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Your Milky Way Horoscope April 13-19, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

Dear Readers– Please visit the website of the National Blood Clot Alliance at to learn more about blood clots and when you might need to see a doctor about it.

Much is being made of the Blood Moon – the Full Moon Eclipse of April 15 at 3:42 am, at 25 degrees 16′ Libra. It is accompanied by Mercury at 13 degrees Aries square Pluto in Capricorn at 12:12 am the same day. Mercury is applying to an opposition to Mars at 16 degrees Libra (retrograde) at 7:15 am Wednesday. A Grand Square is in effect — Not only the Mars in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, but also Mercury and Uranus in Aries, plus Jupiter in Cancer. So obviously the cardinal sign natives are going to be super-stressed, um, I mean super CHALLENGED by events of the next five or six months, the period of time that the eclipse will be in effect. (Let me also point out that 13 degrees of cardinal signs is a critical degree – things really start to happen, and because they are in cardinal signs, these events may already be in motion at the time of the eclipse!)
I can attest to the fact that this eclipse will be felt even by those who are not Sun-sign members of the cardinals. The cardinal signs occupy my health houses, and things have been building up regarding health matters since late December, and I can no longer work. I will soon be facing more medical interventions over the summer, and can only hope that my docs will do the job right this time around. I have natal planets and asteroids (Saturn, Moon, Mercury, Juno and Pallas) being aspected by eclipse transits.
Venus at 13 degrees Pisces trines Jupiter in Cancer at 9:19 pm Thursday. Venus is a natural ally of Jupiter; you might call them Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy. Examples of things that could happen on this day: The slot machine actually pays out when you put some coins in! Your grouchy boss buys lunch for the whole department! When you are called to the payments desk at the auto shop, there is no charge for the minor repair! OR, you overdo it at the bar or candy counter and get sick as a dog! Or you might go on a whopper of a spending spree and rue the day when the bills come!
Venus at 13 degrees Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn at 5:24 am Friday. Romance takes a very intense turn under this transit. If you have someone over for dinner, be sure there are clean sheets on the bed.
The Sun enters Taurus at 11:56 pm Saturday, sneaking in a few minutes before midnight. Sun in Taurus natives are often accused of being lazy but that is just not the case. All the earth signs are generally very hard-working and tend to enjoy physical labor. But Taurus wants to pile up some material security as a result of his hard work, otherwise he just doesn’t see the point. Taurus also eventually gets interested in non-materialistic values, such as fair play, kindness, music and other arts and crafts. Whether a Taurean sings on stage or in a glee club, plays a piano or spoons, their creative expressions tend to raise the spirits of those around them. Taurus is generally gifted with common sense and a natural caution. “One step at a time” is the way Taurus reaches his or her goals. They generally have the patience of a farmer, who plants his seeds months before seeing the harvest. As the sign of the throat, they tend to prefer jewelry that either dangles toward the jaw or around the neck – earrings and necklaces in other words, but not bracelets. The best exercise for a Taurus to practice is called “pushing oneself away from the table.” Assuming they can control their weight, the next most likely health threat comes from the neck, either catching colds from an unwrapped neck, or thyroid problems, or jaw problems such as TMJ.
Famous people with the Sun in Taurus include: William Shakespeare, Carol Burnett, Irving Berlin, Fred Astaire, Queen Elizabeth II, Harry Truman, Barbra Streisand, Bing Crosby, Tchaikovsky, Elena Kagan, George Clooney, and Cher.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 22-28, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun enters Libra at 4:44 pm Sunday. Librans like to talk things out to smooth over any social friction. I am reminded of Dwight D. Eisenhower starting off an interview by Ed Murrow by saying, “ Ed, I’ve been sitting here for months just waiting till I could have a good long talk about all this with just you,” while they sipped Mamie’s iced tea. Ike had to master the art of maintaining harmony amongst multiple egos when heading the European task force during WWII. Librans want to know what you want, so they can keep you happy. Librans demand fair treatment. Sometimes a Libran will expect a Yes from you just because he/she said Please, and might be royally miffed if you cannot indulge the request. Also sometimes the Libran will cave in just to avoid argument, but creating resentment that eventually piles up into a flaming row is not serving the cause of peace. A more mature Libran will try to dish out the cookies or perks according to who values what, while demanding everybody contribute a fair amount of effort to the grand project.
Librans truly enjoy working with a partner. This is true even if she is only holding the ladder while hubby nails the roofing. Thrives on the approval of others, so sometimes winds up in the performing arts. Enjoys harmony in music, and in vocal talents can often sing in a wide range, on perfect pitch, in a pure tone. Dresses carefully to put together an outfit for the day. Offended by vulgarity. Famous people with Sun in Libra include: Eisenhower, author William Faulkner, showman and columnist Ed Sullivan, singer-actress Julie Andrews, late-night TV host Johnny Carson, actress Helen Hayes, Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, pianist Vladimir Horowitz, architect Le Corbusier, composer Giuseppe Verdi.
Venus at 17 degrees Scorpio trines Jupiter in Cancer at 5:01 pm Thursday, which is Jupiter’s day, BTW. When the two benefics are in easy aspect, life can look very plush. It is also easy to overdo when it comes to sweets, gourmet multi-course dinners, spending in general, or any aspect of the good life. Note if it touches any natal planets for clues as to what you will be tempted by. Some chance of actually winning money under this aspect, but a lot depends on natal planets. You may feel like you are on vacation, spend more money than usual, be generous and treat another couple to dinner, etc.
Venus at 19 degrees Scorpio squares Mars in Leo at 9:32 am Saturday. This is often an aspect of sexual tension. People who are interested in each other may be prevented by social or economic roles from following up, so when they do meet it can get awkward. This is also an aspect that traditionally mean argument between couples – but of course it can be fun to make up. If the Mars is more activated, it can mean taking on a dare to impress someone. If Venus is representing money, it can mean putting in more hours and thereby increasing one’s income for the week.
NOTE: Mercury will enter Scorpio next Sunday morning (Sept. 29). Mercury in Scorpio holds his cards close to the chest, and tries to scope out what cards are being held by the other players. (more next week)

