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Your Milky Way Horoscope April 6-12, 2014

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury enters Aries at 11:35 am Monday. Mercury in Aries has an unfortunate habit of making authoritative pronouncements as if they were holy writ, appearing overbearing or even aggressive. However, the real Aries gift for leading and inspiring others can be expressed through that Mercury so that others willingly follow where you lead. In everyday life, Mercury in Aries is original, a seeker of novel ideas and news, witty, able to think on his or her feet. The downside is that you want your own way at all times, and want your orders followed immediately. Good at leadership in general, whether conducting a band or heading a company. Famous people with Mercury in Aries include: TV comedian Carol Burnett, silent comedian Charlie Chaplin, astronomer Copernicus, conductor Arturo Toscanini, actress Hayley Mills, playwright William Shakespeare, and painter Vincent Van Gogh.
The Sun at 19 degrees Aries opposes Mars in Libra at 5:04 pm Tuesday. The opposition is projection; we perceive others as being angry, argumentative, or competitive, but it is our own such traits that are yearning for expression. Sports or exercise are the most socially accepted ways of working off this kind of energy. To some extent, debate is also accepted, if we are in a situation where we are asked to make our case. We want to prove our case or prove ourselves. We are secretly glad when someone else challenges us to prove our case.
Venus at 6 degrees Pisces conjuncts Neptune at 10:24 pm Friday. If you ever want to fall in love, this is a good time to do it. The other person will seem like everything you have ever wanted; whether that impression will be backed up with solid attributes is another question. The other main interpretation of this aspect has to do with giving things away. You may become convinced that the other person or organization really needs the item, or that it is going to a legitimate charity. It may turn out that the receiver is really a scammer who has been taking advantage of your altruistic, idealistic side. The day favors artistic pursuits, when you have a vision of the finished work, possibly a total fantasy of an ideal world, but so beautiful that it can inspire anyone who sees or hears it. The day does NOT favor business transactions unless possibly you are buying art materials, or a ticket to an art museum. The day favors spending time with loved ones, preferably on a deserted island with no distractions!

