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Your Milky Way Horoscope Dec. 9-15, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

December 9 is Hanukkah.
Mercury enters Sag at 8:40 pm Monday. Mercury is in its detriment in Sag, since it rules opposite-sign Gemini. This means that for some people, Mercury is SO uncomfortable there, it may actually act as if it were in Gemini. (This is an insight for which I thank Dave Roell of AstroAmerica – please buy his books!) Mercury in Sag can jump to hasty conclusions without any supporting facts. However, in those Sag’s whose Mercury operates as if in Gemini, there is an adeptness in handling numbers in either theoretical or practical levels – plus a quick mind and quick wit. Concentration can be lacking, but instinct can be unerring. Can shoot themselves in the foot when they blurt out whatever is at the top of their minds. Do not appoint these people to diplomatic posts! Famous people with Mercury in Sag include: Frank Sinatra, writers Rudyard Kipling and JD Salinger, composer and gambler Jule Styne, playwright Eugene Ionesco, Charles de Gaulle, Willy Brandt, doomed queen Marie Antoinette, doomed mystic Joan of Arc, and the brilliant Sir Isaac Newton.
Mercury at zero degrees Sag squares Neptune in a very confused Pisces at 7:57 am Tuesday. The mutable signs (Sag, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo) are likely to be most affected by this transit, and indeed all signs should be extra cautious in driving, and extra careful in their writing and speech. This is a very confusing aspect and people are likely to get their signals mixed pretty badly. The stock market can be especially volatile.
Uranus goes direct at 7:02 am Thursday, at 4 degrees, 37′ of Aries. As I have written before, citing Dane Rudhyar, periods when Uranus is retrograde gives us an opportunity to challenge the ego structure (Saturn), and make our unique individuality an expression of God. The Skyview Zone website (by Stephanie Clement) has a really good reference article on the retrogrades of all the planets, too – altho it is more oriented towards describing retrogrades in the natal chart. She says Uranus retrograde people feel that they are different, go out of their way to upset the status quo, and/or has a difficult time finding a niche in society.
Venus enters Sag at 11:38 pm Saturday. Venus is not particularly at home in Sag, much preferring to ensconce herself in softer signs like Taurus, Libra, and Pisces. When a Sag loves, it can be brilliant but impermanent. Their attention span is a little lacking, so they may be branded as fickle when they are merely indulging a need for variety. Venus here can be surprisingly demanding of perfection as well as idealism (if only in the form of lip service). Makes a MUCH better friend than lover or spouse. As a friend he is wonderfully loyal and affectionate. Has no desire to sacrifice himself for love, nor even to tie himself down. Famous people with Venus in Sag include: Cary Grant, Johnny Carson, authors Lewis Carroll and Rudyard Kipling (the latter called a newspaper his mistress), Gen. Douglas MacArthur, humorist James Thurber, Joan Baez, and Jane Fonda.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Aug. 12-18, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

