An Astrological History of the Berlin Wall; Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune

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by Milky Way Maid

Berlin Wall falls

The Berlin Wall fell on Nov. 9, 1989. The Sun is at 17 Scorpio, at the Midheaven and accompanied by Mercury, Pluto, Mars and Lilith.

The Berlin Wall was built seemingly overnight when Soviet observers became worried that East Germany was suffering a serious ‘brain drain’ of its best and brightest, and all previous measures to discourage defection to the West had failed. Since there is no natural border between East and West Germany, a wall was built to keep their people in.

The roots of the division of the city of Berlin go back to the end of WWII. The city was partitioned among the Americans, the British and the Russians, who were our allies during the war. This was a big mistake, as the Russians soon made clear their designs to take over all of Germany and convert it to their communist system.

The term “Iron Curtain” did not originate with the birth of the Wall. The phrase was coined by Winston Churchill in a speech on March 5, 1946, at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. He meant to describe an ideological wall between a divided Europe, but it seems that a metaphorical wall became a physical wall — an ugly barrier of concrete and barbed wire.

There are many other sources of a complete history of Berlin, including the blockade and airlift from 1948-1952, so I will not get off-track discussing that. However, the political division of the city was a severe wound to the national identity.

The East German government restricted virtually all travel to the West since 1956. Then in December 1957 a new passport law reduced the exodus somewhat. However, because there was no natural border or barrier, 3.5 million people exited the East before the wall closed off egress. There was even train service between the two regions.

As I mentioned, Russia became alarmed that East Germany was losing its educated classes: engineers, lawyers, doctors, teachers and other skilled technical people.

Finally the decision was made to build a physical wall. During construction (apparently overnight), soldiers stood guard with orders to shoot anyone attempting to leave. Barbed wire, fences and torn-up streets made egress impossible. On the morning of Sunday, August 13, 1961, the Wall greeted West Berliners. It divided families and kept workers from crossing to their jobs. This wall completely encircled West Berlin, making it an island inside East Germany. (Concrete was installed beginning on Aug. 15.)

Pres. John F. Kennedy spoke in a radio and television address on July 25, 1961 about the Berlin crisis. (JFK is better known for making a famous speech on June 26, 1963 — the speech in which he uttered the famous line, “Ich bin eine Berliner.”) In the crisis he affirmed America’s commitment to the freedom of the two million West Berliners, and rattled the sabers as he vowed to increase out military budget and the draft.

Yet months later, the U.S. government informed the Soviets that it accepted the Wall as “a fact of international life.” Did his passivity encourage the Soviets to encroach on the Western Hemisphere? Would the USSR have dared to install missiles in Cuba if they had been challenged over the Berlin Wall? We will never know. Perhaps JFK was already aware of brewing crises in Vietnam and Cuba.

During the years that the Wall was in existence, 1961 to 1989, about 5,000 people managed to make the crossing. Many were smuggled inside cars, curled up under rear seats or in trunks. (BTW you may view an interesting exhibit on the smuggling of defectors at the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.) West Berlin became a thriving modern city, and West Germany a prosperous nation of engineers and other intellectual talents. Meanwhile, East Germany still had piles of rubble from the bombing during WWII.

I recall a college friend relating a day trip to East Germany while in Europe. Tourists had to convert their money into East German bills, but there was little to buy there. She said that she and her friend wound up standing on the street corner before leaving, handing out their East German money to passersby.

The wall ‘fell’ on Nov. 9, 1989. Contrary to myth, Pres. Ronald Reagan had nothing to do with the opening of the Berlin Wall. In the excellent book, “The Year that Changed the World: The Untold Story Behind the Fall of the Berlin Wall,” the author deconstructs that myth.

The preferred myth begins with Ronald Reagan speaking at the Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987. “We hear from Moscow about a new openness,” he sneered, demanding proof. “Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” According to the myth, the wall came tumbling down because Reagan, like some benevolent wizard, shouted “open sesame!” The moral drawn is that evil, dictatorial regimes crumble when confronted by righteous indignation. … The real story, minus the comic book hero, is more complicated — and interesting. Reagan still plays a role, but as diplomat, not Rambo. His contribution came in accommodation; his willingness to talk to Gorbachev gave the Soviet leader the confidence to break molds. Gorbachev, furthermore, did not tear down the wall; he merely suggested that change would be tolerated. The events themselves were played out by a cast of thousands in Budapest, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw and Bucharest. There was no script; this was an improvisational drama conceived by Camus, with help from Kafka and Molière. The Soviet Union came to the realization that its empire was no longer affordable. Like other imperial powers, it cut and ran, leaving colonial subjects to sort things out for themselves. Chaos naturally resulted. Hidden deep in this brilliant book is the perfect phrase: Events were shaped by “the logic of human messiness.” The regimes in Eastern Europe were destroyed not by monolithic force, but by myriad human beings reacting impulsively to the freedom of possibility. Watching from afar, we saw what seemed like neat little dominoes falling. In fact, what happened was as capricious, and messy, as a tornado. Chance played a huge part. Meyer points out, for instance, that the “fall” of the Berlin Wall on Nov. 9, 1989, was an accident. It all started when Hungary unilaterally decided to open its border with Austria, thus offering East Germans an opportunity to join their cousins in the West by taking the long way around. Tens of thousands departed every day. With his country bleeding to death, East German leader Egon Krenz recklessly decided to grant freedom of travel, the logic being that if movement was not forbidden, his people would return. The policy was to be implemented “ab sofort” — “immediately.” Krenz’s “immediately” meant the next day, in controlled fashion. The East German people took “sofort” to mean “now.” They converged on Checkpoint Charlie that night. A frightened border guard, lacking guidance, waited a few hours and then opened the sluice gates to a torrent of humanity. In an instant the wall fell, and so, too, did the logic of East Germany. What was supposed to have been managed reform became instead a chaotic revolution of people walking. Krenz, who had hoped to salvage some elements of socialism, lost control of events when Easterners crossed to the other side. History pivoted on the misinterpretation of a word.