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Your Milky Way Horoscope April 7-13, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mars and Venus are conjunct at 19 degrees, 58′ of Aries at 12:58 am Sunday. There’s a whole slate of possible effects this conjunction can bring, and the aspect gains added strength because of the fact that the New Moon on Wednesday is virtually on top of the same degree. On one hand, it can mean arguments about money, or arguments with loved ones – especially if it occurs in a money house. It can mean meeting your knight in shining armor, or someone who resembles one, anyway. It can mean good manners, with a dash or two of chivalry. In games and sports, it can bring high energy along with fair play and a sporting attitude – don’t get me wrong, Aries likes to win, but he is so high-minded here that he wants to win by the rules. And of course it can bring added passion to any area of one’s life.
Pluto makes a stationary retrograde at 3:32 pm Friday at 11 degrees, 35′ of Capricorn. Pluto has to do with death and immortality, with heredity and evolution, with survival of the entity and survival of the race – this is from Dane Rudhyar, and I encourage you to look up old copies of his books. He wrote: “Another illustration, easily understandable, is presented by what occurs in trees during winter. The living fluids of trees withdraw as it were into the roots. The sap hibernates within the great womb of the soil, from which it originally emerged under the individualizing and stem-producing power of springtime. Likewise the ego consciousness of the individual withdraws during sleep into its roots and within the vast all-human wombs of the generic unconscious and of the collective unconscious.”
Stephanie Clement on SkyViewZone website also addresses the planetary stations. Of the Pluto retrograde, she says: “Be willing to go to extremes and prepared to cut away the useless in those areas of life represented by the house your Pluto is in, releasing what no longer serves you in order to regenerate your life.”
Mercury enters Aries at 10:37 pm Saturday. Mercury in Aries tends to use violent slang words like kill, slay, etc but usually in sports or in competitive business situations. Can tend to sound like a general giving orders to the troops, he is that overbearing at times. But a mature Aries personality is able to translate that call to battle, if you will, into inspiring his “troops” to make a unified effort and achieve a goal – whether that is a team goal or a company goal or whatever individual goals we have. Can be a real motivational speaker. Can be as quick and witty as Gemini. Often thinks on his feet, and this is an advantage in the military or in sports. The keyword with Aries is always leadership, whether of an army, company, or orchestra, etc. Famous people born with Mercury in Aries include: Carol Burnett, Shirley MacLaine, astronomer Copernicus, conductor Arturo Toscanini, William Shakespeare, Vincent Van Gogh, and that silver-tongued demagogue, Adolf Hitler.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope April 15-21, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury enters Aries at 6:42 pm Monday. Mercury in Aries has a very witty and quick mind, although he may be too impatient to sit down and focus on lessons or homework. Parents may have to stand over them to make sure homework is done, possibly coaching them thru it. Mercury in Aries is kind of like in Leo because they both tend to order people around. It is far better to master the art of motivating people to reach the targets you draw on the chalkboard. And Aries can be very, very good at that. Use carrots instead of sticks, in other words.
Famous people with Mercury in Aries include Albert Einstein, Copernicus, Queen Elizabeth II, Will Shakespeare, Toscanini, Van Gogh, and many more.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all Taureans! The Sun enters Taurus at 12:12 pm Thursday. Jupiter is still in your sun-sign, so baby bulls should be lucky if a bit pudgy. See the notes on the New Moon for more . . .
A New Moon touches 1 and a half degrees of Taurus at 3:18 am Saturday, April 21. The Sun-Moon conjunction will probably be in your third house (depending on your latitude, etc.), emphasizing communications and short trips. The lights trine Mars in Virgo (in direct motion now), providing improved health and energy, charging your batteries and revving up your engines. (One caution: since Mars opposes Neptune, you may have to conserve your energies and make sure to get to bed at a reasonable hour. You may also benefit from dance, rhythmic exercise or yoga.) They sextile Neptune in its home of Pisces, and since it will probably fall in people’s first house, this emphasizes a glamorous sheen and artistic abilities. They are inconjunct the North Node in Sag in the tenth house; I interpret the inconjunct as “the worm turns” and those who have been without a job will obtain a pretty nice position. You may even hit on a measure of fame. The lights are also conjunct Ceres at 4 degrees Taurus, promising fresh starts and productive projects. Mercury and Uranus are conjunct in the second house, providing a lot of mental energy and stimulation about how to make, harness and manage your resources. (They are in semi-sextile aspect to the lights.) It is also nice that all the planets are direct except Pluto (which spends a great deal of time retrograde anyway.)
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Feb. 26-March 3, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury is inconjunct Saturn at 29 degrees Libra at 1:33 pm Thursday. The inconjunct calls for us to make adjustments. The planets are both in air signs, which is a help in dealing with the awkward inconjunct. Libra represents the Other, the Audience, and keeping one’s audience in mind when writing (and then reading) your messages will help you avoid mixups and mis-steps.
Mercury enters Aries at 6:41 am Friday March 2. Mercury in Aries has the tendency to be abrupt, direct and too forceful. They want to sound like they are in charge – but if they adopt the habit of keeping their audience in mind (see above) they can succeed in inspiring others and helping them gain a new perspective on their circumstances.
The Sun in Pisces opposes Mars which is still retrograde at 13 degrees Virgo, at 3:10 pm Saturday. Let me share some of the things that are going on with me during this Mars retrograde. It aspected my natal Jupiter, which expands the impact of the retrograde, making me very tired to the point where I crashed on the bed in the afternoon. Sun opposite Mars tends to produce a tug-of-war, but here with Mars retrograde, I think people will be so tired of tugging that they let go.
Juno in Sag squares Pallas AND Chiron at 5 degrees Pisces early in the week. Juno in Sag, as I’ve said earlier, wants freedom in (or from) relationships. Sag natives may push away people who threaten to come too close. Some danger of physical injury due to not dealing with inner pressures in a rational way.
Ceres in Aries is inconjunct Mars retrograde in Virgo at midweek. Issues of taking care of (or neglecting) oneself force you to pay attention. Baby yourself, baby.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope March 6-12, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