We have a New Moon on Friday at 11:54 am at 24 degrees Leo. The Moon is sextile Saturn just before the NM, and the Moon is sextile Mars about 2 hours after the NM. We will be able to put a fair amount of energy (Mars) into a project. We will want to do our duty, tho we probably won’t be too personally involved; that means hiring someone to clean the house or take care of Mom. We might put down a bit of a guilt trip on someone to do something for us, or vice versa.
Venus at 7 degrees Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn at 5:11 am Wednesday. While the square can mean obsession, the opposition can be any of these: finding a soul mate, all or nothing at all, romantic passion, a transforming love.
Mars is conjunct Saturn at 24 degrees Libra at 6:35 am Wednesday. I well remember having Saturn transit over my natal Mars and how exhausted I felt. Let’s hope this transit does not hit personal natal planets. Mars-Saturn aspects often denote the military or police. It can also have something to do with fear of failure, guilt, getting VERY organized, working out the logistics, ambition or aiming at a goal (either long-term or short-term). You become very focused on accomplishing your mission, regardless of other people’s feelings or other fuzzy stuff like that. If it contacts financial houses, you suddenly buy the bookkeeping software and work out your budget down to the penny. Caution: Mars also denotes debt when in a financial house, so it can also mean being wiped out by interest rates, or erasing a debt.
Mercury direct in Leo trines Uranus at 8 degrees Aries at 7:29 pm Saturday. Mercury trine (or sextile) Uranus is a good time to buy mechanical, electrical, or electronic items such as cars or household appliances. The internet will be the place to be, since Uranus is the hardware, and Mercury is emails and blogging, etc.
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Jan. 22-28, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Happy Chinese New Year! It is the year of the Dragon, a fortunate animal.
The Sun is square Jupiter in the wee hours Sunday (1:35 am). This is when our excesses claim their payment, sometimes as the hangover, or the bellyache, or the empty wallet. Can be a good time to start something that grows into a big operation, like a company. Can be a good time to reach out to the larger audience, reach outside one’s comfort zone, actually.
Mars goes retrograde on Monday, Feb. 23 at 23 degrees Virgo. The station is exact at 7:54 pm. Look for some sports events to have odd results; this includes the NFL playoffs currently in progress. Some teams that were expected to make it to the Super Bowl cannot take it for granted that they will get there! Oh, and Mars will be retrograde till April 13.
Mercury enters Aquarius at 1:12 pm Friday. Mercury in Aquarius can be objective to the point of being cruelly cold. But when combined with the power of universal love, you recognize the individuality of others, and can draw them out to share their unique perspective. Often a habitual people-watcher, often a wonderful judge of human nature, often has a knack for predicting the outcome of situations. People with Mercury in Aquarius include John Steinbeck, Jackie Gleason, Chopin, Thomas Edison, FDR, Muhammad Ali, Mia Farrow, Gertrude Stein.
The New Moon is at 2:39 am Jan. 23, on 2 degrees, 42′ of Aquarius. The Sun and Moon are square Jupiter in Taurus, sextile Uranus in Aries. The lights are in the third house of a chart set in Washington, DC, with Scorpio rising and ruler Mars in the tenth house. I should note that Congress is set to vote on cloture of a bill called SOPA-PIPA which would have devastating impact on the internet if our Congress votes for cloture. Do we want our government to be able to censor the internet? I don’t think so. Call or write your senator and just say we want freedom of speech on the internet.
NOTE that this New Moon is accompanied by Mercury trine Mars (chart ruler Mars is Stationary Retrograde, not good). There will be some heated debate for sure. As it occurs during the morning commute, listen to what the drive-time radio discussion is about. It is sure to be rather energized! Can be a good time to give a speech (or post an article online), in which your passion for your subject shows thru the verbiage. Just be aware that volatile energies can be close to the surface, so mind your debating manners.
LOOKING AHEAD: Juno enters Sag at 9:13 am Sunday, Jan. 29. Juno in Sag is more likely to be married to their careers, especially if it allows them to travel. A Sag-Juno marital partner needs a good deal of freedom, possibly even to travel alone. Wants a mate who brings travel and new interests into his or her life.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Oct. 23-29, 2011

