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Another birthchart for Donald Trump, courtesy of Alphee Lavoie

By Milky Way Maid

Have been meaning to give you all a heads up on another birth time for Donald Trump. This one is a rectified chart,  calculated by astrologer Alphee Lavoie.  She explains all about it in a free article on her free website,

Please avail yourself of this article – link to her articles page is

Go there and scroll down to the Donald Trump article and click – this will bring up a PDF complete with screen prints and a birthchart wheel.

Here’s the list of events that Alphee used for Donald Trump:

1) father died June 25, 1999

2) mother died August 7, 2000

3) bankruptcy may 28 1992

4) married Ivana April 7, 1977

5) divorced Ivana March 22, 1991

6) married Marla December 19, 1993

7) divorced Marla June 8, 1999

8) engage Melania April 26, 2004

9) married Melania January 22, 2005

10) one of his companies went bankrupt August 8, 2004

11) Reality TV show began January 8, 2004


November 25, 2017 at 8:30 pm

Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 22-28, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

The Sun enters Libra at 4:44 pm Sunday. Librans like to talk things out to smooth over any social friction. I am reminded of Dwight D. Eisenhower starting off an interview by Ed Murrow by saying, “ Ed, I’ve been sitting here for months just waiting till I could have a good long talk about all this with just you,” while they sipped Mamie’s iced tea. Ike had to master the art of maintaining harmony amongst multiple egos when heading the European task force during WWII. Librans want to know what you want, so they can keep you happy. Librans demand fair treatment. Sometimes a Libran will expect a Yes from you just because he/she said Please, and might be royally miffed if you cannot indulge the request. Also sometimes the Libran will cave in just to avoid argument, but creating resentment that eventually piles up into a flaming row is not serving the cause of peace. A more mature Libran will try to dish out the cookies or perks according to who values what, while demanding everybody contribute a fair amount of effort to the grand project.
Librans truly enjoy working with a partner. This is true even if she is only holding the ladder while hubby nails the roofing. Thrives on the approval of others, so sometimes winds up in the performing arts. Enjoys harmony in music, and in vocal talents can often sing in a wide range, on perfect pitch, in a pure tone. Dresses carefully to put together an outfit for the day. Offended by vulgarity. Famous people with Sun in Libra include: Eisenhower, author William Faulkner, showman and columnist Ed Sullivan, singer-actress Julie Andrews, late-night TV host Johnny Carson, actress Helen Hayes, Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, pianist Vladimir Horowitz, architect Le Corbusier, composer Giuseppe Verdi.
Venus at 17 degrees Scorpio trines Jupiter in Cancer at 5:01 pm Thursday, which is Jupiter’s day, BTW. When the two benefics are in easy aspect, life can look very plush. It is also easy to overdo when it comes to sweets, gourmet multi-course dinners, spending in general, or any aspect of the good life. Note if it touches any natal planets for clues as to what you will be tempted by. Some chance of actually winning money under this aspect, but a lot depends on natal planets. You may feel like you are on vacation, spend more money than usual, be generous and treat another couple to dinner, etc.
Venus at 19 degrees Scorpio squares Mars in Leo at 9:32 am Saturday. This is often an aspect of sexual tension. People who are interested in each other may be prevented by social or economic roles from following up, so when they do meet it can get awkward. This is also an aspect that traditionally mean argument between couples – but of course it can be fun to make up. If the Mars is more activated, it can mean taking on a dare to impress someone. If Venus is representing money, it can mean putting in more hours and thereby increasing one’s income for the week.
NOTE: Mercury will enter Scorpio next Sunday morning (Sept. 29). Mercury in Scorpio holds his cards close to the chest, and tries to scope out what cards are being held by the other players. (more next week)

