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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 16-22, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury enters Pisces at 6:24 pm Monday. (Mercury was in Pisces briefly in February before going retrograde into Aquarius. Now Mercury is in Pisces for good until April 7.) Mercury in Pisces is more intuitive than academic, although natives can get good grades in school due to a very good memory. Mercury here can receive sharp perceptions, but have trouble communicating their insights clearly because of emotional baggage. Nevertheless, Pisces Mercury can rise above fears, and invite others to experience their psychic impressions. Cling to ideals, which have a healing quality in a chaotic world. Mercury in Pisces can be very creative, although natives often need a period of gestation for their ideas to percolate to the surface. Famous people with Mercury in Pisces include: Leontyne Price, Victor Hugo, Abraham Lincoln, Eugene McCarthy, Earl Warren, Sidney Poitier, Robert Frost, and W E B DuBois.
Venus at 11 degrees Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries at 3 pm Tuesday. A positive aspect like this between Venus and Uranus can bring a sudden attraction to a foreigner or someone with an accent, and end more happily than with the square or opposition. Alas a relationship is likely to not last much longer than it would with a stressful aspect – but you can still try to nail down that charming stranger.
The Sun enters Aries at 12:57 pm Thursday, marking the Vernal Equinox. Sun in Aries is active, a self-starter, an igniter – someone who initiates contact and projects. Aries natives like to feel independent, even tho they may wind up in a service job such as waiter or waitress so that they can change employers more easily when they need a change. Aries is not really good working as part of a team, unless it is to carry out a solo function such as sales, delivery, etc. Needs a way to express their dynamic energy, because being chained to a desk will not cut it with them. The Sun in Aries is assertive, kinetic, fiery, pioneering, adventuresome, competitive, ambitious, and inspiring. Needs to be his own boss, have his own home and family. Tends to jump into a situation before sizing things up or getting pointers from a pro. In other words, does not always look before leaping. Famous people with the Sun in Aries include: singer Doris Day, comedian Charlie Chaplin, Arturo Toscanini, patriot Thomas Jefferson, painter Vincent Van Gogh, composer Johann Sebastian Bach, astronaut Virgil Grissom, Henry Luce, poet Robert Frost, and J William Fulbright.
Mercury at 6 degrees Pisces is conjunct Neptune again at 4:16 pm Saturday. The Sun was conjunct Neptune on Feb. 23, so this could be the arrival of some news (Mercury) related to a person (Sun) known to you, depending on where it is in your own chart. In regards to any personal business, it definitely does NOT favor signing any contracts or estimates; something is sure to be left out or unclear. And you are likely to fill the gaps with wishful thinking rather than facts.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 12-18, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Venus at 5 degrees Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at 4:48 pm Monday. Venus square Neptune is telling you to guard your wallet or purse! A light-fingered person may lift your wallet, or a fast-talker may get you to sign a contract that does you no good, or a totally shifty person tries to romance you. The only good I can see for it is to go to the early show at the cinema. Another positive side: one’s creative imagination and artistic sensitivity can be remarkable, so do practice your piano or write down those songs in your head.
Mercury enters its home, Gemini, at 4:41 pm Wednesday, which oddly enough is Woden’s day, the Norse equivalent of Mercury. Those with Mercury in Gemini can be masters of the game Trivial Pursuit, knowing a little bit about a lot of subjects. Can make a fine editor or writer, since they have mastered clarity of expression. In debates, can deliberately omit a key assumption and arrive at a wrong conclusion, but it takes a sharp listener to catch the error. Sometimes Mercury in Gemini gives excellent manual dexterity, so they are fine seamstresses, craftsmen, carpenters, secretaries, etc. If a native with this placement continually lives on a high level of mental activity without balancing it with practical matters, one can too easily drift into mental strain and nervous breakdown. Famous people with Mercury in Gemini include: comic Bob Hope, onetime Defense Secretary Robert McNamera, former governor Laurence Rockefeller, author William Styron, and singers Bobby Darin and Steve Lawrence.
Mercury at 5 degrees Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at 3:20 am Saturday. This is very similar to the Venus-Neptune square on Monday. We may be deceived, although this may be due more to confusion than deliberate trickery. But as with the other aspect, avoid signing any papers or contracts at this time. Also, people may feel a bit spaced out that morning, unable to stay focused on daily chores. People may make unrealistic decisions. Even if you give in to the vibe of the day and study mystical or metaphysical matters, one needs to stay grounded.
Venus at 11 degrees Gemini sextiles Uranus in Aries at 12:40 pm Saturday. Venus-Uranus aspects usually have something to do with meeting fascinating strangers, foreigners, or people who are unusual in some way. These are usually short-term relationships or chance meetings, but they do stretch one’s horizons and sometimes force one to dispose of limiting beliefs.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 3-9, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mars at 2 degrees Pisces is conjunct Neptune at 3:57 pm Monday. The worst aspect between these two planets is the conjunction, because if it touches natal planets it can drain your energy to the last drop.