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 3-9, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mars at 2 degrees Pisces is conjunct Neptune at 3:57 pm Monday. The worst aspect between these two planets is the conjunction, because if it touches natal planets it can drain your energy to the last drop.
Mercury enters Pisces at 9:56 am Tuesday. Mercury in Pisces can be a quick learner because it just absorbs things like a sponge, rather than consciously studying material. Mercury here can also be very intuitive but afraid to share her impressions; however, mature Pisceans are able to share not just a impressions but fully detailed visions of how the world could be. Afflicted Mercuries can overpower one with fantasies or even delusion. But well-aspected Mercuries can be a sign of a powerful imagination that yields artistic treasures. Can be careless and share gossip without realizing the damage that is done. Famous people with Mercury in Pisces include: author Victor Hugo, Abraham Lincoln, justice Earl Warren, actor Sidney Poitier, and political dreamer Eugene McCarthy.
Venus at 5 degrees Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries at 2:08 pm Wednesday. These Venus-Uranus aspects make us meet all sorts of fascinating people, most of whom just pass through our lives – but they sure are thrilling while they are around. Uranus types include foreigners, people with unusual ideas or ways of dressing, astrologers and psychologists, and of course computer geeks and electricians. Venus finds them oh so charming.
Mercury at 2 degrees Pisces is conjunct Neptune at 6 pm sharp on Wednesday, altho Neptune always tends to run late, ha ha. This is sure to snarl some communications. Either the cell drops calls, or the fax runs out of toner, or the emails go into the spam file and never get read.
Venus at 6 degrees Aquarius trines Jupiter in Gemini at 12:58 am Thursday, which means you might stay up late eating that stash of Twinkies you snatched up when the announcement came thru that the Hostess snack company was closing up. Venus is sweets and Jupiter is overdoing, so you really could get sick on candies or bakery.
Mercury at 5 degrees Pisces is conjunct angry Mars at 12:57 pm Friday. Mercury conjunct Mars is perfect shorthand for fierce arguments – although it also can mean brisk debate. This is not the time to inquire about a broken promise or a loan not repaid or why your man doesn’t spend enough time with you. Now, having said that, Pisces has generally a dampening effect on this kind of aspect, so Pisces will get really angry, and then slump down on the couch bemoaning how awful people are to her all the time. Sob, sob.
People in the Pacific time zone will see the New Moon Saturday night at 11:20 pm. People in the Eastern time zone will see the NM at 2:20 am. It will be at 21 degrees, 43′ of Aquarius, and usher in the Chinese year of the Snake. Accompanied by Mars square Jupiter, the NM heralds a period of risk-taking – what kind of risk-taking depends on where it falls in your chart. An article on the Chinese year of the Snake can be found here:

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov. 4-10, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury goes retrograde Tuesday, Election Day, at 6:04 pm, at 4 degrees of Sag. This is opposite Pres. Obama’s Moon at 3 degrees Gemini – a transit that can bring news that affects him emotionally – and trines his Mercury at 2 degrees Leo – the trine can be interpreted as “lucky”. Mercury will trine Romney’s Saturn at 2 degrees of Leo, an aspect where one is crunching numbers, and sometimes bringing things to a close. How to interpret all that is up to you, but I hope that you will all vote and that you will vote for the man that you can trust. (This is written on Oct. 25)
Venus at 14 degrees Libra trines Jupiter in Gemini at 2:26 am Friday. People affected by this transit may find wishes really do come true, or they may be quite generous. One can win big or lose big, and either way one can overdo on food, sweets, drink, spending, etc. (Also note that Pres. Obama’s Sun is at the midpoint of these two benefics.)
Neptune goes direct late Saturday in Pacific time zone, but at 2:52 am Sunday in the Eastern time zone. It goes direct at zero degrees, 22 minutes of Pisces. Neptune went retrograde the first full week of June at 3 degrees Pisces. Neptune retrogrades give us an opportunity to erase boundaries between people, as we reach out to those who are different from us on the outside but share many traits under the skin. Let’s hope that we carry forward the things we have learned and the friends we have made.
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ALSO – see new article on The Goddess Archetypes: The Pallas Athena Myth at — also as you read it you may also avail yourself of the excellent QUESTIONNAIRE on the Goddess-Power website at to determine your own goddess profile.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Venus in Capricorn trines Jupiter at 1 degree Taurus at 4:23 pm Sunday. Venus trine Jupiter is very fond of pleasure and is self-indulgent. Earth signs may be especially prone to overeat or overindulge in other ways. But a great time to enjoy the abundance of the harvest and all the good things in life with those around you.
Venus conjoins Pluto at 6 degrees of Capricorn at 8:51 pm Thursday. Venus-Pluto conjunctions can denote being wiped out financially, or on the other hand denote a great financial coupe – it’s all or nothing at all. Be very cautious about going to the gaming tables or casino, although I suppose the bingo hall is alright. Venus-Pluto also can refer to having a romantic obsession about someone, almost always someone that you cannot have. (You’re going to have to get over him or her eventually, anyway, so ditch him and move on.)
The Sun in Sag squares Mars at 9 degrees Virgo at 8:08 am Friday. Sun square Mars is very competitive and digs in his heels. This is more true if you are in a sports contest, but can apply to contests in your office (who sells more) or the mostly friendly bowling league. You may get drawn into a long duel (best 3 of 5, then best 8 of 15, and so on). Promise the other party a rematch and get back to whatever else you were doing.
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Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop. Also note: some aspects are exact on a weekend but may find opportunity for expression on the Friday or Monday nearest the exact aspect. Times given are in Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Savings Time depending on the season.

ARIES – March 20-April 19 – Sunday afternoon’s Venus-Jupiter trine throws some financial luck your way. Your timing is perfect early Tuesday. Your friends present good arguments on Wednesday. Career issues may come to a head on Thursday. You’re very competitive at work Friday, I mean that in a good way. The Moon is in Aries from 8:51 pm Saturday thru the weekend. You may feel a bit emotionally upset by someone Saturday night, but try to let it slide off your shoulders.

TAURUS – April 20-May 20 – Your efforts Sunday are rewarded with pleasant relaxation Sunday pm, a treat from an older person. Career frustrations may come to a peak on Tuesday, but this may be relieved by some legal or publishing good news on Thursday – which you might celebrate that night with some compatible friends or relatives on a modest night out. Your kids may be especially competitive Friday so make a point of attending their games.

GEMINI – May 21-June 20 – Spending time Sunday in your private retreat will be pleasurable, and provide your quota of mental health credits. You connect with an unusual friend early Tuesday. Your mate gets a good review Tuesday. You are up late Wednesday with a serious discussion. Career matters take an upturn Thursday; possibly the company gets an expansion loan. Friday morn may be rather stressful and yet it presents opportunities if you are aggressive in pressing your interests.

CANCER – June 21-July 22 – The week starts with the Moon in your opposite sign, making you think your mate is unusually moody or sensitive. Connect with a brother over Sunday brunch, then invite friends over for supper. Monday pm is emotionally stressful so don’t hold a dinner party. Concerns about money gather focus until on Thursday you realize how obsessed your mate is about it, and about controlling others via money. It’s up to you to set him straight. Thursday pm is much more harmonious, but on Friday it’s the siblings and kids acting up. Sigh.

LEO – July 23-Aug. 22 – Career matters could take a positive turn Sunday or Monday. You may have trouble getting siblings to agree on holiday schedules Monday. Career may be stressful Tuesday, but it may just be the company’s growing pains. The kids may talk your ear off Wednesday morning, or creative writing flows easily. Cash flow may be the issue at work Thursday, this may mean problems getting customers to pay. The kids and your in-laws are not seeing eye-to-eye Friday. Friday in general is a stressful day for many, so you might counsel everyone to think things over. Your lawyer or your editor has a brilliant insight over the weekend.