You might enjoy a recent series of articles commemorating the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall which ran weeks ago in Spiegel International. It bears out the statements made by the Newsweek reporter who wrote the book cited above. It is also rich with more detail, and it is very exciting when the people take matters into their own hands instead of waiting for governments to move. You may read the seven-part article beginning here:,1518,657805,00.html#ref=nlint

The astrology of the beginning and end of the Wall is very interesting. The chart of the wall’s “birth” has a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction. I use a speculative time of about 6 am, Berlin time, because sources state that it was a surprise presented to Berliners on Sunday morning. The dual signs of Virgo and Pisces cross the horizon, representing the division of the city. I put Chiron just above the horizon in the seventh house, where the “wound” that is the Wall became public to the whole world. A tight cluster of Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto and the Moon shows how much this wall affected Berliners (the public, ie Moon), the schism or estrangement of East and West (Uranus), and how it transformed (Pluto) global politics and birthed a new phase of the

Cold War. Venus is in the eleventh house of friends or allies, but they can only offer lip service such as the wonderfully inspiring speech by JFK.

Venus is trine Neptune. Neptune perhaps representing the loss of loved ones (Venus) who happened to be caught on the other side of the Wall when it was built. The Moon and Pluto are at the midpoint of those two planets, showing how deep the feelings are that were stirred by this event. Pluto and the Moon also oppose Chiron, the wound or arrow that struck the heart of a people. Mars trines the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Thankfully, this Mars did not signify actual combat, but a new phase of the Cold (Saturn) War (Mars) that already existed in global politics (Jupiter).

I clearly recall the autumn that the Wall fell. There had been speculation for months if not weeks that it would fall. There were even contests to pick the exact date that it would open, although I had no information on how to put in an entry.

Just for the heck of it I decided to look up the history of the wall and my ephemeris.

I saw, as I have pointed out, the significant Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at its birth. That meant a new phase, a new era in national if not world politics. So then I flipped forward through the ephemeris and noticed that there would be an exact conjunction of Saturn and Neptune on Nov. 14, 1989, at 10 degrees Capricorn. The conjunction opposed Jupiter, too, which coincidentally was nearly conjunct the Venus position at the time the Wall closed.

It turned out I would have been off by only five days; the wall fell on Nov. 9, 1989. The energy of Neptune “dissolving” the Wall (Saturn) was so great that the Wall symbolically fell days earlier. The actual demolition of the Wall began almost immediately, as Berliners chipped away souvenir chunks for themselves to pass on to their grandchildren.

There are several contact points or aspects between the two charts. You can study them yourselves and make your own interpretation. I will call planets on the 1961 chart “Birth” and planets in the 1989 chart “Fall.”

As already mentioned, Birth Venus was conjunct Fall Jupiter and opposed Fall Saturn-Neptune. Birth Sun-Mercury squared Fall Sun. Birth Moon trined the Saturn-Neptune conjunction. Birth Neptune nearly trined Fall Jupiter, and and sextiled Fall Saturn-Neptune. Also Fall Chiron, referring to the wound that was the Wall, is at 16 degrees Cancer, exactly trined by Mercury at 16 Scorpio. Mercury surely must signify the news flash that went around the world about this electrifying event. Mercury also represents how the interpretation of a word or phrase was seized on by Berliners to simply start crossing the border.

Thankfully, Birth Mars is not activated by aspects from one chart to another, although the Fall Moon was four degrees shy of opposing it. Fall Mars was sextiled by Fall Venus in Capricorn and sextiled also by Fall Uranus, keeping a lid on violence and war, and representing the suddenness (Uranus) of this event.

Germany was re-united in October 1990.

Now pieces of the Wall are historical objects. A section of the wall is in a men’s room in a Las Vegas hotel (main floor of Main Street Station). A chunk is encased inside a mock-up of Checkpoint Charlie in the venerable Safe House restaurant in Milwaukee, WI.

PS: I cannot sign off without mentioning the famous concert “The Wall” in Berlin on July 21, 1990, eight months after the wall came down. Venus opposes Fall Uranus, and Uranus is almost conjunct Fall Venus, ideal for a rock concert.

One can make a case that Roger Waters was responsible for the wall coming down. According to Wikipedia, “Waters had stated on the first airing of the making of The Wall on In the Studio with Redbeard in July 1989 that the only way he was to resurrect a live performance of The Wall was “if the Berlin Wall came down”. Four months later the wall came down.”

Berlin Wall "birth"

Berliners woke to the Berlin Wall on Sunday, Aug. 13, 1961. A speculative time of 6 am has a stellium of Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Noth Node, Pluto and the Moon near the ascendant at 2 degrees Virgo. Lilith is also conjunct the Sun.


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