Mercury enters Pisces at 9:56 am Tuesday. Mercury in Pisces can be a quick learner because it just absorbs things like a sponge, rather than consciously studying material. Mercury here can also be very intuitive but afraid to share her impressions; however, mature Pisceans are able to share not just a impressions but fully detailed visions of how the world could be. Afflicted Mercuries can overpower one with fantasies or even delusion. But well-aspected Mercuries can be a sign of a powerful imagination that yields artistic treasures. Can be careless and share gossip without realizing the damage that is done. Famous people with Mercury in Pisces include: author Victor Hugo, Abraham Lincoln, justice Earl Warren, actor Sidney Poitier, and political dreamer Eugene McCarthy.
Venus at 5 degrees Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries at 2:08 pm Wednesday. These Venus-Uranus aspects make us meet all sorts of fascinating people, most of whom just pass through our lives – but they sure are thrilling while they are around. Uranus types include foreigners, people with unusual ideas or ways of dressing, astrologers and psychologists, and of course computer geeks and electricians. Venus finds them oh so charming.
Mercury at 2 degrees Pisces is conjunct Neptune at 6 pm sharp on Wednesday, altho Neptune always tends to run late, ha ha. This is sure to snarl some communications. Either the cell drops calls, or the fax runs out of toner, or the emails go into the spam file and never get read.
Venus at 6 degrees Aquarius trines Jupiter in Gemini at 12:58 am Thursday, which means you might stay up late eating that stash of Twinkies you snatched up when the announcement came thru that the Hostess snack company was closing up. Venus is sweets and Jupiter is overdoing, so you really could get sick on candies or bakery.
Mercury at 5 degrees Pisces is conjunct angry Mars at 12:57 pm Friday. Mercury conjunct Mars is perfect shorthand for fierce arguments – although it also can mean brisk debate. This is not the time to inquire about a broken promise or a loan not repaid or why your man doesn’t spend enough time with you. Now, having said that, Pisces has generally a dampening effect on this kind of aspect, so Pisces will get really angry, and then slump down on the couch bemoaning how awful people are to her all the time. Sob, sob.
People in the Pacific time zone will see the New Moon Saturday night at 11:20 pm. People in the Eastern time zone will see the NM at 2:20 am. It will be at 21 degrees, 43′ of Aquarius, and usher in the Chinese year of the Snake. Accompanied by Mars square Jupiter, the NM heralds a period of risk-taking – what kind of risk-taking depends on where it falls in your chart. An article on the Chinese year of the Snake can be found here:

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Your Milky Way Horoscope April 8-14, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Happy Easter, everybody!
Venus at 5 degrees Gemini is sextile Uranus in Aries at 12:51 pm Monday. Venus-Uranus aspects put us into contact with strangers, people who speak foreign languages, or people with unusual (to us) ways of dressing, acting, thinking. The sextile denotes positive interactions, fondness – we may become dear friends with someone very different from ourselves.
Mercury at 26 degrees Pisces is inconjunct Saturn in Libra at 3:16 am Thursday. The inconjunct denotes having to alter something; sometimes this means rearranging the furniture (literally or metaphorically). So this aspect means that the experts, the pros (Saturn) are forced to alter the way they think about something, possibly to alter the way they measure something. In Pisces, the “thing” could be religious ideas, ideals vs “real life”, hope vs a Virgoan cool analysis, etc.
Mars at 3 degrees, 41′ Virgo goes direct at 11:53 pm Friday. Times when planets go retrograde and direct are very important for us to take note of – and not just Mercury. Venus retrograde periods can denote a “change of heart”. The Jupiter retrograde period is a time to broaden the mind and raise one’s consciousness. So with the Mars retrograde, it is a phase in which we – to the outer world, at least – seemed to slack off. But inside, we are recharging our batteries, and will return to the fray much refreshed and eager to get back to work-life-sports, etc. We may arrive at a new goal for ourselves, and apply all our new-found energies to achieving it. Note how the direct station degree contacts your natal planets. I have been ill during the retrograde (nothing major), and the direct station degree makes an aspect to my natal Mars, so I am rather looking forward to a renewal of energy very soon. Let’s hope so, at least!
We are being a given a gift of two planetary stations within two weeks this month. Let’s make a conscious effort to apply them to good, worthwhile projects and careers.
Venus at 9 degrees Gemini is inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn at 12:52 pm Saturday. Another inconjunct! Aaaeeiii! Compare to the inconjunct described above. Pluto is the “powers-that-be” which may be influences operating behind the scenes. Venus is values as well as love; Venus also rules the Dollar, sugar and other sweets, butter, cattle, music, art, fine furniture and cabinetry, etc. In other words, most of the things that make life comfortable. It could be that the modern robber barons feel they need to raise prices of certain commodities for an improved profit picture?