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Your Milky Way Horoscope Sept. 8-14, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury enters Libra at 3:07 am Monday. Mercury in Libra is VERY fair-minded, and generally makes a point of listening to both sides before saying anything. Must mention that the youthful Mercury-in-Libra person spends too much time looking for acceptance from others when giving an opinion, because they are afraid of saying the wrong thing. This is why people think they are indecisive. Libras can lose their balance, honest, as well as their integrity and perspective, if they do not learn what is importance to THEM and not to others. The mature Mercury-in-Libra person learns how to say what needs to be said, but in a softer, gentler manner so that it goes down easily. Sometimes has a wonderful vocal gift for accents or languages – can project voice without distortion.
Sometimes the Mercury-in-Libra person can see in a flash what the solution to a problem is, but then they try to back up and figure it out logically – they should learn to trust that intuition. As an air sign is capable of real wisdom, or the most awful superficiality. Famous people with Mercury in Libra include: Queen Elizabeth I, golfer Arnold Palmer, Margaret Chase Smith, Henry Ford II, and actor David McCallum.
Mars at 7 degrees Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio at 7:06 am Monday. Could be an Oopsie day, with a broken bone or two if it contacts something in your natal chart. Arguments (Mars) may lead to saying goodbye or firing (Saturn). This is a very touchy aspect and you may have to walk on eggshells this morning. An irresistible force (Mars) meets an immoveable object (Saturn) – meaning, do not get into arguments that will change no one’s minds.
Venus leaves her home in Libra for Scorpio at 2:16 am Wednesday, Sept. 11. Venus in Scorpio is said to be in her detriment – although it must be said that this Venus wears the little black dress like NOBODY else. This Venus can get so much just by whispering a word in your ear, or even by saying nothing at all, and her eyes can be more suggestive than the crudest gesture. Sometimes Venus in Scorpio tries to control or manipulate others, but that is so unattractive! Scorpio rules The Hidden, and in this case, Venus can draw out the hidden talents or hidden side of anyone or anything. Can rouse and strengthen the power that others have over their own lives and talents, showing them their (previously hidden) worth.
Venus in Scorpio can be very possessive, although their magnetism should be enough to keep someone close by. Love lives can be stormy, only because they want to experience the highs and the lows – and the fun of making up. Famous people with Venus in Scorpio include: opera singer Joan Sutherland, actress Mary Martin, Queen Marie Antoinette, actress Patty Duke, singer Connie Francis, pacifist Mohandas Gandhi, tycoon J. Paul Getty, evangelist Billy Graham, actress Sophia Loren and pianist Vladimir Horowitz.
Venus at 3 degrees Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces at 2:33 am Saturday. Venus and Neptune together make for that treacherous “in love with love” dreamy-eyed mood that leads one down the primrose path. You tend to fall for all the wrong people, people who may not be what they say they are. Best to stay home and watch the late movie. Might be good for looking at cameras.
Mercury at 9 degrees Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn at 4:28 pm Saturday. This is great for doing heavy research or ferreting out the truth in your best Sam Spade impression. The square indicates it won’t be easy, nothing will be handed to you, and you will have to shake a lot of trees before the apples of truth fall into your hands.
Mars at 11 degrees Leo trines Uranus in Aries at 4:56 pm Saturday. Ooh, here’s a good opportunity to buy that new computer or car you’ve had your eyes on. I’ve told you before that good aspects between Mars and Uranus favor buying anything mechanical, electronic, electrical, etc. So this category covers everything from cars, computers and cameras to some little gadget from Radio Shack. You could install the new garage door opener this weekend, too.

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Using Astrology to Predict the Number of Children One Will Have

by Milky Way Maid
One of the most popular questions in any astrological life reading consultation is how many children one is likely to have.
The best technique I have seen to handle this question is one promoted by prominent astrologer Carol Rushman. We will take a few charts and see how her method works.
The method is as follows:
1- Assuming you have drawn up an accurate birth chart, look to the fifth house of children. Determine the traditional ruler of the sign on the cusp of the fifth house.
Note that we will use the traditional rulers, although in the case of signs that have gained a modern ruling planet with the discovery of more planets in our solar system, we will of course try using the new ruler to see what that yields.
This means that the ruler we will use for Pisces is Jupiter, for Aquarius is Saturn, and for Scorpio is Mars.
2- Determine how many planets that ruler is APPLYING to. For the purposes of this exercise, we use only the classical aspects of conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition. Do not count the semi-sextile or inconjunct.
So, for example, if the ruler of the fifth house is Venus at 10 degrees Cancer, and it is applying to a sextile to Mercury in Virgo, a square to Jupiter in Libra, a trine to Pluto in Scorpio, and an opposition to Saturn in Capricorn, then that would mean a potential for four children.

