thinking and moralizing. Consciousness is the key. Whereas before, we did something because that was how mom or dad or our third-grade teacher or our best friend did it – but now we choose another way, a way that we hope and believe is a better way because it is more evolved, and we want the whole human race to make it to the next century.
The Sun in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio at 5:49 pm Wednesday. Fixed signs, especially Aquarians, will be frustrated and blocked and generally feel like they are in a cage. Now it may be that they think the cage they are in is a bit larger than they thought; they could benefit from clarifying just what is expected of them. The self (Sun) will still have to follow directions and stick to the plan, and might have to explain itself if it strays even a teeny bit from the plan. If you live with or love any of the fixed signs, please be extra kind – let them out to play in the sun a bit, and make sure there’s dessert in the frig.
Mars enters watery Pisces at 8:54 pm Friday. Mars in Pisces is neither favored nor hobbled by being in Pisces, where it is neither the ruler nor exalted – altho it does tend to be passive, and these people would rather follow than lead. Some of those with Mars in Pisces really believe that they are the only ones who have received the only valid spiritual vision, and refuse the insights of others. A mature Pisces is able to share their experiences and get others to share their insights with all, too. As a performer or politician, may have a knack for inspiring empathy by the audience. May be better suited for artistic expression. Famous people with Mars in Pisces include: John Steinbeck, Elizabeth Taylor, Leslie Uggams, comedienne Carol Channing, Hubert Humphrey, painter Vincent Van Gogh, James Baldwin, songwriter Jule Styne, Henry Luce, Prince Edward, and Gertrude Stein.
Venus enters airy and impersonal Aquarius at 9:47 pm Friday. Venus in Aquarius is quite able to train itself into such a level of detachment that they forget how to relate to anyone on a personal level. On the positive side, this Venus is able to retain a sense of inner freedom even in the middle of the most intimate relationships. This Venus knows she has freely chosen to love this person and to stay with this person, and so feels no chains on her. Some of Venus’ usual passion is transmuted into a love of humanity, will seek out some kind of mission for herself to accomplish in the world, for the world. In the arts, Venus in Aquarius most likes music, especially forms with accented rhythms or which come from foreign cultures. Famous people with Venus in Aquarius include: writer John Steinbeck, poet Lord Byron, Arturo Toscanini, painter Henri Matisse, composer Frederic Chopin, Dick Van Dyke, Supreme Court justice Earl Warren, astronaut Walter Schirra, Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, playwright Edward Albee, and boxer Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali.
Saturday, Feb. 2 is Groundhog Day – an excellent day to view the movie of the same name, of course, but also to contemplate how we might break out of our various ruts.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Dec. 18-24, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Venus in Capricorn squares Saturn at 27 degrees Libra at 9:18 am Sunday. Venus-Saturn squares usually are either very good or very bad for love. One might formalize (Saturn) an engagement with an announcements (banns) or at least with a serious proposal. One might break off/end a romantic relationship. One might have cash flow problems, too. This is a special kind of aspect, a mutual reception, where the ruler of one sign is in the sign ruled by the other. Saturn is exalted in Libra so is the stronger party in this mutual reception. One might break off a relationship and be better off because of it.
The Sun in Sag sextiles Saturn at 27 degrees Libra at 11:24 am Monday. Positive Sun-Saturn aspects help one to discipline oneself to achieve a goal, such as checking off chores from your to-do list. You may benefit from chatting with a mentor or more experienced person.
Venus promptly makes two different aspects hours later. Venus squares Jupiter at zero degrees Taurus at 9:19 pm Tuesday, and sextiles Uranus at zero degrees Aries at 2:56 am Wednesday. Venus-Jupiter squares just dare us to go overboard on food, drink, sweets. Venus-Uranus sextiles give us an extra charm, we are interested in meeting new people (preferably ones with an foreign accent or who are unusual in some way). We may have an extra knack for music and jazz and the arts in general, as Venus and Uranus govern music and rhythm.
Venus enters Aquarius at 1:26 pm Tuesday. I do not believe that Venus in this sign means free love or open marriages or anything of the kind. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and Venus (or the Moon) in an air sign in general means that one prefers to have a mental connection with the one you love, in fact you demand it. I have known Aquarians who stay married for decades to the same partner; although the partner may be quite different from them in some way. Examples: different backgrounds, religion or race.
The Sun enters Capricorn at 12:30 am Thursday. Happy birthday to all the “sea goats” out there. Capricorns are hard-working and tend to be ambitious – if not for themselves then for their kids. Cappy is not as dull as they’re often made out to be, but when they are at work, they give it their all. Off duty, they may enjoy camping out and roughing it, or reading about history. They admire self-made men and women.
