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Your Milky Way Horoscope Jan. 2-8, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

What did I tell ya about Dec. 26 and the wipeout planet Pluto?? The Sun-Pluto conjunction occurred on Sunday night at 5 degrees of Capricorn, right on my third house cusp. My computer was attacked that night and I had to shut it down and reboot to factory condition. It wiped out my purchased software, which I had to reinstall, and also the column for this week which was about half-done. Dunce that I am, I did not keep backing it up as I went along. That is changing right here and now, you bet.
So anyway, a Solar Eclipse helps usher in the New Year belatedly on Jan. 4, at 4:03 am and at 13 degrees, 39 minutes of Capricorn. Also exact that day are a Venus-Neptune square (in love with love and not seeing the other person realistically), a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (boon for electronic and technical breakthroughs), Venus trine that Jove-Uranus combo, Moon square Saturn (some hard-headed realism and practicality), and Moon conjunct Mars in Capricorn. Whew. This is some lunation, and you don’t often see so many EXACT aspects going on the same day as an eclipse. There is a lot of cardinal energy along with that megawatt conjunction in Pisces. It reminds me of that line about “go ahead and build your castles in the air, but then build a foundation under them.” The cardinal energy (Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars) is going to buckle down and get some things done.
Venus enters Sag at 7:30 am Friday. Venus in Scorpio was very intense, but now she is looking for some adventure, possibly would like to take a trip or go skiing.
The Sun in Capricorn squares Saturn at almost 17 degrees Libra at 9 am Friday, This is probably going to be very frustrating for the Capricorns with natal planets at 17 degrees. Cardinal signs really hate anyone telling them ‘no’ or even ‘later’. However, on the positive side, both signs will be able to muster the fortitude and discipline to meet any goal.


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January 15, 2010 A Very Eventful Day in Astrology: Mercury Direct and a Solar Eclipse conjunct Venus

I had to send out this bulletin because I hardly touched on the Annular Solar Eclipse of Jan. 15 in my regular weekly column. This will serve as the “What Will 2010 Bring to You?” article that I promised at the end of 2009. Not only does it kick off the first month of the new year and new decade, the eclipse is conjunct Venus, and the day also sees Mercury go direct. Talk about multi-tasking! There are portents affecting love, business (especially Big Business), government, transit, mail and email and all the other communications and tele-communications that tie our world together, and probably all the transfers of money that go on every second from one bank on one side of the world to another bank on the opposite side of the world. This is reiterated by the fact that the chart has Capricorn straddling the second and third houses in a chart set for Washington DC or even for a midwest location.

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Astrology of Love by the Sun Signs, The Basics; Part 3 – Sag, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


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Your Milky Way Horoscope May 4-10

So much is going on this week – tons of messages, many of which are quite emotional, many people have gotten happy surprises and I don’t mean just the stimulus checks, and while Venus and Mercury are not close to making a deal they are at least talking at the local coffee shop. Heavy-duty events are in the offing, too, with Saturn and Pluto trining each other in Earth signs; banking and other large corporations will be exacting more fees and laying out more gotchas for the hapless uninformed consumer, and they will do everything they can to keep the news out of the media.

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Third Week in March

Happy Spring Equinox this Thursday the 20th!!! The Spring Equinox is when the Sun enters Aries, so happy birthday to all the fiery Arians. This is followed by the Full Moon on the 21st, at one degree Libra. This can be a touchy day for Librans, so avoid any verbal spats at all costs. Avoid somebody else’s power plays, and dance on the diplomatic high wire.
This week’s bonus feature: Check out the website Spiral Goddess Grove, at It has all kinds of goddess info to help you tune into your style of relating to social, societal and relationship matters. There are fun activities like making yourself a goddess mask, or selecting items for a virtual altar.

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A gift to my lovely readers —

As a special gift to my readers I thought you might enjoy some background music. A terrific writer and geek found these archived radio recordings of the Beatles for a Swedish radio show way back when. He cleaned them up a bit and edited them, and here they are. Five songs in cool condition. So turn up the volume alright already.

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