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Have Wills and Kate Produced a Daredevil? (chart included)

by Milky Way Maid

Well! The heir to the throne that everyone has been waiting for finally arrived July 22, somewhat overdue. He was a BIG baby, weighing in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces. The official birth-time was given as 4:24 pm, London time, giving baby George a late Scorpio ascendant and a Full Moon chart.
First a note about his given names. He has been dubbed “George Alexander Louis” and will be called His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.
The internet quickly picked up on the fact that these names coincidentally (?) honor the actors who played the major roles on the old Seinfeld TV series. That is, George Costanza, Jason Alexander, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Will this irreverence offend the Queen? Will the names affect the relationship between the young couple and the Queen?
I like to check first to see if any planets are on late degrees of any signs. Baby George has two, the Sun at 29 degrees of Cancer and the Moon at 28 degrees Capricorn. Late degrees of Cancer can signify a hefty inheritance, or carrying on a family business. Of course the family business in his case is the throne; this might be one signal that George might actually reign one day. [John F. Kennedy had Saturn in a late degree of Cancer, too; his “family business” was politics.] Late degrees of Capricorn helps one in the business world, especially in building up a large business. Maybe this will help him to promote British industry and trade. Interestingly, Princess Diana had Saturn at 27 degrees Capricorn; she was a great boost to the British fashion industry.
Then I like to check also to see if there are planets on critical degrees. [The critical degrees are 0, 13 and 26 of the cardinal signs; 8 and 22 degrees of the fixed signs, and 4 and 17 of the mutable signs.] George has three planets on critical degrees: Mercury at 13 degrees Cancer, Uranus at 12 degrees Aries, and Neptune at 5 degrees Pisces. While the placements of Uranus and Neptune affect many thousands of babies born that week, Mercury is interesting because it just went direct on July 20. I feel that Mercury is stronger due to the fact that it is almost hovering in one spot, even though it is actually moving forward now.
Mutual Reception– George has Moon and Mars in mutual reception. Mars in Cancer (Mars is in its detriment in Cancer) is exalted in Capricorn; Moon in Capricorn (the Moon is in its fall in Capricorn) is ruler of Cancer. Both planets are weak by natal position, but are strengthened by the mutual reception. There are other and more subtle mutual receptions, created by planets being in a house that they also rule.

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A Couple Ways of Looking at Solar and Lunar Eclipse Charts

by Milky Way Maid

[Charts to follow if not uploaded by the time this posts]

Hello, astrology students! Today’s lesson is about how to look at Eclipse charts. Actually I will talk about a way of looking at a Solar Eclipse, and a way of looking at a Lunar Eclipse.

The history of astrology tells us that the first recorded observation of a Solar Eclipse was in China, in 2154 BC. In fact, there was an eclipse that year on Oct. 12, but unfortunately the official astrologers were asleep at the wheel, so to speak. We quote:

At that time Hi and Ho corrupted their principles and abandoned themselves to wine. They neglected their offices, forsook their posts, began to confuse the celestial laws, and ignored their faculty. Consequently, when in the third month of autumn . . . the people ran afoot in general consternation. Hi and Ho were dead to their duties of office, not having known or heard of it, and were stupidly perplexed as to the celestial signs, so that they committed a crime which former rulers proscribed against. The regulations in regard to eclipses say: being before the time, the astronomers are to be killed without respite, and being behind time, they are to be slain without reprieve (Sepharial, p. 32-33).”

First, the Solar Eclipse. This method is SOLELY for Solar Eclipses. The proponent of this method is Dave Roell of AstroAmerica aka Astrology Center of America. You can look for a more detailed explanation of his method in the June 11 issue of his newsletter at his website, AstroAmerica dot com.

The first step is to cast a chart for the Solar Eclipse set for your locality – or where you will be at the time of the Solar Eclipse. Take care to convert the time, which is probably given as Eastern Time or Pacific Time, to your own time zone. Note carefully where both the Sun-Moon and the Nodes fall.

Dave notes that Judith Hill notes that solar eclipses are polarized along the lines of the node. I might add that total eclipses occur when the node is 5 degrees or less away from the sun, and partial eclipses occur when the node is more than 5 degrees from the sun. As a general rule, anyway. So, in other words, says Dave, eclipses are really more like hyper nodes – maybe I should capitalize that like this: Hyper Nodes.

Dave simplifies his key to solar eclipses like this: FIRST, note the HOUSE that the eclipse falls in; this will clue you in to the SETTING of whatever event is triggered by the eclipse. SECOND, “convert the SIGN of the eclipse to the house on the “natural” or Aries rising wheel.” The sign will clue you in to the kind of EVENT is triggered by the eclipse. If the sun and the node fall in different houses, the node is preferred – BUT you will have to look at both and make a judgment on which is more active.

