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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 7-13, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Venus at 12 degrees Leo trines Uranus in Aries at 8:14 pm Sunday. This is one of the best aspects between these two planets, but even so, relationships begun under it still tend to be short-term, or intermittent at best. Venus also represents money, of course, and this aspect could bring some pleasant surprises regarding money, even possibly a modest windfall. In all things, expect the unexpected.
Saturn is stationary direct at 1:12 am Monday, at 4 degrees 49′ Scorpio. Dane Rudhyar felt that Saturn represented the Ego as well as the traditions one is brought up with. “The king makes the new laws, but the old laws make the king,” he says. So it is difficult to completely break away from what is familiar to you and away from one’s comfort zone. Stephanie Clement says that Saturn retrograde often makes us feel like we we’re never good enough – if so, then the direct phase may mean that we have finally mastered a skill or task, have finally given ourselves credit for what we do know, and are ready to take our place in the sun.
The Sun is conjunct Mercury at 2:41 pm Tuesday. They are at 17 degrees Cancer. According to astrologer Barbara Koval, the Sun-Mercury conjunction signals the beginning of either a buying phase or a selling phase (in the stock market). (This depends on whether it is an inferior or superior conjunction, and other indicators.) Since Cancer is an acquisitive sign, this could kick off a buying phase in the stock market.
Mars enters Cancer at 9:22 am Saturday. Cancer is the sign of its fall, which means it will act like it wants to be in the opposite sign Capricorn, where it is strong. For the most part, Mars in Cancer is very home-loving, very happy to putter around the house either gardening or fixing things, or cooking something for loved ones. This Mars can be reluctant, even, to leave home when the child becomes an adult. If Mars is entering one of your health houses, you may find yourself suffering from too much acidity in the stomach, or other digestive upsets related to emotions.
Mars in Cancer can be competitive with others for emotional attention. Then, this Mars can reject those that it feels are not giving it the support it feels it needs. But a mature Cancer uses this energy to be aware of OTHER’S needs, and can grow by finding ways to see that everyone’s needs are met. This Mars can have a great understanding of the whole of human experience, and use that to create works of art in painting, music, novels or plays. Famous people with Mars in Cancer include: Mary Martin, Audrey Hepburn, Henry Ford II, Picasso, William Shakespeare, Copernicus, John Glenn, Dr. Ralph Bunche, William Styron, Arturo Toscanini, Pope John XXIII, Willy Brandt, and John Kennedy, Jr.
We have a New Moon at 16 degrees 18′ Cancer, at 3:14 am Monday. (The Moon goes void 4 and a half hours later.) It gains extra power with the conjunction to Mercury, and the fact of the Mars ingress (to Cancer) also adds a lot of energy potential, especially since all those planets will soon contact Jupiter, already in Cancer. Native Cancerians should have a bountiful and active month.


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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 30-July 6, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Venus at 4 degrees Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio at 1:03 pm July 1. Venus-Saturn squares may sound rather depressing, but they could force the issue of where one’s relationship is going – are you really serious about each other? – Are you ready to make the commitment? – Do you feel any responsibility toward or for each other? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you might formalize (Saturn again) your relationship with an engagement. If the aspect is not really strongly touching your natal pllanets, it may only mean that you gain some social polish (Venus) on top of your ambition (Saturn), or you receive some kind (Venus) advice from a mentor or older person (Saturn).
The Sun at 10 degrees Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn at 8:03 pm Monday. Sun-Pluto aspects have to do with demanding or losing control over one’s own life. The opposition has you (Sun) pointing to an opponent who you feel has or is trying to exert controls over your life, which you of course strongly resent! This can lead to power struggles. This can also, on a more subtle level, mean that you work to retrain your own mind of the unconscious or subconscious training that you received as a child, via pschotherapy or adopting mantras or affirmations, or Geotrans, or other similar self-improvement techniques. The Pluto figure can be either malignant or benign – it can be a Svengali type who assumes total control but helps you develop your talent to the nth degree. It can be a controlling husband or boyfriend who beats you and tears down your self-esteem. It can be a Hollywood studio, a mob boss, a super-corporation, a king or aristocrat – someone who has total authority over you. It can be a psychotherapist, as I mentioned before, who may be either a benign or malignant figure depending on his philosophy and skills.
The Sun at 12 degrees Cancer squares Uranus in Aries at 2:22 am Thursday, July 4. Sun-Uranus squares really resent being confined or ordered about. This Sun will challenge authority, get a petition together, rebel, toss a sabot (wooden shoe) into the mechanical works (the source of the word ‘sabotage’), and in general Fight City Hall, or if you prefer, fight for lost causes – the only ones worth fighting for! Since Uranus can also be geniuses, this aspect can also signify the brilliant inventor, the person who is ahead of his time.
July Fourth, the national birthday, also features the Moon in chatty Gemini, which seems to forecast a lot of speechifying. Plans may also be changed or made with rapidity; perhaps the weather turns up better than the weatherman said, and so everyone decides to go to the beach, or the zoo, or something like that. People will be VERY spontaneous! Now, this Gemini Moon on top of that Sun-Uranus square, which follows a Sun-Pluto opposition earlier this week, may mean some impromptu speeches to rally the crowd to march against something. It may mean a spontaneous demonstration. It may mean even a spontaneous riot, although we don’t seem to have a Mars tied into this energy to bring that about. But people will feel like they won’t stand for bullying from authorities any more.
The Moon is conjunct Mars in Gemini at 8:30 am Saturday, followed by Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer at 11:21 pm. Mars with Jupiter can bring risk-taking such as in the form of daredevil stuff or gambling or whatever. With the Moon, that just intensifies that urge. So if you have a little money that you will not miss, OK, spend a night at the bingo hall or buy a lottery tickee. Good luck!