The Sun promptly trines Jupiter still at zero degrees Taurus at 9:33 am, and squares Uranus in Aries at 5:14 pm Thursday. Sun-Jupiter trines are quite lucky, and you may not have to do anything more than stand still so that luck can find YOU. Sun-Uranus squares provoke us into letting out the inner rebel, so you might wear something unusual or hang out with some strange people.
Looking ahead, Jupiter makes a stationary direct at zero degrees, 22 minutes of Taurus at 5:08 pm Sunday, Dec. 25, Christmas Day. This should be extraordinary. In the middle of a recession, this station perhaps inspires us to look to the true meaning of Christmas on a spiritual level (Jupiter), even though Taurus is a sign that likes material comforts. Could we see the two blended in exquisite, inspirational music, possibly for opera or theater?
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 27-March 5, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Venus at 29 degrees Capricorn sextiles Uranus in Pisces at 9:49 am Tuesday. New and different people and relationships beckon. These relationships may not last very long, or one party may drift in and out of your life at irregular intervals. Ah well, c’est la vie. Reminds me of the story of Margot Fonteyn, the ballet dancer, meeting her future husband. She went out with him, felt like she was walking on air, then he disappeared for ten years. He pops back in and they wind up getting married.
Venus enters Aquarius at 9:39 pm Tuesday. At its worst, Venus here uses the pretext of universal love to avoid establishing close personal relationships. Aquarius can be so detached that they cannot relate and bond with anyone on a personal level. However, Venus in Aquarius can attract equals and have close relationships while allowing the loved one the freedom to have other close friends. Venus here can love someone without the desire necessarily to possess the other, like their car or their house.
Mercury at 16 degrees Pisces is inconjunct (retrograde) Saturn in Libra at 8:03 am Wednesday. Some of us may have to make a mental (Mercury) adjustment (inconjunct) with regard to restrictions or regulations. We may have to make do with less, or nothing at all. Or we may have to get used to sharing a resource (not just food or gas, but a park campsite, library, etc).
Mars at 7 degrees Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn at 9:52 pm Thursday. There’s a real chance that someone (especially a Pisces or Capricorn) may try to use you as a rung on the ladder of their success. Pisces is not usually thought of as being really ambitious, but sometimes she thinks she is just sooo special that everyone ought to step aside for her. Not.
Looking ahead to next Sunday, the Sun at 15-16 degrees Pisces will be inconjunct Saturn (retrograde) in Libra at 3:25 pm March 6. This is related to the Mercury-Saturn inconjunct from Wednesday. Perhaps yet another inconvenience will be foisted on the American people due to some perceived threat by terrorists, etc.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Jan. 17-23, 2010

The Moon-Jupiter conjunction happens at 1:22 am Monday in Pisces; this poses a huge opportunity for both mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sag) but also the water signs Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. You will all feel more optimistic and have more courage to move forward. Those with sextiles and trines to this conjunction will have to make more of an effort to take advantage of it, and those with squares will be forced to change or languish in the wake of an onrushing present.
Venus enters Aquarius on Monday at 9:35 am; the Sun follows suit on Tuesday at 11:28 pm. Venus in Aquarius can mean objective understanding and acceptance; it can also mean that one refuses to establish personal relationships because you either believe in universal love or because you just are unable to relate to anyone on a personal level. This Venus is best placed here for those who are in fields such as teaching or public speaking, where you can share your gifts without becoming personally involved with your audience. It does help foster relationships between equals.
Sun in Aquarius: theme song is “I Gotta Be Me.” Aquarius is probably best as a friend and supportive sibling, although they are capable of being committed and sentimental spouses. They can also drive others nuts with their contrariness, which is just another expression of their need to be different. But they have a gift for honoring the uniqueness of others, whether they are their children, siblings or colleagues at work. They can get groups to work together harmoniously without trying to dominate the situation.
Jupiter enters Pisces at 9:10 pm Sunday, Dec. 17. Jupiter is exalted in this sign, but don’t let that swell your head, Pisces. A weak personality can be lost in a state of helpless stagnation, wondering why society is so far from the visionary glory of a Utopia. But if you can enjoy your life moment to moment and co-create your reality with the help of your God or the mysterious Universe, then you can have that vision constantly created at every moment. Helping others to realize their potential gives you true joy. Trust in the Universe and its laws, and you can reap a life full of intrinsically rewarding activities.

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