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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 27-June 2, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun is conjunct Mercury at 6 degrees Gemini at 7:19 am Sunday. It can be difficult to make use of Mercury when it is combust (within 8 degrees of the Sun) or under the Sun’s beams (within 17 degrees). YET when a planet like Mercury is cazimi (within 17 minutes of the center of the Sun), it can be quite powerful. “The Moon remains Cazimi for about an hour – that is, half an hour before and half an hour after the exact conjunction with the Sun (New Moon). Other things being equal, you can use the Cazimi Moon to start something if you really want it to succeed.” So there you have it – some do not see any cazimi effect but then again maybe they did not consciously pick that time to start a blog, company, or project. Mercury-Sun conjunctions are usually a very busy time, sometimes with apparent coincidences. The two Mercury-ruled signs, Gemini and Virgo, may be more affected by Mercury aspects than other signs.
Also the Mercury-Sun conjunction is in close square to Chiron at 9 degrees Pisces. Chiron could make any accidental touch injurious, so be aware of where your hands are and who is next to you or behind you. And it will definitely be better to walk away from an argument than to face charges of battery. Remember also that Mercury is applying to an unpredictable square to Mars, exact on Wednesday. Just walk away, folks. Take notes but walk away.
Mercury at 7 degrees Gemini is sextile Uranus in Aries at 7:38 pm Sunday. You find the internet useful in getting your message out. Good for posting an important blog post or news article. Or Tweet your restaurant review.
The Sun at 7 degrees Gemini is sextile Uranus in Aries at 12:04 pm Monday. Your uniqueness is expressed and finds affirmation and approval. Sudden insights can strike, turning on that light bulb above your head.
Mercury at about 14 degrees Gemini squares Mars in Virgo at 8:20 pm Wednesday. Words can literally excite you, either positively or negatively. Examples: receiving a great job offer, or being baited into a fight. You can get drawn into a debate or receive a summons in a legal case. Don’t push anyone’s buttons, not knowingly anyway.
Mercury is conjunct Venus retrograde at 18 degrees Gemini at 4:31 pm Friday. An ideal time for schmoozing with that very important contact. Mercury-Venus is good for the small talk that greases the social wheels, sharing recipes for sweet things, being charming, showing good manners. This is not anything earth-shaking but if you just need to make a contact that you hope to build into a solid network then this is the time to do so.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 20-26, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