Also bear in mind which node the eclipse occurs near, because this will clue you in to whether to expect gains or losses. A North Node eclipse will tend to bring you things or bring a new beginning, and while a South Node eclipse will tend to take something away, or end a situation.

A good example is the eclipse before the Wall Street meltdown of 2008. There was a solar eclipse on Aug. 8, 2008 at 6:14 am; set the chart for New York City. The South Node is in the first house, affecting the whole world. It is in Leo, and Leo (in a natural, Aries-rising chart) is ruler of the fifth house of speculation, in other words things like the stock market – which duly crashed that fall.

I do have a little trouble applying it to the Aurora, CO Batman shooting, tho. The shooting occurred in a movie theatre on July 20, 2012 at 12:38 am to 12:45 am MDT. The Solar Eclipse prior to the shooting was on May 20, 2012 at 5:23 pm MDT. I have cast a chart for the eclipse, so have a look.

Batman-pre-shootg-eclipse JFK-pre-asas-Eclipse

The lights are in the eighth house, as one might expect. The eighth house indicates death only sometimes, but here it is literal. Other possibilities would have included beginnings and endings, intense situations, absolute decisions (meaning ones that cannot be taken back), money given to others to manage, a spouse’s money, pooled funds of all kinds.

It occurred in the sign of Gemini, which falls in the third house in an Aries-rising chart. The third house rules daily life, errands, siblings, etc. Well that does not seem to fit. However, it would rule malls, I think, since basic shopping for necessities is part of one’s daily life. Also, look at what is actually IN the third house in this eclipse chart: bad boy Pluto. And it so happens that Pluto trined Mars on May 16, an ominous transiting aspect if ever there was one. Mars is in the eleventh house of groups of people, so I would probably have avoided hanging around crowds.

Let’s move on to looking at some lunar eclipses. I feel that lunar eclipses are more personal than solar eclipses. We can get some idea of what the eclipse will mean to us personally by looking at the chart. At the same time, one has to bear in mind that many times the effects of an eclipse can be so subtle, and be so gradual, that we may never link the eclipse to a growing interest in photography or music, for example, or to meeting someone who later proves significant in the course one’s life takes.

I would like to look at the eclipses before the assassination of President Kennedy. Rose Lineman kindly provides both solar and lunar eclipse charts, set for both Washington, DC and for Dallas. The node is in the eighth house in all four. It hardly seems like Pres. Kennedy would have been any safer at home! For the record, Jupiter’s placement usually indicates where one is safe. In the case of JFK, Jove is in the fifth house in the eclipse charts, which would suggest that he might have been safe in an amusement park, on Wall Street, in a casino, somewhere with children or artwork.


Yet one must note that the eclipses set for Washington have Sagittarius on the ascendants, while the ones set for Dallas have Scorpio on the ascendants. This alone indicates a more intense cast to the events of the Dallas trip. Also some aspects tie in more sharply to the angles, and volatile planets are much closer to the Midheaven – which is itself a critical degree – in the Dallas charts.

For example, chart rulers Mars and Pluto occupy the tenth house. Rose Lineman notes that Uranus at 2 degrees Virgo is not only nearly atop the Midheaven but is also conjunct the fixed star Regulus, representing “worldly position and power”; that Uranus is almost atop both MC and Regulus does seem to signify the sudden change in who holds the reins of power in Washington.

One cannot isolate an eclipse chart from the natal or progressed charts of the principals involved. For example, Lineman notes that Kennedy suffered from the fact that progressed Moon, progressed Mars, and progressed Jupiter were all in the natal eighth house at the time of his death, AND since they were in Gemini, they squared the lunar eclipse Uranus, Pluto and Mars (in that order) in Virgo.

So you see there are layers upon layers of connections between the events, the eclipses, and all the natal and progressed charts of the principal players involved. I encourage you to play with the chart data given below to make whatever combination charts occur to you. Try making triple- and quadruple-ringed charts.


Lineman, Rose, Eclipses: Astrological Guideposts, 1984, AFA.

March, Marion and McEvers, Joan, The Only Way to Learn About Tomorrow, 1988, ACS Publications, Lesson 9. .

Roell, Dave, Dave’s Method of Reading Eclipses, June 11, 2013, AstroAmerica newsletter,

Sepharial, Eclipses in Theory and Practice, 1991, Sun Books.