VIRGO – Aug. 23-Sept. 22 – Virgo can be quite productive Sunday under the Venus-Jupiter trine; you might create gifts, or cook up a home buffet spread. You or the kids might be a bit depressed Monday over budget matters, perhaps over the limited gift budget – but you can give tips on how to stretch a buck. Your mate has quite a pleasant day Thursday, and you catch the reflected glory. Friday is stressful for you re balancing work, home and family needs; give yourself a break and admit that not everything can be perfect! An insurance payment is very timely late in the week.

LIBRA – Sept. 23-Oct. 22 – Family matters and family gatherings take up a great deal of your time Sunday, and someone may have a wonderful piece of good news to share. Someone may not want to hear your good advice on Monday, but you may find a more receptive audience on Wednesday night. Your siblings hit it off with your kids Tuesday. Somehow the atmosphere at home is marred by trying to control others with money, and your job is to prevent that. Take care of health checkups that afternoon before the holidays crowd everyone’s schedules. You may make a great effort Friday to get caught up with correspondence.

SCORPIO – Oct. 23-Nov. 21 – You, your spouse and some friends have a wonderful time Sunday; plan something special. You may have to say no on Monday. Tuesday is a mixed bag. Family finances look OK, but there is pressure to spend more. Resist. Good financial news may be in the in-box Wednesday am. You may be rather startled by a sibling’s obsession Thursday. The Moon in compatible Pisces Thursday pm smiles on creative pursuits and on children. Avoid loaning money to a friend on Friday. Try to avoid stomach upsets on Saturday.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov. 22-Dec. 21 – You easily break the gifting budget on Sunday. You may have to say no to friends on Monday. A sibling’s health may be the only obstacle in making holiday plans Tuesday. Your sales talk finds a receptive audience Wednesday morn. Your bank account is either overflowing or busted by Thursday, probably the former because I see you handing out early holiday treats to family coworkers. Friday is the most stressful day of the week, with everyone pulling to meet deadlines. Children are very funny Saturday.

CAPRICORN – Dec. 22-Jan. 19 – The Moon is in Capricorn from Sun.-Tues. am. You take control of the household early Sunday and set out the agenda for everybody, tho frankly, acting like a general may not endear yourself to family members. But having rounded up volunteers, you accomplish a great deal by midday. Monday is a hard-working day. You may be upset about the financial situation of a child of yours on Tuesday. On Thursday you may try to control someone you love (THAT isn’t very loving). Saturday night is spent with home and family, one of whom may stop you in your tracks.

AQUARIUS – Jan. 20-Feb. 17 – The Moon is in Aquarius from 2:02 am Tuesday till Thursday morning. An odd dream may make you laugh Tuesday. Pinch pennies early in the week and you will have plenty on the weekend. You find a friend Tuesday. Chatting makes the day pass faster Wednesday. You can inspire yourself Thursday morning and that can carry you thru the whole day. The Venus-Pluto conjunction Thursday could cause you to shoot yourself in the foot; get a hold on yourself and talk things over with a trusted person.

PISCES – Feb. 18-March 19 – Invite friends and siblings over for Sunday dinner; Venus promises convivial company. The Moon is in Pisces from 9:45 am Thursday till Saturday night. You enjoy a Thursday lunch with a sibling or neighbor. Talk things over with a mentor-type Thursday night. Friday morning has some temporary friction, but you are in a competitive state of mind. You might try a new way of getting work done Saturday.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 13-19, 2010

Venus in Cancer is inconjunct Neptune in Aquarius overnight Sat-Sun. The trouble with Venus-Neptune aspects is that it tends to make people in love with love, rather than in love with the actual person in their lives. And with Neptune involved in this aspect, we tend to be dreamy idealists who think that the object of their affections could NEVER run around on them, or get involved in drugs/drink, or be anything but the perfect white knight and pure maiden. Well, wake up and smell the coffee, to coin a phrase. You can still love an imperfect person, because frankly there is no other kind.
Venus enters Leo, its showiest home, at 4:50 am on Monday. Venus in Leo craves the approval of others, to the point where he/she forgets to express their unique warmth and enthusiasm. But a developed Leo Venus is able to command their own personal stage with their power to uplift others’ emotionally. This Leo can embrace an entire roomful of people and the audience will feel that it is being personally hugged.
The Moon-Venus conjunction in Leo trines Jupiter in the first degree of Aries early Tuesday. The fire signs embrace the public, and vice versa. The fire signs shine in the spotlight.
The Sun at 28 degrees Gemini squares Saturn in Virgo at 9:18 am Saturday. The mutable signs (Gemini, Sag, Virgo, Pisces) can feel frustrated, but being mutable, they will adapt or just decide to do something else that day. The Sun trines Neptune later that day, at 8:21 pm. There is the possibility that these natives may be SO frustrated that they turn to drink or drugs. But on the other hand, it will be a swell night for pool parties, hot tub chats, and other watery entertainment.

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