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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 8-14, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury enters Libra at 3:07 am Monday. Mercury in Libra is VERY fair-minded, and generally makes a point of listening to both sides before saying anything. Must mention that the youthful Mercury-in-Libra person spends too much time looking for acceptance from others when giving an opinion, because they are afraid of saying the wrong thing. This is why people think they are indecisive. Libras can lose their balance, honest, as well as their integrity and perspective, if they do not learn what is importance to THEM and not to others. The mature Mercury-in-Libra person learns how to say what needs to be said, but in a softer, gentler manner so that it goes down easily. Sometimes has a wonderful vocal gift for accents or languages – can project voice without distortion.
Sometimes the Mercury-in-Libra person can see in a flash what the solution to a problem is, but then they try to back up and figure it out logically – they should learn to trust that intuition. As an air sign is capable of real wisdom, or the most awful superficiality. Famous people with Mercury in Libra include: Queen Elizabeth I, golfer Arnold Palmer, Margaret Chase Smith, Henry Ford II, and actor David McCallum.
Mars at 7 degrees Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio at 7:06 am Monday. Could be an Oopsie day, with a broken bone or two if it contacts something in your natal chart. Arguments (Mars) may lead to saying goodbye or firing (Saturn). This is a very touchy aspect and you may have to walk on eggshells this morning. An irresistible force (Mars) meets an immoveable object (Saturn) – meaning, do not get into arguments that will change no one’s minds.
Venus leaves her home in Libra for Scorpio at 2:16 am Wednesday, Sept. 11. Venus in Scorpio is said to be in her detriment – although it must be said that this Venus wears the little black dress like NOBODY else. This Venus can get so much just by whispering a word in your ear, or even by saying nothing at all, and her eyes can be more suggestive than the crudest gesture. Sometimes Venus in Scorpio tries to control or manipulate others, but that is so unattractive! Scorpio rules The Hidden, and in this case, Venus can draw out the hidden talents or hidden side of anyone or anything. Can rouse and strengthen the power that others have over their own lives and talents, showing them their (previously hidden) worth.
Venus in Scorpio can be very possessive, although their magnetism should be enough to keep someone close by. Love lives can be stormy, only because they want to experience the highs and the lows – and the fun of making up. Famous people with Venus in Scorpio include: opera singer Joan Sutherland, actress Mary Martin, Queen Marie Antoinette, actress Patty Duke, singer Connie Francis, pacifist Mohandas Gandhi, tycoon J. Paul Getty, evangelist Billy Graham, actress Sophia Loren and pianist Vladimir Horowitz.
Venus at 3 degrees Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces at 2:33 am Saturday. Venus and Neptune together make for that treacherous “in love with love” dreamy-eyed mood that leads one down the primrose path. You tend to fall for all the wrong people, people who may not be what they say they are. Best to stay home and watch the late movie. Might be good for looking at cameras.
Mercury at 9 degrees Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn at 4:28 pm Saturday. This is great for doing heavy research or ferreting out the truth in your best Sam Spade impression. The square indicates it won’t be easy, nothing will be handed to you, and you will have to shake a lot of trees before the apples of truth fall into your hands.
Mars at 11 degrees Leo trines Uranus in Aries at 4:56 pm Saturday. Ooh, here’s a good opportunity to buy that new computer or car you’ve had your eyes on. I’ve told you before that good aspects between Mars and Uranus favor buying anything mechanical, electronic, electrical, etc. So this category covers everything from cars, computers and cameras to some little gadget from Radio Shack. You could install the new garage door opener this weekend, too.


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Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov. 18-24, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