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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 23-29, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

We have a Full Moon at 2 degrees Capricorn at 7:32 am Sunday. The Moon is conjunct Pluto, and sextiles Saturn and Neptune. This seems to be a very somber and serious lunation, although let’s hope that it does not trigger anything tragic in the headlines. I don’t really specialize in New Moon or Full Moon commentary, but if you like, you can right click on this link and bring up an article from Isis Moon Tarot on this lunation: She calls the Saturn-Neptune trine, “The Hanged Man.”
Jupiter enters Cancer the Crab at 9:40 pm Tuesday. Jupiter last entered Cancer in July of 2001; the ensuing weight gain was counteracted by the entrance of Saturn in June 2003. But Cancerians will not have a following Saturn to help them lose any weight gained this time around. What does that mean for you, on a practical level? It means you will have to learn a new route home, one that does not take you past that wonderful French or Italian or Greek bakery. It means you will have to watch your calories and salt intake like a hawk. It means you will have to find a more positive expression of Jupiter, using its power to open up new horizons and higher levels of understanding.
Jupiter in Cancer is able to make others feel like they belong in any given social situation, because you understand the longing to belong feeling. You can create a feeling of family in the home or at work. You could host exchange students or other visitors and make them feel comfortable and accepted. Jupiter here is optimistic and good-humored, and often gifted with good fortune, which is sometimes a result of your great intuition. Business luck often comes through associating with liquids (water, milk, beer, wine, etc), with the hospitality or restaurant trade, or with nursing or the home.
Famous people with Jupiter in Cancer include: baseball player Willie Mays, former president Harry Truman, ballerina Margot Fonteyn, Billy Graham, authors J D Salinger and James Thurber, playwright William Shakespeare, actors John Wayne and Leslie Caron, humorist Mark Twain, and singer Andy Williams.
Ooh, a Grand Trine in Water looms on Wednesday! The Sun at 4 and 5 degrees Cancer trines first Saturn in Scorpio (at 5:13 am) then Neptune in Pisces (1:48 pm). Now I should warn you there are some astrologers who feel that grand trines just make people so lazy that nothing ever comes of them. But if one is alert and patient and prepared, one can find opportunities virtually dumped in one’s lap. Because of inertia or mental blocks or whatever, sometimes we reject offers without even thinking about how it might be doable. Don’t let that happen to you! Also pay attention to feelings and intuition and dreams; you may latch onto hidden truths that way.
Mercury at 23 degrees, 5′ of Cancer makes a retrograde station at 9:08 am. Mercury will go direct again on July 20 at 13 degrees Cancer. Since it is in the sign of Cancer, you may find yourself turning more towards family and historical subjects, flipping through photo albums, crying over souvenirs, etc. You may revisit childhood sites like the old school or neighborhood, attend reunions, look up old boyfriends, make those sentimental journeys. Because a great deal of literature is written about childhood experiences but from the distance of many years, you may find yourself writing some kind of reminiscence. So have some writing paper or a journal handy!
That wandering girl, Venus, enters Leo at 1:03 pm Thursday – just a wee bit late for the matinee but all the better to make an entrance. An immature or insecure Venus-in-Leo type can obsessively seek others’ approval whether in the spotlight or in social situations. They don’t realize the power of their Venus to spread sunshine all around, but first they have to turn it on. Stop trying to predict if your expression will meet with applause or not, and just spread those Venus rays. Your power is such that your warmth can free others from disabling emotional trauma as well as the monotony of the daily rut. This placement of Venus marks a truly generous and humanitarian soul.
On a personal level, this Leo is demonstrative and warm, affectionate with his or her own loved ones, especially their children. Famous people with Venus in Leo include: poet Percy Shelley, author Leo Tolstoy, golfer Arnold Palmer, talk-show host and game-show baron Merv Griffin, actress Greta Garbo, playwright George Bernard Shaw, composer Alan Jay Lerner, author Truman Capote, singers Eddie Fisher and Jimmy Dean, conductor Leonard Bernstein, and architect Eero Saarinen.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 16-22, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Happy Birthday, Cancer! The Sun enters the sign of the celestial Crab at 1:04 am Friday. The days preceding this important ingress feature a Sun-Jupiter conjunction and a Mercury-Venus conjunction (see below for more about them). On the Sunday following this ingress, we are treated to a Full Moon at 2 degrees Capricorn with lots of easy sextiles and conjunctions. As if everything else were not wonderful enough, Jupiter will soon enter your sign on Tuesday, June 25!