I started putting up some info related to the 2012. Have to dig up stuff on candidate birth dates and make up a few charts for them.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Dec. 18-24, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Venus in Capricorn squares Saturn at 27 degrees Libra at 9:18 am Sunday. Venus-Saturn squares usually are either very good or very bad for love. One might formalize (Saturn) an engagement with an announcements (banns) or at least with a serious proposal. One might break off/end a romantic relationship. One might have cash flow problems, too. This is a special kind of aspect, a mutual reception, where the ruler of one sign is in the sign ruled by the other. Saturn is exalted in Libra so is the stronger party in this mutual reception. One might break off a relationship and be better off because of it.
The Sun in Sag sextiles Saturn at 27 degrees Libra at 11:24 am Monday. Positive Sun-Saturn aspects help one to discipline oneself to achieve a goal, such as checking off chores from your to-do list. You may benefit from chatting with a mentor or more experienced person.
Venus promptly makes two different aspects hours later. Venus squares Jupiter at zero degrees Taurus at 9:19 pm Tuesday, and sextiles Uranus at zero degrees Aries at 2:56 am Wednesday. Venus-Jupiter squares just dare us to go overboard on food, drink, sweets. Venus-Uranus sextiles give us an extra charm, we are interested in meeting new people (preferably ones with an foreign accent or who are unusual in some way). We may have an extra knack for music and jazz and the arts in general, as Venus and Uranus govern music and rhythm.
Venus enters Aquarius at 1:26 pm Tuesday. I do not believe that Venus in this sign means free love or open marriages or anything of the kind. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and Venus (or the Moon) in an air sign in general means that one prefers to have a mental connection with the one you love, in fact you demand it. I have known Aquarians who stay married for decades to the same partner; although the partner may be quite different from them in some way. Examples: different backgrounds, religion or race.
The Sun enters Capricorn at 12:30 am Thursday. Happy birthday to all the “sea goats” out there. Capricorns are hard-working and tend to be ambitious – if not for themselves then for their kids. Cappy is not as dull as they’re often made out to be, but when they are at work, they give it their all. Off duty, they may enjoy camping out and roughing it, or reading about history. They admire self-made men and women.
The Sun promptly trines Jupiter still at zero degrees Taurus at 9:33 am, and squares Uranus in Aries at 5:14 pm Thursday. Sun-Jupiter trines are quite lucky, and you may not have to do anything more than stand still so that luck can find YOU. Sun-Uranus squares provoke us into letting out the inner rebel, so you might wear something unusual or hang out with some strange people.
Looking ahead, Jupiter makes a stationary direct at zero degrees, 22 minutes of Taurus at 5:08 pm Sunday, Dec. 25, Christmas Day. This should be extraordinary. In the middle of a recession, this station perhaps inspires us to look to the true meaning of Christmas on a spiritual level (Jupiter), even though Taurus is a sign that likes material comforts. Could we see the two blended in exquisite, inspirational music, possibly for opera or theater?
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ALSO – see my popular article on late degrees of all the signs. Link:
ALSO – see new article on The Goddess Archetypes: The Pallas Athena Myth at — also as you read it you may also avail yourself of the excellent QUESTIONNAIRE on the Goddess-Power website at to determine your own goddess profile.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 27-March 5, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Venus at 29 degrees Capricorn sextiles Uranus in Pisces at 9:49 am Tuesday. New and different people and relationships beckon. These relationships may not last very long, or one party may drift in and out of your life at irregular intervals. Ah well, c’est la vie. Reminds me of the story of Margot Fonteyn, the ballet dancer, meeting her future husband. She went out with him, felt like she was walking on air, then he disappeared for ten years. He pops back in and they wind up getting married.
Venus enters Aquarius at 9:39 pm Tuesday. At its worst, Venus here uses the pretext of universal love to avoid establishing close personal relationships. Aquarius can be so detached that they cannot relate and bond with anyone on a personal level. However, Venus in Aquarius can attract equals and have close relationships while allowing the loved one the freedom to have other close friends. Venus here can love someone without the desire necessarily to possess the other, like their car or their house.
Mercury at 16 degrees Pisces is inconjunct (retrograde) Saturn in Libra at 8:03 am Wednesday. Some of us may have to make a mental (Mercury) adjustment (inconjunct) with regard to restrictions or regulations. We may have to make do with less, or nothing at all. Or we may have to get used to sharing a resource (not just food or gas, but a park campsite, library, etc).
Mars at 7 degrees Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn at 9:52 pm Thursday. There’s a real chance that someone (especially a Pisces or Capricorn) may try to use you as a rung on the ladder of their success. Pisces is not usually thought of as being really ambitious, but sometimes she thinks she is just sooo special that everyone ought to step aside for her. Not.
Looking ahead to next Sunday, the Sun at 15-16 degrees Pisces will be inconjunct Saturn (retrograde) in Libra at 3:25 pm March 6. This is related to the Mercury-Saturn inconjunct from Wednesday. Perhaps yet another inconvenience will be foisted on the American people due to some perceived threat by terrorists, etc.

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