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Charts for starting two different jobs

by Milky Way Maid

I have often made charts of the start of various jobs, trying to glean some clues as to how things might work out, or in the case of temp jobs, how long the job might last.

Attached at charts for two different jobs from years past, dug out of the deep dark recesses of the archive. You may print out both charts, blowing them up on Paint or whatever you wish to use.

First up, a job that started in June 1996 at 7 am. If I remember correctly, this was a job that lasted until about February or March of 1999, when I left due to what I felt was a repetitive motion injury.

This was the assembly job started in 1996 -- chart courtesy of the old Astro Communications.

This was the assembly job started in 1996 — chart courtesy of the old Astro Communications.

The work involved detailed and very picky assembly of electrical components – I do not want to get into too much detail about it now. But it was rather interesting for a while, anyway, and the boss was a multi-talented person who also designed magic tricks. Wild, hunh?

Saturn is high in the chart, possibly reflecting the fact that it was low-paid, though I was also able to work overtime (usually on a voluntary basis) to make a little more money. Venus is inconjunct Jupiter, which might reflect the fact that working conditions were not very good. There was no air conditioning in the summer heat, and I suffered because of that. Saturn might reflect the quality-control guy who was the immediate supervisor; Saturn is trine Pluto which might reflect that fact that he was solidly backed by the plant manager and I suppose the owner. This was true even though he was ill-informed on manufacturing safety issues or worker safety. I could throw more dirt on him but let’s move on.

The second chart was felt by many to be a “good job” – quote unquote

This job started training me in January of 2000, but the actual hiring date came after all the training was completed and I was supposedly up to speed on everything – that was in May of 2000.

This was the "good job" started in 2000 -- chart courtesy of the old Astro Communications.

This was the “good job” started in 2000 — chart courtesy of the old Astro Communications.

I have already mentioned to several readers that I once started

a job on a void-of-course moon – this is the job! Well, now that I look at it again, actually the True Node was a scant 13 minutes later. Does that count? The North Node, I now note, was at 26 degrees Cancer, a critical degree and one that made a positive aspect to my natal Venus.

I hesitate to describe the nature of the business because it engenders such hatred on the part of some readers. But it was a health insurance company, a quite large one, which at the time was part of a global company but was spun off as an independent American company again while I was there.

I worked there for six years, and it was very stressful at times. There was always a push to do more in less time – but isn’t that true everywhere? Yes, it is. We had a lot of IT tweaks (Informational Technology); our geek

s made the system more user-friendly and automated a lot of stuff so all we had to do was use a shortcut key to instruct the system to direct the claim to another department, for example.

It was a good experience to have with a large, modern office, and with computer software, and with working downtown in a medium-sized city. I only left for personal reasons which had to do with other, personal stuff going on in that town, necessitating a move to another state.

As a Sun Taurus, the job and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus came about the same time and gave me an economic boost.


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Electional Astrology: Event Chart for Picking up New Car

by Milky Way Maid
Over the years I have made astrological charts for the purchase (or in some cases, the title transfer) of new or used cars. I figure this is a topic of general interest to most astrologers who drive. We like to think that in addition to all the research on the mechanical attributes of the car we purchase, that we can also select a good time to buy a new/used car.
The accompanying chart was dug out of my trunk of old astrology materials. It is – so far – the only such chart I could find of any of the ones I made for a car purchase. Sorry I do not find the one for the actual signing of the sales contract. I know that is a key (no pun intended) moment, too, but I just don’t have it.
Normally I now tell people that one of the transits to look for in buying any electronic or mechanical object is Mercury favorable to Uranus. Mercury because we want to travel in it, and Uranus because it is a mechanical, and electrical, and metal object. Mars can also be involved if it is a muscle car, a racing car, or red in color, or some other reasonable Mars-type use or function is attached to the particular car.

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Notes on a Wedding Horoscope with Children’s Charts

by Milky Way Maid

While reading (or re-reading) astrology books on synastry and general astrology subjects, I suddenly decided to look up the planetary placements for my parents’ first wedding. I say their first wedding because this was a civil ceremony, which was followed a few years later by a church wedding. They were from different faiths and could not get married in a Catholic church until some things were ironed out.
We do know as astrologers that often the same aspects, involving the same planets, repeat themselves from generation to generation. However, I had not read or heard anything before about there being any contacts between the charts of a wedding, with the charts of the children of that marriage. It makes sense of course. Perhaps you readers might like to try it out with your own parents’ wedding dates and the birth charts of siblings.