Native Cancerians often demand to be pampered and coddled, demand to be the emotional center of their universe, demand to have their sensitivity respected and tiptoed around – and if their demands are not met they can withdraw into their shells for a long long time. But on the other hand, they often mother others, offer a shoulder to cry on, and can be acutely sensitive to others’ needs and moods. Their empathy with others only revitalizes them, instead of sapping the energies of some caretakers who burn out. As a cardinal sign, Cancerians can be very strong-willed! Whatever type they are – active or passive – may depend very much on their early upbringing. Can be sentimental about the past, interested in history and antiques and collecting. This sometimes translates into an active interest in genealogy. Cancerians are often great cooks and gourmand eaters, which translates into an expanding waistline. Their desire for approval can lead to a career in the performing arts.
Famous Cancerians include: comedienne Phyllis Diller, author Ernest Hemingway, drummer Ringo Starr, astronaut and senator John Glenn, talk show host Merv Griffin, Julius Caesar, pianist Van Cliburn, trumpeter Louis Armstrong, songwriter Paul Anka, author Franz Kafka, Helen Keller, tennis pro Arthur Ashe, Rain, Lindsay Lohan, author Nathaniel Hawthorne, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Mars at 12 degrees Gemini is sextile Uranus in Aries at 11:20 am Monday. Positive Mars-Uranus aspects are favorable for buying or installing mechanical, electrical, or electronic hardware or software. This includes cars and computers. On a personal level, you might be restless and seek new experiences and sensations. You can break out of ruts and benefit from original thinking. Think outside the box, in other words.
The Sun is conjunct Jupiter at 28 degrees Gemini at 12:11 pm Wednesday. (See my article on late degrees of the signs.) Since famous writers sometimes have a planet at late degrees of Gemini, you might try starting that wonderful novel you have been kicking around in your head for years already. Announce to yourself, “I am a writer” and follow through. It helps if you have some other planet or point in Gemini, or something that will aspect this conjunction closely. I have a planet sextile this transit exactly, and have had several ideas for novels over the years, so maybe I oughta jump in and write this thing. Wish me luck!
Mercury is conjunct Venus at 22 degrees Cancer at 10:57 pm Thursday. According to astrologer Barbara Koval, the conjunctions of Sun, Mercury, and Venus mark turning points in the stock market, so take note of what the Dow Jones does on this day and this week. In one’s personal life, Mercury with Venus denote “words of love” as well as buying and selling. So if you have a successful yard sale, make sure to treat your honey with a nice dinner out and dancing. You have an increased sensitivity to the arts, and increased ability to see patterns in your life and in whatever area of interest you are engaged in. One caution: if shopping, you could possibly ruin your budget if your current plan is to sit on your cash.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 9-15, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Venus at 10 degrees Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn at 6:06 pm Tuesday. Venus-Pluto opposed or squared generally signify power struggles or sometimes a romantic obsession. You may meet someone that you believe is your soul mate, although the other person may have differing views on that. You may run into a controlling, abusive type, too, so watch for the warning signs and if seen, run do not walk the other way. There may be either a financial or romantic crisis.
Saturn at 5 degrees Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces at 7:18 pm Tuesday. It’s a beautiful thing to see when hard work and discipline (Saturn) labor on behalf of ideals and selflessness (Neptune) – or in other words, Compassion blended with Experience to enable us to build that better world but with a solid foundation. Society can become a better place if more people did this at least one day a month! And without any rose-colored glasses!
Venus at 11 degrees Cancer squares Uranus in Aries. Venus-Uranus transits seem to always bring interesting if strange people into our lives, altho almost always for the short term. These strangers may be foreigners, those who speak a foreign language, those who have unconventional or even bohemian lifestyles, or just people with very different habits and ways of thinking. They appear in order to shake you out of your ruts!
There is a Grand Trine in water signs late Sunday. Moon in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces between 11 pm and midnight ET. Favorable for brain-storming, listening to one’s intuition, or simply letting one’s feelings wash over you as you listen to music or watch a film. Watching a historical (Saturn) movie (Neptune) might send you into a reverie (Moon) of living in a past life. Taking notes on your thoughts can help you sort through those feelings and hopefully become more self-aware of your motivations and inner goals. Later, Saturn is exactly trine Neptune Tuesday night, so you might try another historical reverie session.
I finally posted a little article on the new Pope Francis and also a kind of book review on a book that accidentally talks about ancient astronomy. The article on Pope Francis is here: And the article on the best book that both is and is not about ancient astronomy is here:

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The Best Book About Ancient Astronomy that isn’t about astrology, per se

One of the best books I can recommend to anyone interested in learning how and why ancient peoples kept track of sky markers is one that has nothing to do with astrology. The book is “America B.C.” by Barry Fell, who is a bit of a renegade when it comes to attributing ancient peoples with the ability to make notations of the important stuff like the spring equinox.

One of the most interesting and exciting parts of the book are where he explains the translation of the strange markings above a rock doorway in old New England. First I have to explain that Mr. Fell is a bit of a radical in that he believes that peoples from ancient Celtic and Mediterranean lands were able to reach North America and left written records on stone markers and monuments. But he has shown that the attempted translations of these markings result in coherent astronomical or historical statements.

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A Look at the new Pope Francis’s astro charts

by Milky Way Maid
Last March 13, at 7:06 pm Rome time, white smoke appeared, signaling that the Cardinals had elected a new Pope to head the Catholic Church. We soon found out that the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elevated to head the church that he had dedicated himself to since 1969 in such a humble and just manner.
What kind of man is he, and what can we find in his transiting or progressed charts to signal such an elevation of rank?
Pope Francis’s entry in Wikipedia is very heart-warming, and gives the casual Church-watcher reason to believe that a just man has been elected. What do I mean by a just man? I mean someone who stands up for the right, instead of acting as a collaborator with the high and mighty as they crush the poor and working peoples under their feet.
The natal chart for Pope Francis (see inset) is set for his birth at Dec. 17, 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have printed it with the speculative time of 12:30 am, a time chosen by astrologer Dave Roell, of AstroAmerica dot com fame. While we cannot confirm or dismiss this time yet, there is some reason to believe that this is a workable chart that fits what we know of the former Jorge Bergoglio.
I also calculated a transit chart for the election of the new Pope – set for 7:06 PM Rome time on March 13, 2013, and used a guesstimated chart for his progressions to age 76.5. They revealed some interesting contacts.
First the birth chart. The early birth time puts Neptune rising in the first house, suitable for such a humble person who has eschewed the trappings of higher church office, and also suitable for someone who immersed himself in religious matters. Even more interesting, though, is that this Neptune (at almost 19 degrees Virgo) is opposite Saturn (at 16 degrees Pisces), which represents The Powers That Be, the Establishment, Big Business, etc. This is a guy who has spoken up against the government in favor of the poor and working classes. From Wiki: “Oliveira described the future Pope as “anguished” and “very critical of the dictatorship” during the “Dirty War”.”
Also notable is the Moon-Venus conjunction in selfless Aquarius. Bergoglio is the son of a railway worker, and his sympathies with the working people (Aquarius, representing the proletariat) have carried over into adulthood. Venus in an air sign is more objective and idea-oriented, not given so much to sensual pleasures or earthy pursuits.

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