(Mention is also made of a Jan Spiller book on eclipses, which Dave says is excellent, but I do not have the title of that book.)


John F Kennedy, May 29, 1917, 3:15 pm Boston MA.

Lee Harvey Oswald, Oct. 18, 1939, (unknown time) New Orleans LA.

Assassination of JFK, Nov. 22, 1963, about 12:30 pm, Dallas TX.

Pre-Assassination Lunar Eclipse, set for Dallas, July 6, 1963, 3:55 pm.

Pre-Assassination Solar Eclipse, set for Dallas, July 20, 1963, 2:43 pm.

Batman movie shooting — July 20, 2012 in Aurora, CO at 12:38 am to 12:45 am MDT

SOLAR ECLIPSE prior to shooting was on May 20, 2012 at 5:23 pm MDT.

Good news: couple marries one year later:

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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 21-27, 2013

By Milky Way Maid

Mars is conjunct Jupiter at 5 degrees Cancer at 3:35 am Monday. This conjunction is marked by high physical energy plus confidence – so much so that you may be willing to accept risks that you might not otherwise accept. (Just make sure there is a net underneath you.) It is favorable for new beginnings. We feel more competitive in sports and try a lot harder to win it all. You can get on a roll!
Venus enters practical Virgo at 8:41 am Monday. Venus placed here is a little too judgmental of others, too quick to write off people who fall short of their high standards. However, if this Venus can put aside that judgmental tendency, she can help others by showing them how to accomplish practical skills – skills like how to parent, how to wash dishes, how to bake cookies, how to balance a check book, etc. You may notice that the Virgo Venus has more acquaintances than friends, because she tends to keep people at arm’s length at least until she knows them better.
Famous people with Venus in Virgo include: showman and columnist Ed Sullivan, author Ernest Hemingway, performers Julie Andrews, Anne Bancroft, Mike Douglas and Lucille Ball, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, revolutionaries Fidel Castro and Chiang Kai-Shek, and golfer Ben Hogan.
The Sun enters its home sign of Leo at 11:56 am Monday. Leo Suns are gregarious and warm individuals who open their homes and souls to the favored few – or to many, if their finances allow for it. Yet at the same time, Leo has certain traps, such as demanding attention whether it is deserved or not, and taking criticism too personally. They do shine when in the spotlight, but they shine even better when encouraging others to express their talents. Their enthusiasm can lift all boats. Please don’t assign Leos to menial tasks as a career. It isn’t that they wouldn’t chip in and help in a pinch, but a daily diet of meaningless tasks is just too deadening. They can work very hard in careers that challenge them. They are ambitious and can rise to executive positions.
Famous people with Sun in Leo include: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Percy B. Shelley, George Bernard Shaw, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julia Child, Dag Hammarskjold, Casey Stengel, Ben Hogan, Paul Tillich, Dr. Ralph Bunche, Vitas Gerulaitis, Raoul Wallenberg, Neil Armstrong, Michelle Yeoh, Stan Freberg, Whitney Houston, Hulk Hogan, Connie Chung and Princess Anne.
Venus at 4 degrees Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces at 8:08 am Friday. There is always the element of deception when Neptune is involved. Maybe someone builds himself up to be a better catch than he or she is – but you find that in the average personals ad, anyway. Neptune can also add a dash of glamor to the aura of that seemingly-perfect someone, which evaporates as soon as your eyes open a little wider. Romances can begin under this transit but do keep your wits about you. Get a friend to introduce you to someone.
Venus at 5 degrees Virgo sextiles Saturn at 2:36 pm Friday. Saturn calls your attention to the fact that healthy relationships require some mutual duties. Most of them are a pleasure to do for someone you love. You may feel drawn to an older person, whether for advice or for love. On a more mundane level, this transit can be very good for doing crafts that require attention to detail – since Virgo rules textiles, this may mean weaving or embroidery.
Saturday night looks very stressful with Mars at 9 degrees Cancer opposite Pluto at 6:47 pm, and the Sun at 5 degrees Leo square Saturn at 9:06 pm Saturday. Mars (with Jupiter nearby) is willing to apply great effort – only to run up against an immovable object like Pluto. The Sun is also being crossed by an immovable object, Saturn, which is like a stone wall. Pluto is more like a tsunami, earthquake, the Army, or merely the march of history. So this is not a good time to expect a wish to come true, at least, not if you have personal planets at around 5 or 9 degrees of the fixed and cardinal signs.

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