As I mentioned last week, on Sunday we have a Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Gemini at 7:23 pm EDT. And BTW we will have two New Moons in Gemini this month, a very rare occurrence. Along with the emphasis on communications implied by a Gemini eclipse, we will also be seeing Venus cross the face of the Sun in June. And that occurrence has been associated with advances in communications. So keep a keen eye peeled on the headlines for anything related to faster messaging or transport, or possibly a faster conversion to more economical modes of transportation as the Age of Oil dwindles to a close. See also notes last week.
The Sun enters Gemini at 11:16 am Sunday. Gemini natives have a lot of nervous energy which needs an outlet. They need a variety of activities and exercise. Many of them have two different careers, several hobbies, a couple of boyfriends, virtually a double life – and they like it that way. Assets: adaptable, versatile, witty, lighthearted. Weaknesses: sometimes cannot focus on any one thing to completion, spreads self too thin, distracted, shallow. Often smokes to keep hands busy. Would do better to take up knitting or other craft work. Famous people with Sun in Gemini include Judy Garland, Prince Philip, philosopher Sartre, Richard Wagner, JFK, James Arness, Walt Whitman, Thomas Mann, Bob Hope, David and Laurence Rockefeller, Hubert Humphrey.
Mercury enters Gemini at 7:12 am Thursday. People with this placement in their natal charts can collect amazing amounts of trivia. Can be a perpetual student, can enjoy discussing a range of ideas with a wide variety of people. More mature types can handle being teachers or professors. The mind is quick, but one can omit a key premise and then end up with a wobbly conclusion. Also manual dexterity may be emphasized, such as needed by the seamstress, carpenter, secretary, crafter. Stressful transits to Mercury in Gemini can lead to mental strain, overwork, or even breakdowns. May need a more grounded partner in life to see to it that you keep regular hours and get some air.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 13-19, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun is conjunct Jupiter at 23 degrees Taurus at 9:23 am Sunday. The Sun conjunct Jupiter generally puts one in a very confident and positive mood, eager to reach out to new people, travel, and master new subjects. Taurus may be more of an armchair tourist, more content to explore their own community and garden. You may enjoy indulging someone (besides yourself, I mean). It can be very lucky, even for people who are not normally lucky at all.
Mercury at 8 degrees Taurus trines Mars in Virgo at 4:54 pm Sunday. Good for projects where good hand-eye coordination is needed, or working with heat or fire. Examples: crafts, sports, metal-working, surgery, glass-blowing, welding. Mercury-Mars aspects can spark heated discussion (OK, argument), and some of us may even initiate lawsuits under this aspect. Words excite us, for good or ill.
Venus goes retrograde at 23 degrees, 59′ of Gemini at 10:33 am Tuesday. Matters related to money or love can see reversals. The period when Venus is retrograde may see us have a “change of heart” about something or someone. Your values get examined, and maybe you decide to try to elevate people values above you money values – or vice versa if Venus is stressed by aspects.
Mars at 9 degrees Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn at 12:28 pm Wednesday. This is a great aspect to have touching the chart of a marathon runner or tri-athlete. One can dig deep for that extra bit of energy and will to complete a goal, cross the finish line, or vanquish an opponent.
Juno enters Scorpio at 2:15 am Thursday. The bad part about Juno in ol’ Scorp is that open communications are difficult for them – natives with this placement may definitely prefer the strong, SILENT type. Privacy is high on their list of values; this means that private discussions should stay private (not blabbed around to all your women friends or guy pals). Juno here has high standards for self and others, and generally lives up to her obligations. Juno is retrograde at the beginning of this transit, and after it goes direct again it will move into Sag in mid-September.
Pallas Athena enters Aries at 12:18 am Friday. This would seem like the natural home of Pallas, since in legend she sprang from the head of her father, Zeus. However, Pallas in Aries has a real problem with following through. Starts a dozen projects and finishes maybe one. Her head is so filled with ideas that it is hard to translate more than a fraction of them into concrete reality. Perhaps she needs a team under her, such as an R&D team, or a large staff, to help her realize all her potential. Drives herself hard and can benefit from doing handcrafts as a hobby or sideline – can innovate with new techniques or unusual materials. Palllas will be in Aries till the beginning of October, when it retrogrades into Pisces again.
Looking ahead, the Sun enters Gemini on May 20, and promptly goes into a Solar Eclipse at zero degrees Gemini. The Solar Eclipse is exact at 7:23 pm; the New Moon is exact at 7:47 pm. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter before eclipsing the Sun, and then its first aspect after that is a square to Neptune in Pisces. I may be wrong but I think that people with natal planets in the first degree of the mutable signs should be very cautious about their health. Go to the doc if nagging symptoms won’t go away.
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Did you see article on May’s “Super Moon”?

Please go and see what says about the upcoming Super Moon on May 5. What does “super moon” mean? It just means that the moon will be VERY close to earth and appear larger than usual. Remember the movie “Moonstruck” that Cher won an Oscar for? And the BIG full moon pictured in that film? That is probably what the moon will look like.

Cannot promise that you will get to dress like Cher or go to the opera with Nick Cage or fall in love with a baker or any of that.

Tides may be higher of course, and it is unknown whether it could trigger more earthquakes than usual. But enjoy the moon, and if you have a telescope or camera, please do yourself a favor and pull them out.
‘Supermoon’ Alert: Biggest Full Moon of 2012 Occurs This Week

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