I hit on what I think Obama’s void-of-course moon in his announcement chart and in his inauguration chart mean (especially the former). I believe that the void-of-course moon is great for long-shot chances. If you have a cause that you believe is worthy but hasn’t a snowball’s chance in you-know-what, you would do well to make your formal announcement or create a website for it during the void-of-course moon. I have come to this conclusion after watching several sports events over the course of several years, and have come to this realization in the past few weeks. THIS is why it was actually very fortunate for the erstwhile congressman Obama to declare his candidacy for president during the void-of-course moon; he was well aware of the huge obstacles he had to overcome in order to win the White House. (I am not saying that long-shots only win during a void-of-course moon, I am saying that it is more likely to happen during a void-of-course moon.)
The Sun enters Sagittarius at 4:50 pm Wednesday, Nov. 21. As one of the dual signs, Sag natives are of two minds as to how they want others to think of them. One is as an intellectual authority, and the other is as the clown. I find it puzzling that they really expect to have it both ways. Some Sag natives alienate others by demanding that others agree with them, a habit that does them a disservice because they need the input of others to refine their ideas. A higher Sag nature is able to inspire others, which is the real strength of the fire signs. Sag is able to recognize the importance of others’ contributions and give others a moment in the spotlight. Sag generally has a great love of democratic freedoms, with friends in every walk of life. Their weakness is a lack of steady application to a project or course of study, tending to be too sporadic or impulsive in their efforts. Famous people with Sun in Sag include: Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., James Thurber, Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Patty Duke, Joe DiMaggio, and both Caroline and John Kennedy, Jr.
Venus enters passionate, committed Scorpio at 8:20 pm Wednesday. The lower Scorpio natures can be very controlling, but a mature Scorpio personality uses this Venus energy to uncover the hidden talents of others and bring those talents to the awareness of their possessors. A Scorpio can feel a huge sense of satisfaction when a child or student of theirs achieves something with talents they have helped to develop. Famous people with Venus in Scorpio include: Marie Antoinette, Joan Sutherland, Mary Martin, David McCallum, Andy Williams, Mohandas Gandhi, Billy Graham, Robert Vaughn, Sophia Loren, and Vladimir Horowitz.
Keeping an eye on the asteroids, Pallas Athena goes direct at 8:24 pm Tuesday, at 22 degrees, 26′ of Pisces. Pallas will hurry thru Pisces and enter Aries on Jan. 10, 2013. Pallas in Pisces can be both a warrior for social causes and a dedicated wife.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Oct. 9-15, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Venus enters passionate Scorpio at 1:50 am Sunday. Venus in Libra is relationship-oriented, but in Scorpio she demands total commitment. Venus in Scorpio can have quite a talent for finding hidden talents in others and making them aware of these latent abilities. This brings out the hidden worth that was going unknown and un-revealed. Famous people with Venus in Scorpio include Mary Martin, Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi, Andy Williams, Sophia Loren and Marie Antoinette.
Venus in Scorpio is inconjunct Uranus at 2 degrees of Aries at 4:15 pm Monday. The inconjunct is a very difficult aspect to handle. With Venus placed in a relationship house, you may lean towards terminating a relationship, or the other party may be forced to be away for a time (such as with a military deployment). With Venus in a money house, your income may come only in fits and spurts – so plan accordingly.
Mercury in Libra trines retrograde Neptune at 28 degrees of Aquarius at 6:10 am Wednesday. Aspects between Mercury and Neptune can lead to misunderstandings and garbled messages, and that can happen even with the trine. Your mind or mouth gets ahead of itself, to the point where you may even stutter. However, the trine also offers the possibility of gaining a higher level of communication, possibly even a psychic, unspoken level of communication. You may discuss dreams, ideals, and a wish for the elusive ascending spiral of human progress.
Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto at 5 degrees of Capricorn at 3:43 am Thursday. Venus in Scorpio plus heavy-duty Pluto are a couple of very serious, committed, passionate planets. Nothing halfway here, so a discussion of your future as a couple might be in the cards.
Mercury enters Scorpio at 10:19 pm Thursday. Mercury in very serious, spiritual Scorpio wants to get to the crux of everything. Stop beating around the bush and lay things out for him straight-up; he can take it.
The Sun is conjunct Saturn at 20 degrees of Libra at 5:13 pm Thursday. Stop quaking in your boots – you’re not gonna die. I can tell you at least one thing good about this conjunction. I started a job with this aspect in effect, several years ago; it was a very physically demanding job and I quickly lost about 30 pounds that I really did not want anyway. So it is GOOD for WEIGHT LOSS!!! Plan to deliberately begin a diet and or exercise routine now, and stick it out as long as you can. People who have great difficulty losing weight can see the pounds come off if they can just follow a sensible plan that they can live with, for the long term.
I suggest starting 2 or 3 days before the exact conjunction, or the following Friday morning. Why? Because the exact conjunction may feel too oppressive to continue for very long, while if you start earlier you will benefit from progressions. The progressed chart for the beginning of the diet will not show an exact conjunction (a probable ending date for the diet) for 2 or 3 YEARS, and that gives you a lot of time to break bad habits and institute brand new, good habits in their place.
In career matters, you may be put in charge of something, and becoming a Quality Control techie also fits this aspect. You might just be the QC in charge of only your own muddled-up life, but then again, you wouldn’t hand that job to a stranger, now would you?
Venus in Scorpio opposes Jupiter at 7 degrees of Taurus at 7:53 pm Friday. This is a bit of a toughie to interpret because Venus and Jupiter are natural pals, both being fond of indulgence and comfort. So the opposition may mean hurting yourself via gluttony or hedonism.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov. 28- Dec. 4, 2010

By Milky Way Maid

Venus enters Scorpio at 7:33 pm Monday, Nov. 29. Venus is not really at home here, mainly because Scorpio is a bit too possessive for her taste. Her first aspect is midday Wednesday when she sextiles Mercury in Capricorn. This is a good aspect for taking care of business, selling off items you no longer need, pruning old business files, and also sending your thank-yous for your business in 2010.
Mars in Sag squares Jupiter in Pisces at 9:51 am Monday at 23 degrees. Mars-Jupiter aspects have to do with taking risks, and also tend to favor athletic efforts. The square requires an extra effort, perhaps a second effort. So don’t get down; the game isn’t over till the final whistle.
Mars in Sag squares Uranus in Pisces at 9:01 am Friday at 26 degrees. This can cause all manner of accidents, injuries, and mechanical or electronic interruptions. Just be careful out there, and everyone will get where they’re going with plenty of time to spare.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov. 8-14, 2009

The Full Moon tonight Nov. 2 is called a Frosty Moon; it is often so bright that you can see the eerie effect of the moonlight on the frosted lawns or fields below. There may even be enough light to see a rainbow after dark; go to to see a beautiful photo of one take in Yorkshire, England.
Venus entered Scorpio late on Saturday. Venus here can be obsessive or controlling; the upside is that she insists on commitment in a relationship. But she’s a wonderful girl, fascinating, magnetic and complex. This week she gets a nod with a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn Sunday night, then a square to Mars in Leo on Nov. 19. I am thinking that a very nice relationship could be sparked early this month, which could heat up into something pretty sexy around mid-month. The square to Mars could mean a fight, but making up with Venus here is so much fun.
The fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus) should really watch their health because a T-square forms Monday between the Moon, Sun and Jupiter, with Mars close enough to meddle. Yes, there may be great opportunities for you also, but you won’t be able to take advantage of them if you have run your body down. You are also likely to meet situations that humble your ego (Sun) (also Moon in Leo).
Mercury in Scorpio trines Uranus in Pisces at 6:38 am Wednesday. This is a great time to buy anything mechanical or electronic, like a car, computer, or smart phone. Mercury and Uranus are also well-known for their comic timing so you might want to tune in to the drive-time radio for a good laugh.

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