So anyway, the first wedding, the civil ceremony and the one that they always observed as their ‘real’ anniversary date, was on Sept. 6, 1947, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I do not know the actual time so I just took the moon sign without trying to figure out what degree. I might go back and try to dig up the actual marriage document. But for now, this is enough to work with for my purposes.
I am astonished to note the close conjunctions between some planets and my natal placements. And here I am the youngest child of theirs, with supposedly no link to the event which took place years before my birth. The aspects given are within two degrees of orb, which is being quite generous. Normally I want aspects to be closer than that.
Sun was conjunct Venus in practical, down-to-earth Virgo — and yes, it worked out. They stayed married for 50 years till my father died.
The Sun at twelve degrees Virgo, and Venus at 13 degrees Virgo, are trine my Mercury. The Moon is in Taurus, (the sign where it is exalted) — same as my sun sign. Mercury at 19 degrees Virgo is trine my Sun, and also aspects my nodes. Jupiter at 21 degrees Scorpio is conjunct both my dad’s and my North Nodes. Neptune at 9 degrees Libra is conjunct my Moon. And Pluto at 13 degrees Leo squares my Mercury and is conjunct my Midheaven. And to top everything off, the North Node AND the Moon in Taurus are conjunct my Venus.
The only hard aspect is the one with Pluto. It squares my Mercury. I associate this with my hearing loss, the end result of an incompatibility between my parents’ blood factors. (In fact I needed a blood infusion at birth, plus medication for the first three months of my life, in order to recover.) Mercury rules the senses, in this case hearing. Pluto rules inter-generational matters such as heredity (and also evolution itself, which is enabled by the fact that the genes of each parent mix and match in an endless shuffle of genes).
Now what are we to make of the fact that several planets make such close aspects to the placements in the birth chart of one of the children? Does it seem almost as if the ultimate, spiritual purpose of the marriage was to produce this youngest child?

The bride and groom have some contacts with the wedding chart, of course. [GROOM: 1-25-1920 in Milwaukee, WI. BRIDE: 2-13-1921 in Manitowoc, WI.] Wedding Sun is 2 degrees past the groom’s natal Saturn, signifying that he is ready to settle down to marriage and family responsibilities. Wedding Neptune is trine his Neptune (no idea what to make of that although it could represent ideals and spiritual growth). Wedding Uranus is opposite his Venus, reflecting the fact that he was in love with his bride for the whole fifty years that they lived together. Wedding Moon (and North Mode) sextile his Moon and trine his Mercury.
As for the bride, we see that wedding Sun is square her Mercury and inconjunct her Venus. She was not really ready financially to embark on married life, and maybe she needed some time to mentally prepare herself for a whole new way of life. Wedding Saturn is semi-sextile her Jupiter. Wedding Uranus is square her Saturn (perhaps she rebelled inside at getting tied down now). Wedding Pluto is conjunct her Neptune. Wedding Sun is semi-sextile her Neptune. She seems to be conflicted over getting married, maybe feeling like she had no other options in life, really. Some of that conflict may simply reflect the problems they were having getting married in the groom’s Catholic church, since the Catholic church did not accept the bride’s Lutheran background as adequate preparation for a Catholic ceremony. Eventually that problem was resolved, and the couple had a church ceremony at that time.

As for the older brother (oldest child of the couple), there are very few contacts to this wedding chart. Other than some semi-sextiles, the only major aspect is that the wedding Jupiter is square his Saturn. Also his Moon oppises wedding Neptune, and is inconjunct the wedding’s Sun-Mercury conjunction. The older sister has wedding Neptune trine her Mercury, and inconjunct her Mars. Wedding Jupiter is square her Venus, and sextile her Jupiter. Wedding Moon is inconjunct her Ascendant. Even though this is a civil ceremony, I feel that Jupiter and Neptune may reflect some of her attitudes about religion. She wound up later repudiating the father’s religion completely (and all mainstream religion as well), and had only a civil ceremony for her own marriage (which later ended up in divorce). Meanwhile the brother wound up marrying a woman who was very committed to the Catholic church and they raised their kids Catholic. They even sent their kids to a parochial school.
[SON: 11-24-1947 in Milwaukee, WI. DAUGHTER: 2-23-1949 in Milwaukee, WI.]
I will open the comments function on this article, hoping that I don’t get overwhelmed with spam attempts. PLEASE do not put any links in your comments because I have no choice but to assume that the link is a spam attempt or a malicious attack. I am so sorry, but there have been so many innocent-looking comments that turn out to be spam or malicious content that I have no choice on this.
And if I come across the the actual times of any of the births or of the wedding, I will update this article with that info. As I recall most of the birth times were in the early morning hours, like 1:30 to 5:30 am. A great deal of material has been lost or misplaced due to several moves in the last decade. Thank you for your patience.