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun enters intense Scorpio at 2:30 pm, Sunday, Oct. 23. Scorpio is supposedly the sexiest sign, but that news may surprise some Scorpio natives. May not be attractive in the conventional sense, but their intensity and magnetism can draw members of the opposite sex to them. Scorpio may be either the noble eagle or the lower scorpion/snake type; you will probably know which one your Scorpio friend is. The eagle type can be very Aquarian in the sense that they are dedicated to the advancement of the whole human race. The lower type can be jealous or vengeful, or try to dominate others. Scorpios make excellent detectives, spies, researchers, doctors and surgeons, prosecutors, and artists. Famous people with the Sun in Scorpio include Picasso, Robert Louis Stevenson, Marie Antoinette, Martin Luther, Bobby Kennedy, Marie Curie, Richard Burton, Billy Graham, Jonas Salk, Prince Charles, and Felix Frankfurter. Happy birthday to all Scorpios this month.
The Sun trines Chiron in Pisces on Monday at 9:37 am. Your new practitioner may be able to diagnose the exact problem and address its causes. Since Chiron will be in the solar fifth house of Pisces (in the Midwestern New Moon chart), there is some chance of injury to the feet, possibly while dancing, and that this injury causes you to visit a new doc, therapist, or natural healer.
The October New Moon occurs on 3 degrees, 3 minutes of Scorpio at 3:56 pm Wednesday. (The Part of Fortune is at 10 degrees Aquarius, right on the ascendant in a Midwestern chart; also, Vesta is at 11 degrees Aquarius. It says, whatever you need is right there where you are.) The New Moon features: Mars in Leo sextiles Saturn at 21 degrees of Libra at 5:37 am Wed. This aspect favors getting really, really organized, accomplishing one’s mission, and may involve the military. Good for detailed work in metal or stone, or any sustained effort. Venus in Scorpio squares Mars at 22 degrees of Leo at 6:23 pm Wednesday. We may have arguments with loved ones, yet with Venus softening our hearts, we retain a sense of fair play and courtesy – we play by the rules. Relationships begun now are likely to fade after the initial physical attraction fades.
Mercury in the New Moon’s ninth house of national news is conjunct Venus, and square Mars; the military will be in the news, possibly inre appropriations voted on by Congress. Sun-Moon are in the Scorpion’s eighth house but because they are in early degrees, they want to be in the ninth house with the rest of the sign – joining Mercury and Venus. National news is going to be very big that day so stay tuned to your favorite news source.
Mercury in Scorpio squares Mars at 23 degrees of Leo at 11:08 am Friday. Mercury square Mars tends to cause argument, although arguing can be done constructively in the form of debate or other rational discussion. With fixed signs here, it is not likely that anyone’s mind is going to be changed quickly, so maybe you should just agree to differ and move on to other topics. You may be irritable and cranky, impatient enough to jump a green light and cause an accident, so use extra care. This aspect can also make for exciting athletic contests, ones that feature fast hand- or foot-work, passing the ball, or where deception may be useful.
Jupiter in Taurus trines Pluto at 5 degrees of Capricorn at 12:29 pm Friday. Big Business (Pluto in Capricorn) has a good week.
The Sun in Scorpio opposes Jupiter at 5 degrees Taurus and sextiles Pluto at 9:42 pm and 11:11 pm Friday, respectively.
NOTE: In several entries below I refer to events in possibly two months’ time; this involves fixed signs so I know it probably will not happen in days or weeks – but there is a chance that it may take 2-4 months, or even two years to play out. I hope not!
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Your Milky Way Horoscope Dec. 5-11, 2010

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury conjoins Pluto in Capricorn at 6:20 pm Sunday, Dec. 5. We will certainly want to get to the bottom of things, whether ‘it’ is a mystery novel, a bookkeeping error, political machinations, or anything else. The night favors cozying up with a mystery but one that has some quality of poetic justice, like the characters get what they really deserve. You may want to settle some scores yourself, but of course that is not something we recommend.
This also denotes a mental fixity, a determination to force one’s own ideas on others, or at least get others to stop trying to force THEIR ideas on you because that ain’t gonna happen, kiddo.
Pluto also represents government, and so Mercury in aspect may indicate that some communications take place regarding your personal accounts (SS, Medicare, military service or benefits, T-bills, etc.).
Chew on this dept.: Some famous people with Mercury conjunct Pluto natally include Della Reese, Sylvester Stallone, Harry S. Truman, Stanley Kubrick, Whitney Houston, Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
The same night, Uranus goes direct at 8:50 pm Sunday, at 26 degrees, 40 minutes of Pisces. You may feel a lurch as sideways-spinning Uranus forces you to look at things from a different angle. Always full of surprises, it is just about impossible to tell how Uranus’ station will affect anyone. It squares Mars in Sag, and is semi-sextile Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius. This does not seem good; it sounds like mysterious illnesses and accidents, perhaps a flu bug. But check what aspects it makes to natal planets for clues; mine will sextile Venus so I’m hoping for love or money (preferably both, greedy pig that I am).
Kaye Shinker says that Uranus direct will have an effect on the popularity of electronic gadgets. (Perhaps a surprise i-thingie or app will take off with the public?) Additionally, she says a heliocentric grand cross composed of Venus, Saturn, Jupiter-Uranus, and Pluto, exact on Dec. 7, could cause sunspots or solar flares that play havoc with satellites and communications. See her article at,
Review the Uranus significators: electronics, computers, mechanical objects including cars, psychology, astrology, psychic phenomena, electricians, inventors, radio, all original thinkers, and everything unique.
Mars enters Capricorn, a very strong placement, at 6:49 pm, Dec. 7. Mars here natally can indicate someone with great physical energy, enough to be an athlete or performer. Mars here is also quite ambitious to get to the top of a career ladder or of a mountain. Your Cappy may be more goal oriented in December, with at least one personal project on the front burner. His first aspect is a sextile to the Moon in Pisces at 7:50 pm Saturday evening, at 3 degrees, 48 minutes Capricorn. In New York, Mars will be in the fifth house of fun and the Moon will be in the eighth house of sex and fertility. The sextile to the Moon offers a chance to express a higher value of this Mars placement, that of encouraging others to realize their ambitions, perhaps financing or offering other material support till he/she can get a business off the ground.
Mercury goes retrograde again. Oh stop that groaning. His retrograde station is at 7:04 am Friday, Dec. 10, at 5 degrees, 55 minutes Capricorn. We may see merchants start to slash prices a bit more starting that weekend, probably to help prod lookers into buying something. While the Thanksgiving weekend sales were fairly good, I think that business volume will become a bit weak and this will force merchants to soften the line on prices. They are counting their inventory and not liking how much is still in the stockroom. This is GOOD NEWS for shoppers. Just be careful that things fit, are the right size you need, right color that Suzie wants, etc etc.
Retrograde Mercury will go over the Mars-Pluto conjunction, though, affecting Dec. 10-14. Be extremely cautious about running up more credit card debt, or doing any sort of speculative buying. If you already have problems with debt, you may have to go back and settle these issues now. Seek help if you need it from non-profit credit counselors, such as at,, Read this first:

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 5-11, 2010

[WELL! The joke’s on me! I posted the wrong forecast for Sept. 5-11. It was really for the following week, Sept. 12-18. I have corrected the headline on that one, and added a note. Now for the real forecast for Sept. 5-11, presented in its entirety below.]

We have a New Moon at 15 degrees, 41 minutes Virgo, at 6:30 am on Wed., Sept. 8. This is preceded by a Moon-Mercury conjunction, where emotional habits and memories rule. It is followed by the Venus ingress into Scorpio, and then by her inconjunct to Jupiter in Aries. I take this to mean that some of us can learn to apply philosophical (Jupiter) values (Venus) into our everyday lives. We may have to do a little mental stretching to get our heads around a concept, but that is what growth is.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 6-12, 2010

Some weeks seem to belong to Venus, but this week belongs to Mercury.
Mercury at 27 degrees Taurus trines Saturn in Virgo at 7:14 pm on Tuesday. People with contacts to this aspect will be able to reason, concentrate, organize, and control themselves. You respect experience and can benefit from seeking advice from someone older or respected in a given field. On the other hand, Mercury is so close to Algol; don’t talk yourself into jumping off a cliff with all the other lemmings.
Mercury in Taurus squares Neptune in Aquarius early Wednesday at 6:39 am. This is Mercury’s last aspect before entering Gemini. Mercury is lost here, with fuzzy Neptune making him unsure of his facts, and unable to read his map. On the other hand, your sensitivity and intuition may be keen. If you feel a bit spacey, try a spritz of rosemary or peppermint to clear your head. Artists should by all means concentrate on their muse; the rest of us may have to scribble into our journals all the amazing thoughts that drift thru our heads
Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini on Thursday at 1:41 am. Mercury here is much, much faster than in Taurus. Where before you may have had bosses hem and haw over what to do, while they consider the data, now they will snap out decisions in rapid-fire fashion. The downside of Mercury here is that there can be a whole lot of talking without any real communication, often getting bogged down in collecting trivia and rumor. But when a Gemini is able to focus, he/she can communicate with a great variety of people, and do so clearly and logically. They can also direct people to sources of information.
Jupiter enters Aries Sunday at 2:28 am. Have faith in your own path, and your leadership abilities will emerge. I once knew a first-degree Aries who rounded up neighbors for a block rummage every year; this was just one of her projects. Do you have anything in Aries that will be contacted by the Jupiter transit? If so, be prepared to get your ideas off the ground.
Mars enters Virgo Monday at 2:11 am. The downside of Mars in this sign is that Virgo always wants to be right all the time, and acknowledged as such. Virgo may also be too quick to criticize and judge; focus less on errors than on shaping students or staff to a desired quality level. The upside of Mars here is that Virgo is so good at assisting others to straighten out their lives, whether by showing them how to balance a checkbook, or resolving credit card addictions, or creating a schedule for personal progress. You’d have to check your intolerance of imperfection at the door, however.
A New Moon at 21 degrees, 24 minutes of Gemini arrives at 7:15 am Saturday. Start a newsletter, blog, or journal to capture every insight and factoid that crosses your mind. Resolve to improve personal communications with less talk and more of a personal connection.

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