Have all of you been following the drawn-out struggle between the Wisconsin governor and the union members who stand in danger of losing their hard-won right to collective bargaining? I am guessing it is related to the transiting square between Jupiter and Pluto; Pluto rules unions and other mass movements. Jupiter is the Republican party, among other things, and the GOP-ers want to break the unions in order to cripple Democratic fund-raising sources. This is about money, all right, but not state budget money, it’s CAMPAIGN money.

The square was/will be exact on Feb. 26, when the protest will be at almost the two-week mark. (This is being written the week of Feb. 22) I hesitate to make any predictions of the outcome, because I have limited internet access right now and cannot research the gov, Wisconsin statehood (all I know is 1848), or this union. But Pluto lingers at 7 degrees Capricorn till late May, going retrograde on April 9. I think Pluto is gathering immense public support for unions like we have not seen in decades, having picked up energy from the North Node at zero Capricorn this winter.
Folks, it is vitally important that we support the right to organize; blood was shed in the historical struggle to gain this right, and we cannot allow the sacrifices of union pioneers to go for naught now. You might send donations to Ian’s Pizza on State Street in Madison, WI, which has shut down normal operations in order to focus on making and delivering pizzas to the union protesters in the Capitol a block away. Thank you!
The Sun at 15-16 degrees Pisces is inconjunct Saturn in Libra at 3:26 pm Sunday. I notice that Saturn sometimes represents the experts, the pundits, the oddsmakers, etc. And whatever planet that Saturn is inconjunct with, represents the thing that the experts have to re-evaluate. Like, the Moon would be the public. The experts may misjudge what the public mood is or what they will do, and so the experts go back to the old drawing board. Here the Sun could represent the president, heads of state, fathers in general, gold (gold prices), etc. So for example, maybe the pundits will totally err in predicting what Pres. Obama will do, or his popularity rating. Maybe the gold bugs will totally err in predicting what gold prices will be.
Mercury at 29 degrees Pisces is conjunct Uranus at 11:05 am Wednesday. Impulsiveness and nervousness can lead to accidents. Not a good day to schedule your first driver’s license road test. Having said that, it is a day when creative ideas will just bombard you from all directions. Make notes to self thru the day to keep from losing them all. BTW you might also have psychic experiences if 29 degrees occurs in your natal chart.
Mercury enters Aries at 12:47 pm Wednesday. Mercury in Aries can be challenging to others, if Aries speaks in that aggressive or even overbearing way he has sometimes. But on the other hand, when Aries gets the hang of inspiring others with the thrill of meeting a challenge, he is capable of getting the best out of employees, buddies or members of the Scout troop he leads.
Venus at 9 degrees Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Aries at 7:25 am Thursday. Venus loves her sugar daddy, yes she does. Supposed to be favorable for financial investments, especially if related to medicine, education, or foreign entities. Legal (ruled by Jupiter) decisions may be in your favor. It’s a sociable aspect, so throw a party or do some networking. Favorable for starting new relationships.
Uranus enters Aries again at 7:49 pm Friday. Uranus here is a very bold and innovative pioneer. Aries translates Uranian energy into new directions for mankind. Aries is the way-show-er, the pathfinder, and Uranus will lead Aries into new frontiers in technology, mechanics, new sources of electrical power, and into harnessing our creative and psychic powers as we may never have done before.

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First Week of April Weekly Horoscope

Early Wednesday brings more intense or colorful dreams for many. It may or may not be a meaningful dream, but if you experiment with incubating dreams, what comes may be surprisingly healing (either physically or emotionally). Go to for instructions on how to incubate a dream.

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