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A Few Notes on the Chart of the Chasen Murder

by Milky Way Maid

The murder of Hollywood publicist Ronnie Chasen occurred about 12:30 am Tues morning, Nov. 16, 2010, as Ronni Chasen was driving home after a movie premiere for Burlesque, a film starring Cher. Chasen was driving to her home in the Westwood area. She was shot in the chest at or near the intersection of Sunset Blvd and Whittier Drive, in Beverly Hills. Paramedics took her to Cedars Sinai Hospital, where she died of her injuries about an hour later. She was 64 years old.

The chart for the time of the murder shows Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in the public seventh house. They are trined by the Sun at almost 24 Scorpio, in the third house. Moon= 22 Pisces, Jupiter= 23 Pisces, Uranus= 26 Pisces.

The Sun also squares Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius. Neptune is at 25 degrees 56 minutes Aquarius. Chiron is wounding, Neptune throws a fuzzy blanket of mystery over the whole thing, squaring Sun in the third house (Cars and transit in general).

Part of Fortune= 9 degrees 42 minutes Taurus in the ninth house.

It is a bit unusual to see several inconjuncts in a chart; let’s enumerate them:

The North Node and Pluto (murder and death, possible underworld involvement) at 3 degrees Capricorn are inconjunct the MC (plus 3 degrees). The MC is what is the focus of national attention at the moment.

The Part of Fortune is inconjunct Mercury (news) at 10 Sag in the fourth house near the IC.

Venus at 27 Libra is inconjunct Uranus at 26 Pisces.

Also, Saturn (law enforcement, endings) at 13 degrees Libra in the second house is exactly sextile Mars in the fourth house Sag. Police were quickly on the scene and investigating the case.

The sixth house traditionally represents people who work in uniform, and this includes the police (and military). Neptune there is throwing stardust in everyone’s eyes and this case may remain a mystery for some time, unless the murderer/s are found out or come forward due to other events unrelated to the police investigation.

From an article by Christine Pelisek, Hollywood Murder Stumps Detectives, in The Daily Beast, 11-18-2010: “In a bid to help out the police department, friends and colleagues of Chasen are banding together. On Wednesday, the Palm Springs International Award Gala and Film Festival offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for Chasen’s death.”

The eleventh house of friends has 9 degrees Cancer on the cusp, ruled by the Moon – which we have seen was conjunct Jupiter and Uranus at the time of the murder. It is inconjunct Mercury, and almost exactly sextile the Part of Fortune in Taurus.

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Avatar a shoo-in on Oscar night, but some surprises in store

I promised an Oscars column for the 2010 awards ceremony to be held in Los Angeles aka Tinseltown on March 7. Herewith are my predictions for the major categories. They are based on nominees’ birthdates that I could locate. I was able to find dates of birth for all the acting and directing nominees, but few of the writers unless they were also directors. That means that I can only take a stab at the screenplay categories, so bear with me. I also located 4 of the 5 nominees’ birthdates in the Best Animated Feature Film category. I also consulted online sources re who was favored in each category.

It is testimony to the fact that just being nominated is quite an honor. And as I counted up the contacts to each nominee’s chart, it was rare to find few such contacts. Most had some good contacts, and there were few obvious signs of disappointment or loss. They all get to be in the spotlight, on the red carpet and on television (and broadcast to millions more around the world), and they all go to splendid post-awards parties. As far as I can see, few of them will cry any actual tears at not winning.
How did I approach this task? First, I looked at a chart for the probable start time for the awards ceremony, based on the time of last year’s program. Place is obviously Los Angeles, or more specifically the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood and Highland Center. Then I checked the ephemeris for which aspects were exact that day. There are only a few but they are quite energetic and promise a good time for viewers.

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A gift to my lovely readers —

As a special gift to my readers I thought you might enjoy some background music. A terrific writer and geek found these archived radio recordings of the Beatles for a Swedish radio show way back when. He cleaned them up a bit and edited them, and here they are. Five songs in cool condition. So turn up the volume alright already.

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